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clan war leagues update

War Leagues Start Tomorrow! Clash of Clans October 2018 Update Ticker

Here are all official and unofficial news regarding the next upcoming Clash of Clans Update in Fall 2018.

I know some would call it too soon to create another Update Ticker, but the first info regarding the next update in Clash of Clans are starting to drop and I’d like to keep you guys updated 🙂

In this FREQUENTLY UPDATED article, I will put up all important things (rumors, my opinion and of course official statements) together to give you guys a good overview what’s coming in the next update 2018 – especially those of you who don’t spend hours in the official forum and Reddit.

Clash of Clans October 2018 Update

Please note, the order is from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

Clash of Clans Hacks & Cheats For Free Gems

War Leagues Incoming (October 24th, 2018)

The registration for the War Leagues are just a few hours ahead and I’d like to give you some information how this all works – read it here in my guide:

Clan War Leagues - How to win & How to take part

Clan War Leagues & Bugs (October 23rd, 2018)

in about 20 hours the registration for Clan War Leagues start so we need to be patient until it starts.

In the meantime be aware that the Loot Cart and the Daily Star Bonus has some bugs right now but will be fixed soon.

Update Maintenance Break Starting Soon (October 23rd, 2018)

The Maintenance Break is just about to start for the update 🙂

Goblin Maps Leaks (October 22nd, 2018)

Ok the update is delayed but luckily I can at least present you some impressions from the new Goblin Maps, including the Dragons Lair (the last ones).

We surely can’t complain that the new maps are not challenging when looking at these setups.

The real BIG thing is the last one, called Dragons Lair that has a special Golden Dragon:

dragons lair

Update Delay (October 22nd, 2018)

Today is the update day announced by Supercell but as we come closer to the maintenance break, Supercell released a statement that they have to do further testing and probably have to delay to update:

This is nothing too surprising with the update being huge and having a lot more additional elements – hopefully they get the problems fixed and relase soon, I’ll keep you updated.

Balancing Changes (October 21st, 2018)

The update will be on Monday and brings some more balancing changes:

  • Witch Level 1 HP: reduced from 320 to 300
  • Witch Level 2 DPS reduced from 120 to 110 & HP reduced from 360 to 320
  • Reduced Siege Machine training times: training times are now flat 20 minutes across all levels.
  • Reduced Siege Machine training costs: training cost is now flat 100.000 gold across all levels.
  • Donating Siege Machines gives 30 XP, and counts 30 towards your donation count.
  • Additional Inferno Tower added to TH12
  • X-BowDamage per Second has been adjusted
    • Level 3: 80 > 70
    • Level 4: 90 > 80
    • Level 5: 110 > 100
  • Eagle Artillery Damage per Hit and Shockwave Damage values have been adjusted:
    • Level 1: Hit damage 250 > 300, shockwave damage 15 > 20
    • Level 2: Hit damage 300 > 350, shockwave damage 20 > 25
    • Level 3: Hit damage 350 > 400, shockwave damage 25 > 30
  • Air Defense Hitpoints have been adjusted:
    • Level 7: 1110 > 1100
    • Level 8: 1170 > 1200
    • Level 9: 1230 > 1300
    • Level 10: 1290 > 1400
  • Air Bombs New level added to TH12 & Reduced activation radius from 5 tiles to 4 tiles
  • Bombs New level added to TH11 & Shortened the detonation delay from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds to make them reliably hit a larger variety of different troops triggering them.
  • Resource Collectors
    • Gold Mine: new level added for TH10
    • Elixir Collector: new level added to TH10
    • Dark Elixir Collector: new level added to TH10
  • Up to 200 Wall Pieces can now be upgraded to level 13 (previously only 100 could be upgraded).

I’m really interested to see how the additional Inferno Tower changes the meta, especially regarding Queen Charges as a base can now get defended pretty well with the third one. Also Bombs will get a lot more effective against Wall Breakers.

The update is tomorrow so I think we have it now all rounded up 😀

Tornado Trap Details (October 20th, 2018)

Finally some details regarding the new Tornado Trap. It will drag troops together that are within the radius (ground and air troops) and deal some damage over time.

tornado trap stats

While the damage is not that much, the slow down effect and the grouping up of troops will open up a lot more possibilities in base designs by combining it with other traps.

