Master the Poison Spell 2016

master the poison spell

The Poison Spell is the most effective way to fight against defending Clan Castle troops. It will take their health and also make them attack and walk slower. In this post, I’d like to talk about several ways how you can use the Poison Spell and make it work best against defending Clan Castle troops.

Please note: The Poison Spell was undergoing several changes. In September 2015, it started to deal more and more damage over time (like the Single Target Inferno Tower) and with the March 2016 Update, idle troops will leave the area of effect, so sniping Dragons becomes more difficult. This guide is updated with the latest logic.

How the Poison Spell Works in Clash of Clans

The Poison Spell deals damage to all DEFENDING (yes, not your own) troops and also decreases their speed of walking and attacking. Why you use it is quite obvious, isn’t it? You can use it to get rid of defending Clan Castle troops. The spell deals more damage the longer a troop is inside the range and this can add up to 2000 damage with a maxed Poison Spell Level 4 to a troop that is inside the range all the time.

Be careful: The Poison Spell itself doesn’t charge itself, the effect charges with the time it’s active on a specific troop. Easily spoken – you can’t just drop it and when a troops walks into it after 20 seconds it takes more damage.

total damage of the poison spell in the stats after the september update rework

Attention! Be aware that idle troops, this means troops that don’t have a target, will leave the area of the Poison Spell. If they once left the area and enter it again, the damage dealt will start to fill up from the beginning!

poison spell changes march 2016

So lets see the things that make it better against Clan Castle troops than the Lightning Spell:

  • Equal and more damage (as long the troop stays inside the range!)
  • Much better control because it has area damage
  • The Poison Spell is less expensive in cost and Housing Space than the Lightning Spell

The best part is that it deals area damage so you don’t have to group troops together any more like you had to with the Lightning Spell so far. Also the costs are very reasonable as it costs not more than two Hog Riders.

Always remember that it only takes one Housing Space so it’s cheaper and more effective and only takes half the space of the Lightning Spell. Always have a Poison Spell in your pocket when attacking!

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How to Use the Poison Spell

Just using it on Clan Castle troops isn’t really helping out so I want to show you 3 situations and what you can use the Poison Spell on.

Clan Castle Troops are Small Farming Troops

The Clan Castle reveals some Barbarians, Archers, Wizards etc. so that’s a perfect situation for you. Simply place your Poison Spell and you’re good to go as it will kill almost everything

poison spell placement

There are only some troops you can’t kill with it:

  • high level Giants, Dragons, PEKKA, Golems and Lava Hounds

Yes, you might have noticed that Balloons aren’t on this list. In some cases you really hate Balloons coming out of the Clan Castle and when you bring an equal level of Poison Spell you’re also able to take them out. With a high level Poison Spell you can’t kill a Dragon, BUT you can deal very serious damage when the Dragon is inside the area the whole time:

poison spell changes september update

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Poison Spell Sniping for Dragons

A special tactic that had been quite common in Clan War so far was luring the Dragon out of the Clan Castle and then drop 2 Poison Spells on it and make him go down. After the March 2016 Update this is still possible, but then you have to lure the Dragon to the outside and keep him busy.

Archers or Wizards work well, and you might want to spread them in a circle around the Dragon. Always have at least two units in the area to prevent the Dragon from leaving the area.

poison spell dragon sniping

Remember, if the Dragon leaves the area, the damage startso increasing from zero again.

Get Heroes Out of Your Way with the Poison Spell

Defending Barbarian King and Archer Queen are always an issue. If they’re defending deep inside the base, your troops will have to deal with them in the middle of the attack because you have no chance to pull them out before. Wait, but we can take up to 11 Poison Spells (you won’t probably won’t do that but it’s possible) so with 11, Level 4 Poison Spells  you could kill:

  • Level 40 Barbarian King
  • Level 40 Archer Queen

Heroes versus Poison Spell

Pretty tough, right? If you use a Troop composition that gets constantly smashed because of the defending Heroes you could start loving the Poison Spell, because if you take 4, Level 4 Poison Spells with you (4*2000 damage) you’re able to kill at least a Level 34 Archer Queen! In fact the Archer Queen is the biggest problem in most attacks because of her long distance attack and high damage so 2-3 Poison Spells (even in low level) can take her out if she’s not maxed.

ATTENTION! Is this too good to be true? Well, first the problem is that the Heroes are not static and walk around their altar so they often simply leave the radius of the Poison Spell. It’s impossible to keep a Hero inside the Poison Spell range so in theory great, but not practically usable.

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So, bottom line just don’t drop Poison Spells on Heroes unless they are already fighting your troops to make them slower.

Centralized Clan Castle and No Idea What’s in it?

Some base layouts, most of the times the good ones, have a very centralized Clan Castle so you only see what’s in the Clan Castle when you’ve already started your attack because you can’t pull the Clan Castle Troops out. The worst part of this is not even the surprise you get, it’s the fact that you’re already pretty busy to deploy your troops and time other spells – we all only have the hands we can use.

Protect War Loot in Clan Castle

In this case, you can deploy your Poison Spell on the Clan Castle when your troops get near to them and then you can focus on the other troops again. The Poison Spell will slow down the Clan Castle Troops, even if it’s a Dragon, or in the best case kill all or most of them right away.

PS: One thing I really like about the Poison Spell is that it’s all-or-nothing in damage. Wizards Level 6 are always an issue when you don’t have the Lightning Spell maxed. The Poison Spell either kills a troop completely or not, no calculation on the way

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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