Keep motivated in Clash of Clans and overcome downs

This is a post I wanted to make for quite a long time, but now I had done it because I really lost my own motivation for Clash of Clans in the last 2-3 weeks so I also use this to get myself back on track. I think almost every one of you had the problem that playing Clash of Clans lost the magic and maybe got boring and some are even that close saying “I quit the game”. Here’s what I do to get myself spiced up again to be more excited about Clash of Clans than ever before.

The general gaming mindset

Do you know the saying “Sometimes you’re the hunter and sometimes you’re the bear”. Adapted to Clash of Clans, it means for me that sometimes just anything goes the right way – if you raid you find juicy bases and even mistakes from you ends in winning the attack, you reach achievements and have enough Gems on your account the push yourself even harder. Well, sometimes you just don’t find bases and in every Clan War you face much harder opponents. That’s life.

The mindset behind this is that we humans always have different ways how we remember things and there’s a chinese saying that pretty much nails it down: “If something good happens to us we write it in the sand, the bad things we cut into a stone”. This means you take the good things and forget them in your mindset much faster than bad things. This is in my opinion also an important trigger for the bad loot debate that’s going on for like 6 month now. Nobody says after a good raiding session “Nice done Supercell” but after a horrible session if you haven’t gotten a nice outcome you’re down.

The important thing is what can you do about this?

Motivate yourself daily for Clash of Clans

Put yourself a specific goal. I want to upgrade all my Archer Towers to level 10, maybe also something smaller like I want to have Balloons level 6. No matter what you should just take something that you always wanted to achieve. Over time you log into the game there is nothing else for you than working to achieve this goal. This always gets me motivated.

The Cause of your motivation issue

Sometimes it also helps to understand where our emotions originate from – is it a general lack of motivation due to tieredness or rather frustration? If you are more frustrated because your attacks don’t work out the way you want them to work out rather work on that or switch it up and try a new attacking strategy. Or are you tiered of seing attackers taking your base to pieces? In this case maybe a fresh base layout can help a lot. (in the later case check out my monthly-updated top tier base layouts for TH16, TH15, TH14, TH13, TH12, TH11 or TH10 here)

Take a rest in Clash of Clans

I can admit that I once had a down I couldn’t overcome. That was in the early summer of 2013. In the first like 5 days, I logged in only in the morning and the evening to collect loot and maybe start some upgrades. After that, I even didn’t log in for quite a long time. Bottom line I did take a complete break for almost 2 weeks until I was seeing the Clash of Clans icon on my Home screen again and I just checked in. Sometimes you can just leave it that way until you’re having fun again playing it – don’t forget that Clash of Clans is a game and a game is something that should make fun.

I know that the pressure today for someone not already being in the end-game is much higher. I once heard something quite weird – “I know that Clash of Clans is not supposed to make fun right now until you are Town Hall 9…”. That’s just bulls**t! This game makes fun from the first moment and not only in the end game. Once you upgraded to Town Hall 10 you’ll be missing the Town Hall 5-8 pretty much.

In the Clash of Clans TV ad, it’s “you and this army” so it’s you who can decide. It’s your army, your village and most important – it’s your time.

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