How much the troops get dragged around depends on the size of the troops, heroes will not suffer that much of the ffect while smaller troops like Archers and Barbarians will see a lot more effect.

The only troop that doesn’t suffer any dragging effect are Miners.

You will also only get one trap to build and I hope to update soon at what Town Hall it will become available.

war leagues map

Quick Train Improvement (October 20th, 2018)

The full feature list got just updated with a point that I was looking for a very long time:

UI Improvements

  • On the Quick Train tab, you now just train the Troops/Spells you used instead of the entire Army.

Clock Tower Potion & New Archer Tower Design (October 19th, 2018)

clock tower potionSo still a new magical item next to the new hammers got announced via social media – the Clock Tower Potion that will activate your Clock Tower boost in your Builder Base for 30 minutes.

Some of you might remember that the icon was already included in the leaked official fan kit pictures and we all have been thinking what this icon means. Kind of weird that the most obvious thing hasn’t been what we all thought about.

I also think it’s quite weird that they now release a builder base exclusive potion when they already announced that there won’t be new builder base content after BH8…

The next one is, and many of you will really love it, the Archer Towers get a new design – I know how many don’t like the green banner design they already have in the max level.


War Leagues Details, League Shop, Exclusive Decorations, New Magical Items, New Trap & More (October 18th, 2018)

Finally some real information on the upcoming update and (how I get it) the last one as well, so we can buckle up for the update to drop very likely early next week.

So, within War Leagues we will get the tokens that we can use to buy magical items, exclusive decorations and the new kind of magical items, the hammers.

war leagues shop in clash of clans

The hammers will not only skip the upgrade time, they also will pay for the cost – it’s basically a rune and a book combined and they can only be purchased in the league shop with league tokens you win in War Leagues.

hammers in clash of clans

There will also be a new trap called the Tornado Trap. Supercell hasn’t released any official information about it but I think it will work in a slowing down effect or dragging people towards the trap way – last one would be very interesting as it would change a lot in base design.

tornado trap in clash of clans

Here’s the full video that will give you all the infromation:


Additional Clan Games TAsks (October 17th, 2018)

Some new tasks got announced via Twitter:

★ Building Breakdown & Building Boom Boom: destroy x Buildings in Multiplayer/VS Battles.

★ Wall Whacker & Wall Wipe Out: destroy x Wall segments.

★ Sudden Stars & Speedy Stars: collect 3x Stars from Multiplayer/VS Battles, but only Stars earned in the first 60 seconds count!

More Single Player Maps (October 16th, 2018)

Just announced, there will be more single player maps:

new single player maps clash of clans

As also annunced via Twitter, there will be 25 new maps and 2 new Achievements:

“Look who’s back!!! 25 new Goblin Maps will be added in the next update, with two new Achievements: Get Those Other Goblins!, and Dragon Slayer once you conquer Dragon’s Lair!”

So, what’s Dragon’s Lair? A new part of the single player mode or is it something we unlock when we also have beaten the new 25 single player maps?

New Video for Clan Leagues & More QoL Changes (October 15th, 2018)

There’s a new video available about Clan War Leagues, but don’t get disappointed when watching it as it won’t tell anything new that we haven’t seen so far (who remembers the Captains Log….)

Also another QoL enhancement got announced:

  • Copy Base: When using the “Copy Base” feature, it will now correctly copy the modes of Gear-Ups, Skelly Traps, Inferno Towers, X-Bows, etc.
Handy for those that use that feature and don’t want to double check the modes.

War Leagues Info & October Update Confirmed (October 8th, 2018)

Finally some real update info, to m´be more specific, we now have some real info about the upcoming War Leagues that will be released in October 2018!

If your clan decided to take part in the War Leagues, your clan will get matched with 7 other clans in a league and do a 1-day war 15 vs 15 players against every clan for one week – the more stars you collect the better and you can move up to a higher league (18 league tiers in total) if your clan hast the most stars out of all 8 clans in your league tier. The higher you climb, the better the rewards (nothing official about the rewards yet, though)

15 vs 15 is small you think? well, you can always rotate players in and out to make sure that all attacks are getting used and everyone can show some performance.

