builder base upgrade guide for clash of clans

Builder Base Upgrade Guide

Many of you have started focusing on your Builder Base, so I think it’s a good idea to talk about the upgrade strategy, show you how to upgrade faster and what upgrades are necessary and useful.

Builder Base – General Mindset

Your Builder Base is not a replacement forΒ your Home Village. It’s an addition and you should start looking at it as a kind of mini-game inside Clash of Clans.

I know it feels weird in the beginning because your experience tells you that running a base in Clash of Clans requires some dedication. Your Builder Base works completely different, so you need to get used to the fact that in your Builder Base, you…

  • …won’t have to pay resources to train troops
  • …will not lose any resources when you get attacked or you’re idle
  • …attacking is basically free

These are the main things you have to keep in mind when thinking about your Builder Base and then you will see it as a nice, calm place instead of something that needs your constant attention.

maxed builder base clash of clans

Just do a couple of Versus Battles every day, collect from your Mines & Collectors and keep your Star Laboratory and your Builder busy, that’s it.

Now let’s talk about upgrading your Builder Base.

Upgrading Your Builder Base Quick

First of all, upgrading your Builder Base is something that you can do, you don’t need to. Your Builder Base is not deeply connected to your Home Village, but you will gain the ability to gear up your defenses in your Home Village.

Gear Up Items

Gearing up items means you will be able to use different modes on certain defenses – not that they will get more powerful when comparing the stats.

Gearing up your Cannon to a Double Cannon means it will be more powerful, but at a smaller attacking radius. However, this will give you some nice additional ways to customize and adapt your Home Village defensively.

To gear up a defense, you will need to unlock a certain defense in your Builder Base.

gear up cannon clash of clans

This will also affect more defenses in the future, so upgrading now is a good thing you can do for the future.

special upgrades clash of clans

Rushing Or Not?

A very important thing is the question about rushing. Should you wait and max out every Builder Hall Level before you upgrade the Builder Hall?

We all learned from our Town Hall, that rushing is something that will take revenge on you later. In your Builder Base, it’s different!

upgrade locked in clash of clans

First of all, the Builder Hall won’t let you upgrade before you build all the buildings for that level.

If you rush your Town Hall in your Home Village, you will face loot penalties against bases with lower Town Halls and lose a lot more resources on defense, because your base is simply not strong enough to hold up against an attacker with properly upgraded troops and Heroes.

These penalties don’t apply to your Builder Base, since you don’t lose any resources on defense and the loot you gain is based on your Trophy count.

Also, the matchmaking is based primarily on the amount of Trophies and you barely ever get outmatched. This will help you progress faster and unlock the gearing up for your Home Village faster.

Upgrade Priority

Due to the fact that you will need to adapt your troops all the time during attacks, you won’t have a favorite army – try to upgrade all your troops the same way.

I also recommend you upgrade your Storages and your Mines & Collectors as soon as possible! Every single piece of Gold and drop of Elixir counts and nobody can take it away once it’s in your Storages. The most frustrating thing that can happen is when your Storages are full and you can’t save the whole reward from a Versus Battle.

gem mine in clash of clans

I know it’s tempting to get the Gem Mine unlocked, but the 2.1 Gems you will get every day don’t even closely make up for the thousands of Gold and Elixir you might be missing out by not having your Mines & Collectors at the maximum possible level.

2 Gems are worth 300 Gold or Elixir, I think you can do the math from here πŸ™‚

Get Your Army Camps!

The first priority you should have is upgrading your Storages to have the ability to get enough Elixir to get all Army Camps available.

Each Army Camp will boost your attacking power a lotΒ and give you a huge advantage in Versus Battles, so make sure to have as many of them complete as available.

Don’t Upgrade Defenses While Attacking

In your Builder Base, you don’t have many defenses and every single one is extremely important to you. When you upgrade a defense during attacks it will not help defend and might give you a huge disadvantage.

