Checklist How To Fix A Rushed Base

A rushed base is one of the worst problems a Clasher can have in Clash of Clans. The thing this is not like a bad attacking style or a mistake in base design – these are things that can be corrected quickly. A rushed base is something that develops over the time and once you have it you will have a slower gaming progress and worst case no more fun. In this post, I want to help those of you having a rushed base and even if you don’t think you have a rushed base – read this post to make sure you’ll never run into this nasty trap. Clash of Clans is leading you into it, and you can find yourself owning a rushed base faster than you would think.

What you need to know about a Rushed Base

A rushed base is by definition a base that has a very low upgrade level of buildings and troops compared to the possible level the Town Hall you’re having is allowing you to have. There are different kinds of rushed bases.
The real bad ones:
rushed base
and the medium rushed bases:
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-21-Town-Hall-10-war-baseI assume that you would rather be of the category “medium rushed,” otherwise, you wouldn’t read here tactics 😉 The problem you face when having rushed base is, however, real and let you play below the best potential.

Why is a rushed base dangerous?

A rushed base a significant impact on defending and also attacking. The matchmaking process in regular multiplayer battles and also Clan War is calculating very strong on the Town Hall level – in Clan War also the other defenses take part in the calculation, but the Town Hall has the biggest score.
Regular multiplayer battles are matched based on the Town Hall and the League and don’t care how maxed your Defenses are. This means you will get matched against stronger opponents of the same Town Hall level. The effect is destructive:

  • You have to attack bases that are stronger than you can take with your troops
  • You’ll get attacked by opponents with higher troops than your Defenses can take

You see, this is dramatic! You will not win as many attacks as you should and will lose more. Especially with the changes to the shield system, with no possibility to get a cheap shield by exposing your Town Hall, the rushed bases will have an even bigger disadvantage.
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Slower game progress

The amount you have to loot to come to a certain point in upgrades in the game is always the same, upgrades cost the same for everyone. The only way to get loot is raiding other players and in the section before I explained to you why this is harder when your base is rushed.
It gets even worst – you will pay a lot more for raiding than other players! The costs for pushing the NEXT-Button until you find an suitable base to attack depends on your Town Hall level. With a rushed base, you have to search longer to find a base you can attack PLUS it costs more. It’s not a high amount (up to 200 Gold, depending on the Town Hall level), but this adds up!
time cost of shield when attacking
Let’s assume you’re rushed TH7 and have to pay 380 Gold per NEXT – a TH6 would pay 250 Gold. The difference is 130 Gold.
Average numbers say that a frequent player attacks ten times per day on this Town Hall level and takes 25 NEXT until he finds a good base he attacks. This additional Town Hall level would cost 3,250 Gold each attack. That makes 32k Gold per day, 975k Gold per month, etc.
This fact comes on top of the reasons I gave you before! Bottom line a rushed makes you win fewer attacks, lose more when defending and costs you more money with every raid.
That should be enough reasons to get your base out of the rushed environment or not even think about “rushing a little.” I won’t lie to you, the way out of a rushed base can be hard and take a while. But it’s worth it in the end because you’ll be able to enjoy the game even more, again.

Reasons to have a rushed base

We’ve learned how bad the impact of a rushed base can be, but why do people have rushed bases then?! The answer is because it’s tempting and you don’t know that you have a problem before it’s too late. I don’t want to compare it with an addiction, but an addict doesn’t choose to be addicted exactly like the base rusher doesn’t wish to rush the base.
Upgrading is fun – so we upgrade. Typical Upgrades of troops and defenses give more damage or hitpoints and maybe a little better looking troop or building. The real intoxication is upgrading the Town Hall – it will unlock so many new stuff, and most of this new stuff is cheap and very fast available, while upgrading other things from previous Town Hall levels takes long and is expensive.
You have to overcome the temptation of upgrading your Town Hall before you have upgraded all other things available at your current Town Hall level to a decent level!
If you think about upgrading your Town Hall, because “what harm can it deal to your progress?”, Remember the reasons I gave you above! You will progress slower and lose a lot of motivation and fun and maybe even quit the game because of this!
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Fix a rushed base

The first step in fixing a rushed base is determining how severe the situation is:

  • Very Rushed vs. a little-rushed vs. not maxed the previous TH Level
  • What TH level are you? Fixing a rushed TH10 base is hard, a rushed TH6 base is fixed very quickly

Please mind that not having maxed out everything in the previous Town Hall level makes you have a rushed base automatically! I have two golden rules about when you’re ready to upgrade your Town Hall:

  • Your Defenses are upgraded at least to 1 level lower than the max possible level (Walls are not important)
  • The troops you use every day are on the max possible level or upgrading to it right now
  • You have maxed out everything you can for a certain resource (e.g. you can’t buy anything more with Elixir)

If you mind those rules, you’ll never have a rushed base.

Help! I have not followed these rules!

The most obvious step you have to perform now is stop upgrading your Town Hall any further. Of course, you think? I’ve talked to many Clashers that have stated they thought getting the XBow or Inferno Tower will help them recover faster – in fact, it made their situation even worst!
The next steps are to upgrade your defenses and troops with the highest priority. Start upgrading the lowest defenses first and upgrade the troops you’re using most first. Here’s a little help for you when it comes to upgrade planning and priorities:
[irp posts=”12789″ name=”Defense Upgrade Priority Guide”]
[irp posts=”12795″ name=”Troop and Spell Upgrade Priority Guide”]
Also, start using a farming base layout that will cover your Storages and help you saving loot for the upcoming upgrades:
[irp posts=”13125″ name=”Farming Base Layouts with TH7-TH11 inside for 2016″]
You’ll have to farm a lot of loot, so start using a composition that’s cheap and also trains fast so you can do a lot of attacks:
[irp posts=”9312″ name=”Ultimate BARCH Guide (High and Low Level)”]
Don’t upgrade your Walls! You need the loot for all other upgrades so don’t spend “spare” resources for your Walls – unless they are dramatically low level:
[irp posts=”8030″ name=”Wall Upgrade Guide”]
Here are some more facts you should consider in this video:

Good luck with fixing your base and for those of you who tend to rush their bases – don’t do it, you’ve seen how bad this turns out.

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