Sounds very interesting and I’m really looking forward to see what will be coming in the next days.

Oh, as far as I understood this, War Leagues will not replace the regular Clan Wars 😉

UPDATE: With a couple of questions if that is based on weight… Darian confirmed that the FIRST 8and only the very first) palcement in a War League is based on the weight of your highest Town Halls – after that, it’s purely about the performance.

It also doesn’t matter if you put all your lowest Town Halls in the first formation, it will calculate based on what other Town Halls are also assigned to participate.

More Quality of Life Improvements Confirmed (October 4th, 2018)

Darian just confirmed additional QoL improvements for the next update – so, this is for now the confirmed list:

  • Siege Machines – The game will automatically default to the last deployment you used. If you used a Siege Machine in your last attack, it will default to that setting for your next attack. If you didn’t use a Siege Machine and just deployed CC troops normally, your next attack will use that setting instead.
  • Siege Machines – Donating Siege Machines will now provide 30XP instead of 1XP.
  • Troop Selection – When starting an attack, no troops will be selected by default. That way you won’t accidentally deploy a troop when touching the map. You will need to manually select which troop you will deploy first.
  • Replays – New replay speed available. Rewatch battles at 1/2 replay speed.
  • Electro Dragon – Eddie’s Lightning Spell upon death will now deal damage to Resource buildings.
  • Grand Warden – The Grand Warden’s mode can be toggled even while he is healing.
  • *NEW* New Clan Games Tasks:
    • Building Breakdown: Destroy 50/150/250x Buildings in Multiplayer Battles. (regular/intense/epic)
    • Building Boom Boom: Destroy 30/60/90x Buildings in Versus Battles. (regular/intense/epic)
    • Wall Whacker: Destroy 50/150/250x Wall segments in Multiplayer Battles. (regular/intense/epic)
    • Wall Wipe Out: Destroy 50/150/250x segments in Versus Battles. (regular/intense/epic)
    • Sudden Stars: Collect 3x Stars from Versus Battles. Only Stars earned in the first 60 seconds count.
    • Speedy Stars: Collect 3x Stars from Multiplayer Battles. Only Stars earned in the first 60 seconds count.
  • *NEW* Gem Donation price adjustment:
    • Giant: 2 -> 3 gems
    • Balloon: 5 -> 3 gems
    • Wizard: 5 -> 3 gems
    • Dragon: 25 -> 15 gems
    • PEKKA: 25 -> 15 gems
    • Hog Rider: 5 -> 3 gems
    • Valkyrie: 8 -> 6 gems
    • Golem: 30 -> 20 gems
    • Witch: 15 -> 10 gems
    • Lava Hound: 30 -> 20 gems
    • Bowler: 8 -> 5 gems
    • Baby Dragon: 10 -> 8 gems
    • Electro Dragon: 30 -> 20 gems
  • *NEW* Reduced training costs for certain troops (NOTE: Values may not be final and are subject to change):
  • Reduced training costs for Wall Breakers:
      • Level 2: 1500 -> 1250
      • Level 3: 2000 -> 1500
      • Level 4: 2500 -> 1750
      • Level 5: 3000 -> 2000
      • Level 6: 3500 -> 2250
      • Level 7: 4000 -> 2500
      • Level 8: 4500 -> 2750
    • Reduced training costs for Golems:
      • Level 1: 450 -> 300
      • Level 2: 525 -> 375
      • Level 3: 600 -> 450
      • Level 4: 675 -> 525
      • Level 5: 750 -> 600
      • Level 6: 825 -> 675
      • Level 7: 900 -> 750
      • Level 8: 975 -> 825
    • Reduced training costs for Baby Dragons:
      • Level 1: 15000 -> 10000
      • Level 2: 16000 -> 11000
      • Level 3: 17000 -> 12000
      • Level 4: 18000 -> 13000
      • Level 5: 19000 -> 14000
      • Level 6: 20000 -> 15000
    • Reduced training costs for Witches:
      • Level 1: 250 -> 175
      • Level 2: 350 -> 225
      • Level 3: 450 -> 275
      • Level 4: 550 -> 325
    • Reduced training costs for Bowlers:
      • Level 1: 130 -> 110
      • Level 2: 150 -> 130
      • Level 3: 170 -> 150
      • Level 4: 190 -> 170

I like that Supercell is working on these small improvements, however, I hope we will finally get some more update info soon.