This also appliesΒ if you buy a new defense like the Crusher, etc. It will not be available for defending, but you will most likely be matched against somebody who already has this defense up and running in his base.

Try to avoid building them while you’re doing your attacks, if possible. Of course, this is not always going to work when upgrade times get higher than 12 hours.

Upgrading Faster

I have 3 words for you – push, push, push! Even if you don’t get rewards because you already reached your daily cap doesn’t mean you shouldn’t complete more Versus Battles!

The higher you get, the more loot you will get. You can push to 1500+ Trophies easily as a BH3 and this will reward you 5 times what you would get if you stop pushing when your daily loot cap is reached!

higher rewards for versus battles in clash of clans

This will give you enough resources to keep your Builder & Lab busy the whole day until you can do more battles that grant you more loot.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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  1. How do i upgrade to buildes hall lvl 8? Gold wise, you need 2800000 but to get that much gold you need.. well, to upgrade to lvl 8 ….

  2. I have 6 question about builder base on my current position. 1: My battle machine is currently in level 11, You have told that, level 20 is only 20% stronger than level 10. So if I don’t upgrade him on my whole bh7 journey Does It affect anything to my aggresive attacking? 2: In next 10 days my cannon cart will be max out and 1-7 all troops will be max out then, my night witch and drop ship both level 1, So what should I max out; Night witch or Drop ship, What will help to become a aggresive attacker on next clashing journey. I personaly think drop ship. 3: What is best ground unit attacking strategy for max bh7? Does barbarian cannon cart(3 camp barbarian 2 camp cc) is the best option? My old fasion BomBarian getting too much trouble on max bh7 or anti barbarian bases around 4k trophy range. So What is the best ground unit option and air could be. 4: I recently ask you a question about resetting trophy range around 4k trophy range. You have told that It reset every month. So how this throphy reset syestem work? Is it reset to 4000 for every player who is around 4800/5600 or high-less. For example: a player reach 4500 before reset, So will he demoted to 4400 or 4000, what realy happend? 5: Does walls effect a lot on builder base, if I upgrade my builder hall without upgrading walls does it effect a lot on defending and which level wall is good. 6: I missed this guide for 5 months, I have max out my bh 5 even 6 wall to level 5 on lower trophy range, when I upgrade my BH to level6 bh7 arrived then I found this guide and decided to upgrade my bh to level 7 .So, how ever upgrade after maxing is totaly stupidity on builder base( If anyone say maxing is right on builder base tell him I expariance it) and painful. However, rushing was right then because new bh was announcing after 1/2 months. But what happened after announcing bh8? Then rushing will give pain like home village. Does maxing building and walls then will be the best option or rushing….Nobody ask like this important questions so I have to, I used to ask all my question to my teacher because without problem there is no solution. So why don’t you become our ‘Clash Teacher’. I suggest and request you a Idea what could make your wedsite to top #10 Clasing site. That is, “There will be a option on bottom name as ‘Clash Teacher’ where everyone ask there question and you give Idea/News about clash of clans.”Even SupErcEll reacieve fan ideas,I also give you a Idea.Don’t forget to answer Please…..Kindly Yours Musanna Burhan.

    • Ok let me help you out πŸ™‚
      Question 1: I mean you shouldn’t prioritize getting it to LVL 20 if you’re above LVL 10 – at some point you should/need to do it to keep up with the big guys and the 20% can win you matches but it’s something you can do later.
      Question 2: Go for Night Witch, Drop Ship is still a little guessing game and luck dependant
      Question 3: 1 Army Camp Bomber & 4 Army Camps Barbarians or Barbarians/Bomber/Cannon Cart are the two that work at BH7-> with maxed Night Witch/Minion you can destroy the Anti Barbarian bases easily
      Question 4: Everybody >4000 will get reset to 4000 πŸ™‚
      Question 5: Walls are not important at all, do them after you have done all other upgrades that charge Gold
      Question 6: Every new BH Level will give a great advantage (BH5 gives BM, BH7 additional Army Camp) that will boost your attacking power – you should still try to keep it balanced so going to BH8 with BH4 defenses is a bad idea, but having defenses LVL 5-6 when going to BH7 is ok πŸ™‚
      Hope this helps Chief πŸ™‚

