Master the Healing Spell

master the healing spell guide

The Healing Spell is a spell used by almost every player because it’s very helpful – but at TH10 & TH11 it hasn’t been used that much because of the Inferno Tower. Supercell removed that healing block in the December 2017 Update, so the Healing Spell is making a big comeback at the high Town Hall Levels and it’s a viable option for almost all attacking strategies.

That’s why I did rework this guide from the ground and this dedicated guide will show you how you can use the Healing Spell and what you should always keep in mind.

What the Healing Spell is Used For

Well, the name already tells you that this spell is used for restoring health within an attack in Clash of Clans.

The Healing Spell is the only spell with supportive effect that will stack. There is a myth that spells don’t stack in general, but the Healing Spell does stack on your troops!

Troops that love the Healing Spell

In general, all the troops that group up in bigger packs and have medium to high hitpoints are perfect to use along with the Healing Spell. Specifically, that’s:

  • Giants
  • Balloons
  • Miners
  • Hog Riders
  • Valkyries
  • Bowlers

If you’re using one of the above troops in a larger amount (I mean not just throo or four of them), the Healing Spell is a spell that you should consider using – and I bet you DO use some of the above troops frequently in Multiplayer attacks 😉

I think it’s very obvious why the Healing Spell is wasted on Barbarians and Archers, but maybe you ask why I don’t name Dragons or P.E.K.K.A?

If you compare their total health with the amount of healing the Healing Spell provides you will see that this is only a limited percentage. Those two kinds of troops (three if you also consider the Lava Hound) are getting massive damage because they are normally attacked from a lot of buildings at once and the Healing Spell has it’s biggest benefit in healing groups.

Let’s make a short example with actual numbers…

The Healing Spell Level 6 provides 1.600 health, and a Dragon Level 4 has 2.500 hit points. Let’s say you manage to have a pack of 4 Dragons together in the range of the Healing Spell, which is quite optimistic if you look how fast they spread out.

This would mean in the perfect situation that you will give them altogether 6.400 additional health. The max healing would be 64% of the Dragon, but if you watch you see how fast they die when they are under heavy fire. If we now take a group of 20 Hog Riders we see that the additional healing would be 32.000 hit points.

You see the difference here and the Healing Spell is the most powerful when you can use it on groups of troops. The best groups of troops are made by troops that target defenses first because they don’t split up into lots of smaller groups so often.

Normally you see Giants, Hog Riders, Bowlers, Valkyries split up in not more than two groups, so you can keep them alive with Healing Spells easily.

This is the reason I don’t recommend the Healing Spell for Dragons, etc.

Placing the Healing Spell Correctly

There are two things you can do wrong here and completely blow it up.

One is the place where you use it and the other is the timing when you use it.

You can either give your troops a second or third life or just waste two spell housing space in your army stack.

Here are some things you will need to keep in mind.

1) Look into the future

I always see people deploying their Healing Spell right on their troops, even Town Hall 11 players at 4000+ trophies. I understand that it seems to be a good idea, but it’s also a huge waste!

The Healing Spell is active 12 seconds, and the Healing effect is the same all the time. Some think it gets less because the visuals become less strong when the spell is about to end, but no worries it will not 🙂

In 12 seconds, troops move over a big part of the base, so always deploy the spell ahead of them!

how to use the healing spell 2018

In this picture, you see how the Healing Spell is dropped so the outside corner just touches the Balloons slightly and they will move within the radius for as long as possible to get the maximum healing power possible.

If you don’t do that and your troops leave the area before the spell is over, you simply wasted healing, which makes the spell less effective than it could be.

2) First Aid Healing

Many troops that work great along a Healing Spell have a nemesis called Giant Bombs or Bomb Tower (the damage that is dealt when it goes down).

This damage won’t kill them, but take away so many of their hitpoints that they are under a big threat of dying soon – especially when there is a lot of damage around them.

Dropping a preventive Healing Spell will help in these cases. However, it only helps if you do it fast enough.

In the case of a Bomb Tower, it’s preventive. Simply drop the Healing Spell right on the Tower when your troops reach the area.

double giant bomb versus hog rider

Giant Bombs, or even worst double Giant Bombs, are more tricky. The trigger time is 1 second, that’s the time you have to get your Healing Spell deployed.

So take a very close look at your troops and what’s happening on the map!

This also works well in war when you face a layout with a Tesla Farm that deals insane damage and require you to give your troops some extra support.

Here’s an amazing video by OneHive Gazette, that is still very helpful even when it’s a little older:


I am using the Healing Spell now frequently since the update was released in December and I have the feeling that the results are better than using 2 Haste Spells or 1 Rage Spell with Lavaloonion.


My recommendation to you is to at least try it out for a couple of times, also in Friendly Challenges if you don’t feel like jumping into the cold water and I’m pretty sure that you will like the results, at least with most frequently used army compositions.

What do you think?

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. But doesn’t a healing spell just deal a certain amount of healing, spread out over all the troops that pass into its radius?

    • The total healing is per unit inside the radius (1,800 at max level) – so if you have 1 unit in it it will heal up to 1,800 hitpoints, 10 units inside result in a total healing of 18,000 and so on 🙂

  2. I think Supercell needs to lower down the price for the walls because it takes too much time to upgrade them specially at high levels (10,11,12).

  3. Hey Supercall
    My Lost Phone was Damaged when i was moving by a train . and Now i Can’t Remember the Google id and the password For that account!
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  4. Th12 might not happen before all the walls of th11 are released. They released 125 lv 12 walls so far and 175 more left to go. Releasing 25 walls almost every 3-4months, so by that assumption Th12 is atleast a year away

    • I expect a smaller update for February that will hopefully do something about the clouds and might also bring some smaller changes to clan games and probably a few new levels for defenses & troops.
      Regarding TH12 (I don’t even know where all the rumors come from)… it’s not even confirmed that THERE WILL EVER BE a TH12 😉 Darian said they think about the endgame and if TH12 or any other option will be their choice. He basically said that the future of the game is not adding new levels and Town Halls level forever so relax I personally don’t think we will see TH12 this year (or at least not before the end of the year) 🙂

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