Q&A Answers

A couple months ago we have been submitting serveral questions for another round of Q&A with Supercell and now after a long time we finally get the answers:

It’s nothing really groundbreaking, but still interesting to get some more insights in the plans and minds of Supercell right now. The important thing is that Clan War Leagues are about to come in the “near future” and Supercell is working on a fix for clouding (nothing more precise given, but they say they already have some solution in mind).

First Update Info! (September 21st, 2018)

The first Quality of Life changes have been confirmed:

clash of clans update info

Don’t be disappointed, the last part clearly says there is more to come 🙂

Please note it will NOT be released in the Maintenance Break today and announced later when the update will be

Weird Maintenance Break Dealy (September 20th, 2018)

This might not be something related to the update, but it’s weird and I think that some of you might appreciate the heads up…

Supercell announced a frequent maintenance break for today (server upkeep, happens like once every week), but then shortly postponed it due to “more testing is required”.

So if this is only a server upkeep without anything else, why do they need to test and already said it will take longer than usual?

So, just can be something totally unrelated to an update, but who knows? It’s slowly about time to get at least something…

Quality of Life Changes (September 5th, 2018)

I’m a little surprised that there has not been a single word since Supercell hit the “Clan War Leagues” button one month ago (just kidding, of course they don’t say anything…).

Many of you might have already noticed that there’s a thread in the official forum going on where Supercell asks what Quality of Life Improvements we, the community, really would like to see (adding new flags is no QoL, btw)

With far more than 100 pages, there are a ton of really useful things that you might want to check out or enhance with your ideas. More possibilities while in clouds, separated chats for clan leader/co-leader, more slots for bases and a ton more things that should (or should not IMO) make their way into the game – you can check out the thread here.

So, this brings me to the point to speculate about the next update – September has always been a month where nice updates have been released and the last big one was back in June. Initially, I thought it will come down to Clan War Leagues but looks like Supercell wants to add some more quality of life improvements for us.

I personally hope for something that will open a new aspect of the game, the TH12 Update wasn’t a game changer (even though Darian said they don’t want to make it just a new grind with added levels…. yeah it’s exactly the opposite, right?!?!), the Builder Base completely lost attraction once reached BH8 and there won’t be any new Builder Base content in 2018.

Don’t get me wrong, I like how the meta works right now and everything is balanced as only a few times ago but it just feels like a little grinding every day, but only a few QoL changes that didn’t made it into the game for 6 years won’t change much.

How do you feel about the game and the next update right now? Please share your opinion in the comments below 🙂

Clan War Leagues (August 8th, 2018)

The 6th Anniversary Stream did offer a hint for the next update, where iTzu opened a present where “Clan War Leagues” was written in:

clan war leagues in clash of clans

Without any further comment, the stream ended and left us with that. If you did not watch the stream, here’s a link that will take you to the moment.

Well, if we take an honest look at Clan War Matchmaking we all have to admit that it has been broken (sometimes more, sometimes less) from the beginning when it was introduced back in 2014. Long search times, horrible mismatches and modding was coming with Clan Wars and even though Supercell did put a lot of effort into getting it straight there was never a moment when it actually was working as intended.

Their last step, forcing people to place all buildings before being able to upgrade the Town Hall, was another step in that direction.

It’s not likely that we will see Clan War Leagues work along the current way Clan Wars work – I personally believe it will rather go into the direction that Clash Royale took with the Clan Leagues: Placing different clans into a batch and let them fight through a season and then let your clan rise in ranks/war leagues to improve the rewards available.

I’m not necessarily against that approach, but there should be some way better rewards to get than only resources or magical items at the end of a Clan War Season. We already get plenty of that from attacking and the Clan Games to have all Builders busy around the clock without much effort, so rather offer some more cool rewards like customizations to heroes, troops, buildings or rare decorations that we can win.

