How to Kill Defending Clan Castle Dragon Step by Step

The Poison Spell gave us a much easier way to deal with defending Clan Castle troops, as long as they are low enough on health. There are still some troops that are simply too strong for the Poison Spell, so I have some posts about how to take care of them. This first part is about Dragons in the Clan Castle.

The most popular way to kill a defending Clan Castle Dragon in the last month was the lure and double-drop Poison Spell tactic (called Dragon Sniping). With the latest balancing portion of the March 2016 Update, the idle Dragon will now always leave the area, so it’s not that easy anymore. However, I have here some proper ways to handle defending CC Dragons.

What to Do When a Dragon Is In the Clan Castle

Most of the time you will have this situation in Clan War. Watch some replays from the attacks of your clan members and see that your opponent has Dragons in the Clan Castle for defending – so you only have one option here, killing that damned Dragon. The good thing is, now you’re prepared for it and I will show you in this post, step by step, what you have to do.

Lure Out the Dragon

I know, that’s the most obvious step. The good thing is that the Dragon is large when it comes to Housing Space in the Clan Castle, so in most cases it’s simply enough to get a troop into the defending range of the Clan Castle for a short moment. In Clan War you can simply tap on the Clan Castle to see the radius and you’ll see the best spot:

luring a defending clan castle dragon out of the cc

In this case, I would choose the Mortar on the left side. There’s a Wall in between, so I will simply bring one Hog Rider that will jump over it and has enough health to survive one or two seconds to trigger the Dragon to come out.

The next important step is to get the Dragon away from other Defenses – it’s hard enough to take on the Dragon, we don’t need additional damage to deal with. To accomplish this, simply place a troop (best is an Archer) in the corner so the Dragon will go outside the range of the defenses.


I usually bring five Archers, just in case I deploy the first on a trap or whatever. Then we only have to wait until the Dragon is near the Archer(s) and killed them.

Killing the Clan Castle Dragon

Before we move on let me tell you that defending Clan Castle troops will always target the closest troop next. For us right now this means we “only” have to keep the Dragon busy while high damage troops will kill it.

The biggest mistake I see is someone bringing in tanking troops, like Giants, to keep the Dragon busy.

  1. The Dragon deals area damage so we need troops spaced out around it.
  2. The Dragon attacks slow, but powerful so we don’t want that the high impact damage focused.

In other words, a Giant will get the full attack power of the Dragon and can’t stand long against it. I normally use just 6-8 Archers deployed around it. With the attacking speed of the Dragon, which is 1.5 seconds between each attack, this means for 9-12 seconds, the Dragon will be busy.

cc dragon killing

VERY IMPORTANT! You need to deploy the Archers around the Dragon FIRST, BEFORE you can deploy the next troops. Otherwise, the Dragon might kill your damage dealers.

A Dragon has between 1,900 and 2,700 hitpoints and we have about 10 seconds to deal enough damage to kill it, so 2-3 Wizards, depending on their level, will be enough to do that:


Simply deploy them BEHIND the Archers – it’s ok when they have to walk a few steps, this makes sure the area damage of the Dragon will not harm them.

Dragon dead, attack can start. In total this costs 20-25 Housing Space and you’re good to go.

You can also use an additional Poison Spell on the Dragon – this will save you some troops because the Dragon will go down faster. Be careful that you make sure the Dragon doesn’t leave the area of the Poison Spell because he gets idle, I described this in this post here:

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poison spell dragon sniping


As you can see, it’s easy to handle a defending Clan Castle Dragon, if you do it the right way. Always find yourself a nice place where you want to take the Dragon out and then do it step by step with clever deployment.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha, JamesM

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