Prevent your attacks getting blasted by Traps Part 1

Do you know the feeling, as you send in your main wave of troops, anticipating how your troops will destroy everything your opponents village offers? Then suddenly, some Traps get triggered and you ask yourself where your army went? Traps have become one of the most important parts of any defensive layout and you have to know how you can prevent them destroying your attack. I call it “Testing the Water”. It’s a technique where you send in some scouts to trigger and disarm Traps, so your main army doesn’t get crushed. For any different kinds of attacking styles, you need to know what you’re looking for, so I took some time to make you a guide.

This is quite a lot, so I have divided it into a mini-series with 3 Parts. The first part will cover the common technique for Archers, Barbarians and Minions; the second one will take a look at Balloons, Giant/Healer combos and Hog Riders; and the final part will be for Dragons, Lava Hounds, and other supportive troops.

General technique for preventing Traps in deploying troops

In general, you need to focus on these key points to disarm Traps effectively:

  1. Know where to anticipate Traps (this can depend what on what kind of troops you’re using)
  2. Know how to disarm the traps

I think the best way to address these points is to just start and you will get it pretty fast.


They hate Traps like Bombs, Giant Bombs, and also the new Skeleton Traps. Spring Traps aren’t that big of a deal because you will only lose some of them. The bad thing about assuming Trap locations, is when you’re BARCHing, you can’t really tell where Bombs and Giant Bombs are hidden outside the village Walls. The right way is to deploy some of them before you deploy a mass, and also never deploy them in very big packs. Also, spread out these packs. With this, you will prevent the worst that can happen. You’ll also prevent them from getting taken out in big packs by Mortars.


If you think about Skeleton Traps, they really don’t matter. The don’t do any splash damage and can be killed quickly.


Minions hate Air Bombs. They have enough splash damage to take out packs of 15+ Minions at once, and your nice BAM attack won’t have a happy ending for you. Most people are either placing them quite far outside, or next to Storages. Always deploy one or two of them to attack the building before you send in the rest to avoid this:


If you see a Skeleton Trap triggered, send in some more Minions to take them out.

This was the first episode and I hope you look forward to the next 2 episodes soon to come.

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