I know that a big part of the pure war community will not really like that, but let’s face it that Clan Wars have been getting fatigued for the average casual player facing all the mismatches for some resources that are available a lot easier through Clan Games or multiplayer attacks.

Please keep in mind that all of this is pure speculation and nothing else than the term “Clan War Leagues” is confirmed so far.


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  1. I made the mistake of not entering everyone for roster in war league. Had a couple upgrading heroes. Now I know. We booted 2 participants because of inactivity. Is there a new signup for December and when?

  2. why i do now earn any star for STAR BONUS LOOT, I have th11 ,trophy 2212, i play multiple battle and get 3 star, but star is not added in Star Bonus.Please Help me.

  3. i dont understand the matchmaking system of war league… if we can change the first 15 players every war… then we can trick the matchmaking no?
    if we introduce new village more stronger then the previous, we will have more power (or defense)??? :/
    or they will calculate the power of all the clan? :/ its not very clear!

    • After registration no other base is allowed to participate in week long clan league.
      And war weight is based on top 15 bases strength after registration. Based on that weight 8 clans Will be decided. I hope you understand now.

    • no. the FIRST (and only the VERY FIRST) matchup depends on the top town halls you have, after that you can only move up by collecting most stars from your league tier. The highest leagues are not getting ranked in the beginning so you can’t really trick it other by winning. First matchup can be unlucky but after a few times it should start placing you right

  4. We had a tornado trap two or three years ago for Christmas/Halloween special event, it attracted troops towards trap including pekka.

    Hammer of building gonna get lot of players to the end game sooner than old players.But getting that token is not gonna be easy

    Wall cost reduction is totally unfair to old players. We spent months on maxing walls, new players gonna complete them in half our duration and throw the game away.

    This war league update will give more lags to the low spec device users.

  5. a question to clan war league: is it allowed to use power potion like as in clan wars? this would be a big factor of stars…

    • don’t know, but I think it will be possible in an ongoing thing. War Leagues do have less strategic elements with only one attack and faster pace compared to regular clan war. However, just my 2 cents

  6. Is there a pre-registration for CWL?
    Googled CWL and it took me to a website where it’s already going on. Can’t join though.
    If that’s where you register I have a long wait til I can join in and why won’t it let me create one on my own. Maybe it’s something different though.
    Looking for answers, I asked on supercells forum but question was avoided like the answer was a dark secret

  7. Example…in my clan we have 2 th12 some th9 1 th 11…..I have to fight against 15 th12? That sense sht….is it they gonna make?
    They going to ruin the balance . and I can cover only 1 base (no cover fire).
    Alas supercell making joke? Or claver balance? Time will tell….hope near dead clans will get some oxygen
    Thanks for explanation buddy

    • I think 22nd-25th, next weeks probably more sneaks regarding war leagues and then the update the week after with very likely a live stream on the weekend 21st – but that’s only my personal thoughts 😉

  8. Any chance clan war league will require a specific quantity of specific th levels so that all matches are fairly even? Maybe only allow participation of 2 of each th 9,10,11 and the balance must be th12? You could also limit participation to only town halls with all buildings placed to further discouraging engineering. I would also guess 24 hour prep and then each war lasts 24 hour for 7 days straight. Hopefully you only need to fill each clan castle once for the whole event unless you choose to change troops which would take effect the beginning of the next 24 hour war.

    Hopefully we get more info soon!

    • Just updated it above, only the very first placement in leagues will be based on the weight of the highest Town Halls that take part, after that it’s purely performance based how many stars you collect.
      But I agree, a lot of info is missing and I hope we will get answers (and hopefully footage as well) soon.

  9. 1) Do you know the winner of clan war league is the one with the most stars? Lots of other ways it could be done. You might beat all the other clans and not have the most stars.
    2) Does that mean a clan whose highest player is TH8 is doomed because they can’t get stars on TH10+. ?

    • 1) Yes the clan that moves up, or, drops in the league ladder is based on stars.
      2) With your highest player being TH8, you will not get far. But, my understanding is you will still receive the rewards offered in your league.