      • Thank you for answering them all. That will help me a lot. Don’t forget to judge ‘Clash teacher’ idea. It is much more easier than answering via email or comment on another subject. But i personaly ask it for me. If you add this option i will ask you question everyday…he he he

  3. I focus on Builder Hall as opposed to main base, and my advice would be to not only Max everything before leveling up, but also that when you do level up max your existing defenses before adding on new ones. This is an unfavorable strategy but when you are in the 2400 range and just getting to bh6 like me adding on a level 1 defense such as a new crusher is just giving the enemy an extra 3-4% on his attack total.

  4. I have been in BH5 for almost over a month now playing arnd 2100 to 2200 trophy range all this time – I have rarely got an opponent who is a BH5. Almost always I end up getting BH6 with maxed defs, and now recently have started getting paired against BH7’s also. I suggest – rush – rush as hard as you can and upgrade once you reach BH7. Just keep the units you attack most with upgraded to their max. Otherwise there is no fun my friend, someone with superior army and base will keep on handing out defeats and disappointments to you!

    • Jap I’m afraid I have to agree…maxing is not popular at BB. Also, the extra army camp you get is extremely valuable to not get it by maxing out. Also every extra defense you can get is as valuable for defense as an extra level on an existing defense but only costs a small part of the upgrade

  5. I can’t upgrade new buildings because it says “All builders are busy!” “Complete the previous building and free up the Master Builder?” Then it says it will cost 994 gems. I am not building anything, and I can’t figure out what the problem is. Any ideas?

  6. Why is it that I can attack a base in vs and get 100% one time and attack the exact same base with same level everything using the same troop deployment as I did the first time yet I only get 65% or less.can someone please explain this.

    • The thing is that not just the deployment position is taken into account, also the smalles differences in timing lead to a defense targeting a little different and so much more that this happens.
      Use surgical deploying to respond to the situation that is coming and not only work down your Plan A πŸ™‚

  7. This battle system sucks, I am working through level 4 and every fight I get put against a much more advanced level 5 usually with the battle machine. How is this fair supercell? Can’t stay above 1800 trophies long enough to get the bonus, getting fed up with this new update already!

    • Agree. I am in the same position as you. The problem is that we have made the mistake of “properly” maxing out our bases while everyone else has just rushed onwards for the next lot of toys. Having stronger units (including walls and everything) doesn’t stack up against the next opponent who has OP next-level weapons. In our case, the advice above of “I have 3 words for you – push, push, push!” is wrong advice, as the wins are only one in several. The game is fast becoming a mockery of it’s old self. I suggest rushing the next base where hopefully the current upgrades might pay off more, giving your base a better core.

    • All things are only two simple parts;

      1. For your Attacks, first be patient and see the opponent map that have been offered you before starting your attack . Select efficient troops and find which sides of the map is better than other for starting.
      One thing is important , that you must not deploy all of your troops just in a place together .
      2. For your base,it is so important , number stars has been taken from your map ? even more than number of stars that you have gotten when attacking to your opponent base. It will gaurantee your win.

    • Jay you should be feeling lucky that you reached 1800 trophies, when I was a BH4, The highest I could go is 1600, not more than that. But if you want to go really higher, you ought to try Bdrag attacking strategy, It is worth it. Hope you will get benefited by it.πŸ‘

  8. i cant upgrade my builders base anymore nor can i upgrade my barracks. what should i do to upgrade my builders hall 5 to 6?

