Master the Haste Spell

Master the Haste Spell

The Haste Spell has become quite popular recently. It’s function is quite simple, it increases the movement speed of your Troops. In this post I want to show you when to use it, what it’s good for and compare it to the Rage Spell.

How the Haste Spell Works

The Haste Spell has one real benefit – making Troops go faster. Typically, that’s what you have the Rage Spell for, right? The Rage Spell primary makes your Troops deal more damage and also hit faster.

The Haste Spell only makes them move faster, but it does this significantly better than the Rage Spell. A Level 1 Haste Spell speeds up your Troops the same amount as a maxed Rage Spell.  In the end, a maxed Haste Spell increases movement speed twice as much as a Rage Spell:

haste spell versus rage spell guide coc


Before you jump ship completely from using the Rage Spells, I have some good reasons to still use them in the next chapter of this post. Here are some key differences:

  • The Rage Spell has a bigger radius than the Haste Spell
  • The Haste Spell makes your Troops move much faster than the Rage Spell does (compared same Level)
  • The Haste Spell has only half the Housing Space, but doesn’t give extra damage boost

haste spell in action

Sounds like a good balance.

Haste Spell Deployment Tip

If you watch very carefully, you’ll recognize that the Haste Spell effect is not only happening within the Haste Spell radius. It will speed up a unit and this boost will last for a short time. Look a this picture:

haste spell deployment guide clash of clans

One of the Balloons touched the area of the Haste Spell and you can see how far the effect pushed it. Maybe 1 additional second of boost after leaving the radius.

What you should take from this is that you don’t need to place the Haste Spells directly next to each other. The effect will last long enough to allow the Balloons to enter the next Haste Spell that is located a short distance away. This will give your troops a larger area of effect.

how to use the haste spell in coc

What to use the Haste Spell for

Now that we have taken a look at how the Haste Spell works, let us clarify the situations for which it is perfect suited. You want to use it to make very slow Troops go faster, but you don’t need them to deal extra damage. Here are the situations use Haste Spells.

Make Balloons faster (also against Air Sweeper)

Balloons are very powerful right now, but their biggest weakness is they are very slow. The time on the clock and the Air Sweepers are the worst enemies of Balloons, so they perfectly fit the Haste Spell. Their damage is already very high and they overkill defenses most of the time when they are grouped up, so no need for Rage effect.

The Haste Spell is perfect to be use with Balloons because:

  1. Extra speed, which is their biggest weakness
  2. Balloons deal a massive amount of damage when grouped (which always happens because they focus on Defenses), so the extra damage from the Rage Spell is not necessary

The last point is a very important. Balloons take out buildings very fast, without having to use all of their shots, when they group up to a pack of 5-6.


Use the Haste Spell with Dragons

I personally won’t use the Haste Spell with Dragons for a simple reason. Dragons don’t group up like Balloons because they don’t attack Defenses first. You simply don’t use a large number of Dragons in one attack. You want them to fully use the radius.

Dragons attacking a War Base
Dragons attacking a base in a pack, but most likely split up shortly after into smaller groups

My recommendation is to continue using the Rage Spell with mass Dragon attacks.


To be honest, the Haste Spell works the best along with Balloons and right now is the perfect time to use it – even if you only have it at a very low level.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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