  10. Something should be done to the trophy push. Now we wait the next Village for hours especially in the legend league. This is really stupid.

      • Damian said no cloud fix from what he could imagine seeing until somewhere near start of 2019 of something. I watched all Q & A and remember that specifically because thought it was stupid that they wouldn’t hurry up an fix that issue asap. I’d love to push, but no way I have the time to wait in high titan let alone legend. I know it’s not an easy fix but they should maybe think about hiring some1 solely to work on that alone if they gotta. Or a few people. I mean that’s a joke and they’ve been on top 10 grossing apps list for what 6yrs+ now. They could find a way If really tried very hard. They prolly like it, because it keeps people on their dam game. Haha. Thx for all the info Tim

      • the thing is not the “easy fix”, most suggested fixes will require a complete refactoring of the whole game code and this is nothing somebody will ever do. I assume they will start building a solution around it.
        I personally expect a mix between softer matchmaking, less guard times for legend players and some more tweaking – the timeframe is very likely not caused by the coding work but rather by gathering the data to decide to release the fixes or not. war matchmaking fixes took more than 2 years to really work… a fix that works in 10k simulated matches doesn’t mean that it works in 100 million matches.
        Bottom line they need a solution, I also dropped out of legend league as it is literally not playable during clan games. I can’t do a fast attack when I have a couple minutes off, so I was focusing on builder base tasks but would have loved to do home village ones. It’s not great to see that being in the top tier gets penalized by the game

  11. The only big thing that should be update immediatly is getting rid of those horrible engis. This war we have tons of th11 agains th9, its insane. One simple solution to repair this, and only one solution possible: once uou decide to upgrade yr th you get the minimal weight of that th. So a terrible syrong engi th11 with lousy defences and super strong heroes, just let it count as a min th11 weighting and add weight for every offence that is already th11 worthy. Then all those engis will be placed very much higher in the war ranking and problem solved. Then wars are really about skills instead of shear engi power.

  12. Somebody tell Supercell to allow us to set an order in our queue! I love the “quick train” army repeat, but I HATE when I don’t use all my troops/spells and I have to dump the extras because my queue lineup wasn’t set right. Changing and setting the priority order of the quick queue would make more difference than the siege machine changes.

    Also, please change the siege machine changes to auto-default to last used (including if our own siege was used!) I hate accidentally using my cc siege when I have two of my own built up.

    • Yes that would be huge. I hate when I donate right after a raid and wind up with 14 wall breakers in my trained troops.

  13. My prediction is they are getting rid of war weights and doing war leagues similar to normal leagues. This will incentivize players to max their defense and offense to push higher into the leagues and get better loot, maybe with a weekly war loot bonus. No point in having a base that can be easy 3 starred now. Well at least that’s what I think they should do.

  14. September is history 4 days after today, so I don’t think there will be a September update. I think bext update will be the October Halloween one.

  15. Why can’t sc fix the current war match ups before bringing out something else that will be a cock up from the start
    My prediction is that in clan war leagues you will get matched up with manipulated clans with engineered bases so what’s the point?
    Fix the current war match ups first it’s easy to do if they wanted to make a bases war weight the the and nothing but the the simples.

    • I might recall it wrong, but in February they said they have the final fix for engineering and with the TH12 Update they said that forcing all buildings to be placed before upgrading the Town Hall was NOT that final fix… pretty sure they are up to something to put an end to this engineering story.

    • How many times does Tim have to say it…He is gathering information about the game from everywhere on the worldwide web and gives personal opinions about it. So people like you and me don’t need to spend hours in reading bla bla bla forums but know what’s happening in a few split seconds. In my eyes, you’re quite ungrateful en besides, if you don’t like it and think you know everything better, please stfu.

    • So every player follows them on Twitter? Doubt it… I only wrap things up here, nothing else. I don’t make the news I just give people a place to stay up with the news without following all social channels, reading the forums, reddit etc.