  9. Hello Tim, tanks for this guide !

    What is your advice concerning the second mine and elixir drill at bh5 ? If you forgot extra ressources by not adding them, you basically have two less building to defend which could be an upside during battle… I would be happy to know your advice on this.

    • You should build and upgrade them as soon as possible though. The resources you will make with them adds up a lot and it’s the only way to get them when you used your daily attack rewards.
      I’m at BH5 now and many opponents get like 30-40% only so winning is not that difficult that you need to mind the 2 extra buildings.
      You can also put them in the corners so many attackers don’t recognize them – wirks most of the times for me

    • There’s no way, you only have 1 Master Builder – Supercell made these limitation so they don’t had to raise the prices and building times to make a grind out of the Builder Base.
      Maybe they might add another builder but I don’t think they will make that soon :/

  10. I was leaning to rush for the next level base and your post helped confirming the same! Makes it easy when an experts opinion matches yours!!!

    Great post, thanks.

  11. I can’t upgrade my builder hall until I have my 3rd army camp but I didn’t upgrade my elixir storage- it says I need BH4. It won’t let me use gems to supplement my army camp purchase and when I try to upgrade elixir storage it says I need BH4. Help! I’m in a loop

  12. I have a doubt plz help me. Just now i started upgrading bh to 4. I am left with one 3 – win bonus but my elixir storage is full and everything is maxed out so if i will do my third attack my elixir will be wasted. So i wanted to know if i save my attack for 24 hour and do it after my bh constructed , will another daily win bonus would be available right after i do my third attack or i will have to wait another​ 22 hours. Plz help

    • Just like in your normal TH or the CR Daily chest, the challenge from the next day will start immediately after completing the first one.

    • Yes it will (as far as I can tell). The daily reset is (from what I dicovered) determined when you did the first of the 3 attacks, so saving it will give you a way smaller cooldown.
      I once had 4 hours cooldown after the 3rd attack when I did 2 attacks in the morning.

  13. Good post Tim, as usual, enjoying the new info and new update, don’t know if you remember but I was on a push to legend with my th10, greatly appreciate having builder base to pass time in my village while I wait for heroes to regen. Just wanted to add your builder hall could get matched against higher level halls if your higher in trophies. But it’s based on who’s available to attack as you hit search. And because supercell wanted to avoid clouds during vs battles it will be slightly mismatched at times. I’ve faced BH4 guys with my BH3 at around 1500 trophies quite a bit. But usually that person had bought needed defenses and hadn’t upgraded everything yet so it was still a fairly matched battle even though they had 4th army camp and I won most of those for getting 1 star and having a nice trap base for defense πŸ˜‰

    • Of course I remember πŸ™‚
      I think this will all sort out when people start pushing up in trophies (and there’s nothing to gain to stay in lower ranges). I think the whole mismatching will be gone in a couple weeks.
      If you then face someone with a much higher base, you can be sure he’s probably a bad player since he should be higher in trophies πŸ™‚

      • Yeah my builder base push is slower going and my main push with my th10 is almost at legend, about 150 cups out. Builder base I’m sitting at 1500 or so to complete my walls before going builder hall 4. I agree with your upgrade recommendation of 4th camp but everyone needs to keep in mind the storage needs to be upgraded to house the needed elixir for the fourth army camp.

      • You’re right, storages are also very important – nothings more frustrating that a versus battle that won’t give you any rewards because your storages are full

  14. I’ve been matched against people that had a crusher and I didn’t a lot of times. The same happened for the guard post and the air bombs.
    Since I have my 4th camp, I’ve met a lot of matchup that had only 3 camps.
    I don’t think the buildings you have matter in the matchmaking. Only your throphy count matters.
    I could be mistaking, but experience points towards that.

    • Interesting feedback – I will pay close attention how matchmaking for versus battles is made and if BH level and defenses is counted towards it. Hope to be able to share some results soon

  15. how works the matchmaking ? it’s depends of BH level ? troops level ? defenses level ?

    how can you do a guide without these answers ?

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