Builder Base Upgrade Guide

With the cap of resources and only one single Builder you can use in the Builder Base, it’s much more important to plan all the upgrades in a reasonable order.
I have here a lot of helpful information that should help you finding the best upgrade plan for your Builder Base.

Builder Base – General Mindset

Versus Battles don’t cost you any resources, neither in training troops nor by losing any loot that your opponent can take away from you.

On the other side, you’re limited to 3 victories per day that will give you Gold and Elixir that you can use to upgrade.

The most important thing is to be as high as possible in trophies in your Builder Base, because the higher you get, the more daily loot you can get from doing Versus Battles! I often see people doing Versus Battles when their Battle Machine is upgrading or they have a very important defense upgrading, like the Roaster or Giant Cannon.

This is not the smartest decision as this will cause them dropping a lot of trophies that will result in lower daily loot in the future because they have to climb back the ladder.

So here’s you upgrade strategy for these kind of upgrades that are elementary for your defensive or attacking action (Battle Machine, Roaster, Giant Cannon and Air Bombs):

  1. Start the upgrade AFTER you have reached your daily loot cap
  2. Sit out 2 days to save up an additional loot cap
  3. As soon as the upgrade is finished, push back to your original trophy count although your daily cap is reached

You can always gather an additional daily loot period when not using it:

In addition, you should ALWAYS use your Clock Tower Boost even if you don’t attack, as it will take a lot of time off the clock for your upgrades & lab research:

  • Builder Hall 3:  3.5 hours / day extra
  • Builder Hall 4:  4.2 hours/ day extra
  • Builder Hall 5:  4,9 hours / day extra
  • Builder Hall 6:  5,6 hours / day extra
  • Builder Hall 7:  6.3 hours / day extra
  • Builder Hall 8:  7.0 hours / day extra
  • Builder Hall 9:  7.7 hours / day extra

Now let’s talk about upgrading your Builder Base.

Upgrading Your Builder Base Quick

First of all, upgrading your Builder Base is something that you can do, you don’t need to. Your Builder Base is not deeply connected to your Home Village, but you will gain the ability to gear up your defenses in your Home Village.

To learn more about the gear-ups, please check out my article here that shows that they are not that strong as they might appear:

Rushing Or Not?

A very important thing is the question about rushing. Should you wait and max out every Builder Hall Level before you upgrade the Builder Hall?

We all learned from our Town Hall, that rushing is something that will take revenge on you later. In your Builder Base, it’s different!

First of all, the Builder Hall won’t let you upgrade before you build all the buildings for that level.

If you rush your Town Hall in your Home Village, you will face loot penalties against bases with lower Town Halls and lose a lot more resources on defense, because your base is simply not strong enough to hold up against an attacker with properly upgraded troops and Heroes.

These penalties don’t apply to your Builder Base, since you don’t lose any resources on defense and the loot you gain is based on your Trophy count.

Also, the matchmaking is based primarily on the amount of Trophies, so having a higher Builder Hall Level will give you the advantage of having more attacking power plus additional defenses that will result in more victories.

An additional Army Camp or defenses like the Giant Cannon will boost your power so much that there’s no reason to max out each Builder Hall Level.

I recommend going to the next Builder Hall Level as soon as you have all defenses to your current Builder Hall Level -1 (e.g. go to BH6 if you have all defenses at Level 4).

Upgrade Priority

With every new Builder Hall Level you will see a lot of new buildings available, so let me help you finding the best order to get them.

TOP PRIORITY: Get Your Army Camps!

The first priority you should have is upgrading your Storages to have the ability to get enough Elixir to get all Army Camps available.

Each Army Camp will boost your attacking power a lot and give you a huge advantage in Versus Battles, so make sure to have as many of them complete as available.

IMPORTANT: Build New Defenses!

New defenses are always better than upgrading for multiple reasons:

  1. You get the same damage boost for a lot less resources
  2. A lot shorter building time
  3. Adds more structures so every destroyed building in your base will give your opponent less percentage points

Here you can see the Archer Tower stats – for 12k Gold you get 35 DPS  and upgrading only boost by 4-5 DPS for a lot more resources.

Especially the strong unique defenses like Roaster, Giant Cannon, Mega Tesla will give your base a lot more defensive power.

Mines & Collectors

Mines & Collectors are cheap and fast to upgrade and the sooner you do it the higher your profit will be.

Every new level gives you up to 36k Gold or Elixir per day additionally – so that’s 1 million per month extra and will help you with upgrading your other buildings.

Combine Lab Upgrade

If possible, you should combine a lab upgrade with an ongoing troop upgrade.

It might now be something you can see, but if you start an lab upgrade when you have an ongoing troop upgrade going on it will both continue upgrading.

There are some additional days you can save by doing that 🙂

LOW: Clock Tower & Gem Mine Upgrade

It takes up to 68 days until a new level of Clock Tower returns the investment in time & resources, I have been writing this in my full guide about the boosts in Clash of Clans that you can read here.

So this is nothing you should focus on early at a new Builder Hall Level.

The same for the Gem Mine, the additional little amount of more Gems you get is simply not worth it.

By the way, if you always collect the Gems from your Gem Mine when available, you will lose a lot of Gems from it.

So if your Gem Mine did produce for let’s say 15 hours, so (if it’s lvl 1) it generated 1.3 Gems but you will collect only 1 gem from it. In this case the production got reset and you wasted 0.3 Gems (every day!) which will add up.

Defense Upgrade Priority

I always follow a basic rule when upgrading my defenses,depending what the defense can target and how much the damage depends on DPS.

As an example, a Cannon can only target ground units so the Archer Tower or Hidden Tesla is a better choice – the Giant Cannon overkills anyway so the Roaster is a better choice with the constant damage as it will deal more constantly.

Here’s my priority:

  1. Archer Tower
  2. Hidden Tesla
  3. Roaster
  4. Cannon / Firecracker
  5. Double Cannon
  6. Giant Cannon / Air Bombs / Mega Tesla / Mortar
  7. Traps

Here are by the way up to date base designs you can use (updated every 2 weeks):

Troop Upgrade Priority

Always upgrade the supporting troop first, as you can use them with multiple setups. You can combine Barbarians with Bomber, Giants, Cannon Carts etc.

The same with Minions as they work With Drop Ships, Night Witches or Baby Dragons.

The new troop available at a Builder Hall Level is something I always upgrade last – e.g. the Night Witch, Drop Ship or Super PEKKA are new troops and it takes a long time to mac them out and use them properly, so I always stick to the attacking combinations I used at the past Builder Hall Level and when I maxed them I start maxing out the new one.

  1. when should i upgrade the walls? at what level?
    And with the battle machine, what should I do?
    im BH lv 6


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