  16. I would like to permanently banned people from my clan im not the leader of it but i run the clan and I’d love to banned some from my clan but some people’s go change there name and come back and only reason i know that is i have a note book with people’s #s in it that i dont want back

  17. This may be wrong place but it’s regarding war matches and seige machines. I find it a huge mismatch when our clan faces a clan which has access to a th12 with seige machines.

  18. Timmy, you’re late! Darian already has reported at least 3 confirmed quality life updates which will be coming next update. Minor things but just figured I’d give you a heads up.

  19. hi timmyeatworld one more hi why new upates are not coming we are bored from this game no uptades are all the player of coc go to pubg why plz bring new uptade when clan war leauge will come guys

  20. Use of heroes during upgrading in wars is really needed….otherwise true players of coc will become hopeless
    There are lots of games came like pubg so if supercell want to stay in race they have to change things like clouds(finding base time)…u can take more gold for search but not these bird view….give gold league opponent to legends that’s also reasonable…but not 4 to 5 hours clouds

    • Are you really that stupid? if you could use heroes during war when upgrading them people would stop gemming them. and if they stop gemming heroes supercell gets less money. Use your brain. The need of gems is what feeds supercell

  21. QoL for me would be if a clan leader and only the clan leader could kick out a player from his clan and have an option to make it a permanent kick so that player could not return, or set it up where any player kicked by the leadsr was a permanant kick and then he could use his co leaders etc to kick players using the existing system. Every time i kick somebody i have to go checking to see if they have sneaked back in. Thanks

  22. Personally, I’d like it if there’s was a way of making armies without wait times just to use in friendly challenges so I can try different comps of troops easier.

    • I might recall it wrong, but in February Darian said they will start doing something after September, but the core problem of clouding is so deep in the game mechanics that they would have to redesign almost all the code – I’m looking forward to see what they come up with after all, that they will have to do something about it is a sure thing

      • Personally, I don’t think they are ever going to do something against clouds at all. It matters only the few top players and if so, they would have done it years ago because it’s an old problem. They are not going to change the game mechanics totally just for less than 3% of the players.
        So, that been said, I hope for something more than AQ level 60-70, electric dragon 4, wizzard tower 12 and so on. For my homebase, it isn’t urgent for me because I’m not a max TH12 yet, so I’ll also be happy if nothing is going to be added in the September update, but fact is that QoL only fancies the game but doesn’t add anything. My main question is, why not BH 9?

      • They said they will not have any Builder Hall content after BH8 planned this year but might after that – but with the steep decline in interest in the Builder Base due to the weird AI and daily caps I doubt they will put any of their limited energy into it – not even the gear-ups are strong enough to motivate people playing it frequently.
        The clouding issue has been a topic for the few top players, but that was the 5,500+ ones, now there are clouds making the game unplayable at 4,800+ trophies, esepcially during clan games – so clan games put a big higher pressure on this topic as 5k+ you can only do Builder Hall challenges. Also “only” the top players are something like 500,000 adn those are the most active ones (you need to be pretty active to push there and stay there).
        Otherwise the whole league system and trophy system has no use when the final goal is unplayable, that kills motivation. What motivation can a player have when having completed the grind to upgrade? none if there’s not something like pushing.
        They are aware that has been in several comments and the question is not IF they will do something, the question is WHAT they will do 🙂

      • Hope you’re right, but I’m rather pessimistic. Perhaps initiatives like Clash & Go will speed them up to save the game. Hope that game will be a thorn in their sides. Competition is allways good for customers.

    • I’d like the general idea of more customization and I’m not 10 years old 😉 The reason is I hate that every village looks the same after 5 years of playing and spending so much time. Customization for heroes would be a nice way to make them your avatar 🙂

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  24. I just hope leagues will still appeal to casual war clans. My clan is all friends and fam, we only war on weekends due to work schedules. Wonder if we’d ever have a chance at any rewards.

  25. I like your ideas on different skins for heroes and buildings. I’m wondering if that would be something supercell is willing to do considering they changed the archer tower look to a much simpler design. Maybe it was to have the image take less memory or whatever, but maybe it was so you could win something in war leagues to make yours stand out from the rest. Heroes would be nice to see something a little different. In some of the 1 on 1’s during a raid it gets hard to tell which was your own 😂

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