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Clash of Clans Leaks & Update Ticker (Town Hall 15)

On popuar request, the update ticker for Clash of Clans is back! I was stopping them when the communication of Supercell got a lot better and they had basically all information in the forum and on their website blog. So, with all the access that creators have right now there’s a lot of leaks coming up – please mind I don’t have a creator code (on purpose), so I can’t violate any terms and can basically write here everything I find and get as Supercell does not have any terms or contract with me 🙂

The news will get posted latest -> oldest, so you always see the latest news on top as soon as I can post them

Upcoming Major Update – Fall/Winter (Town Hall 15)

When will Town Hall 15 be released?

With all the announcements and leaks we already see, chances are very high we will have the Town Hall 15 Update with the October Update, but no final date or time frame was announced, yet.

What will TH15 bring?

A lot. Below I have all leaks that has been in some kind of form in content creator videos or other sources so it’s very reliable.

Let’s start with the look of Town Hall 15:

I personally really like the style a lot and this is how the new levels of Barracks etc. will look like:

I think that Supercell has done a real great job here.

Update! After all the leaks, Supercell has posted a trailer that will show the new buildings a few hours ago:

We will also get new defenses, the Monolith that deals percentage damage and is really effective against troops with a lot of health and the Spell Tower, so you can use Poison, Rage and Invisibly Spell on defense:

Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with any information about what the new buildings will be and what they do (because this image is all I have), but I’m pretty sure one will be a new defense.

We will get 4 new pets – The Poison Lizard (a quick attacking pet, great to deal with smaller troops approaching your heroes), the Phoenix (he can resurrect the hero when he dies), Frosty (can freeze defenses) and Diggy (antunneling tank):

A new troop and spell – the Revive Spell that will let you revive fallen troops (not heroes) and the new Electro Titan troop:

The Recall Spell will collect ALL troops within the radius (including the fallen ones) back so you can re-deploy them at once somewhere else. Useful to start attacks over so absolutely something to look out for.

And also a new Siege Machine will come, tunneling towards defenses and stun them:

I have no idea how the balancing should work with all the new defense and attacking things there are but I start getting really excited for the upcoming update.

NEW: here are the Town Hall 15 base layouts!

What’s next?

Well, I will keep you updated about TH15 here, for sure, and up to that make sure to upgrade your TH14 base and gather as much stuff to make a head start once you upgrade.

Speaking of bases… , I update my Town Hall layouts every 2 weeks now (War, Trophy and Farming) – so, if you’re in need of a fresh design for them as well check out my TH14 bases here, the TH13 bases here, find the TH12 bases here, my TH11 bases here and here are the TH10 bases. Also check out my Builder Base 9 layouts here, my Builder Base 8 layouts here, the Builder Base 7 ones are here and here are the Builder Base 6 layouts.

Clash Fest Scenery & Skins Leak

For the upcoming Clash Fest there will be a new scenery and also a new Barbarian King skin (Clash Fest King) that will be the main reward for the upcoming Clan Games:

clash fest scenery leak

Clan Games

Here are the leaked rewards for the upcoming Clan Games. As always, could change last minute but normally the source is quite reliable:

august clan games leak

10th Anniversary Event

Clash of Clans turns 10 years, what a time! I remember starting to play in like 2012 or 2013 and starting this website in 2014 as if it was yesterday.

Anyway, there’s a good bunch of events, freebies and more coming up and a lot of leaks available that I want to show you so you can plan the rewards.

August 8th – Bigger Sceneries?

Looks like the sceneries size has increased compared to the previous versions. It doesn’t seem to have any gameplay aspect and could be just for visual beauty (or buying incentive), but maybe this also means that we might see more features as the outside of the map got pretty packed with all the additions over the years…

August 8th – New Statues Leak

These new statues, called ‘Goblin King Tribute’ and ‘Eternal Flame’ just got leaked:

coc anniversary event statues

Looking pretty cool. Hard to tell how to get them and if they will pop up in the shop, be part of the Silver Pass or Gold Pass but as we know already they are not part of the 10 Years of Clash / 2022 Challenge Event going on right now. For me one of the coolest ever released, though.

August 5th – 2022 Challenge Walkthrough & Leaks

Here’s a video of the full 2022 Challenge, including walkthrough if you’re interested:

August 3rd – Upcoming Trader Freebies

Okay, either there are many fakes of the Trader Freebies going around or Supercell likes to switch things up to not let us guess what’s going on, but I found several alternative versions to the freebies below and I gues we’ll see what’s going to happen. I’m sorry for the confusion, but leaks are not confirmed predictions or release notes, so this can always happen…

August 2nd – Upcoming Trader Freebies

So, it looks like we’re getting one week of free items at the Trader so make sure to check in every day to not miss them. This leak here as going around:

So, we will get (please take this info with a grain of salt):

  1. Day 1 (August 2nd): 1x Builder Potion
  2. Day 2 (August 3rd): 2x Power Potion
  3. Day 3 (August 4th): 1x Shovel of Obstacle
  4. Day 4 (August 5th): 2x Hero Potion
  5. Day 5 (August 6th): 1x Book of Heroes
  6. Day 6 (August 7th): 1x Rune of Gold
  7. Day 7 (August 8th): 1x Book of Builder
  8. Until end of August: Special Anniversary Obstacle

August 1st – New Loading Screen & Scenery

The new loading screen got leaked and you can see the new skins for the heroes:

Yes, we will get a full new hero set of skins for the Anniversary:

As I heard, the Barbarian Skin will be free with Silver Pass in the Clan Games but the other skins will cost $4.99 each in the shop (yes, it’s true).

And, if you’re excited about the new Anniversary Scenery below, well, it’s not the one we get for free. The Anniversary Scenery will be available in the shop for $6.99 but there will be the Pixel Scenery that you can unlock in the 10 Years of Clash Event:

August 1st – New Scenery

Well, not absolutely unexpected but here’s a first leak of the upcoming 10th Anniversary Scenery:

You can click on the image for the full view. I wish I could tell you how to get it and if it will be free, but I’m afraid this is way too cool to be free.

July 30th – Party Champion Skin Leak

The new skin for August will be the Party Champion (see below). Well the leak is not that crazy since it will start basically tomorrow, but in terms of keeping this update ticker complete, here we go:


Past Updates will be shortened for reference or this article will load forever

Major Update – May 2022

One of the biggest updates ever, introducing the new Clan Capital. Please refer here to Clan Capital base layouts if you’re interested.

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