Clash of Clans Boosting Guide

clash of clans boosting guide

There are so many different kinds of boosts in Clash of Clans, but which ones are useful or worth it? In this guide here I have been taking a closer look to all boosts available and will show you what their net worth is for you and which one is worth the Gems (including magical items).

This article should help you with choosing the right potions in Clan Games and what you spend your Gems on as well.

This guide will, partially also help you to determine the value of the deals the Trader offers in the game – but I also wrapped up here what deals from the Trader are good deals and which ones aren’t:

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Important! Calculation of Gem prices:

When purchasing resources in the shop or skipping time with Gems, the costs are not the same but depend on the amount.

If you buy 10,000 Dark Elixir with Gems directly, it will cost you 600 Gems – but if you buy 200,000 Dark Elixir it costs 5,667 Gems -> so you see 20 times the amount of Dark Elixir costs less than 10 times as much so it’s half the price on top.

different gem costs clash of clans for boosting

The same with time, when you skip 1 day left of upgrading it costs you 260 Gems – skipping 14 days of upgrading with Gems costs only 1,863 Gems -> that’s just 133 Gems per day.

For calculating the value below, I used the amount when buying directly and the “best” price. Just remember that when you will read about the “best” price below 🙂

Army & Resource Boosting Guide

Before Supercell changed the training interface, which is a great feature, it was possible to boost single Barracks & Spell Factories. This was cheaper than having to boost all of them at once. Now you have to boost the Dark Barracks as well when you do not have Dark Elixir troops in your army.

Ok but enough of the sentimentality, let’s go talk about the army boost.

training multiple armies in clash of clans

When you use the “Boost Army”, you will have to pay 5 Gems for every Spell Factory and Barrack you have, so the cost depends on your Town Hall Level. For the calculation, I added the Heroes as well as it makes only little sense boosting your army without Heroes.

  • Town Hall 11: 55 Gems
  • Town Hall 9 &10: 50 Gems
  • Town Hall 8: 45 Gems
  • Town Hall 7: 35 Gems

Now you have 1 hour of pretty much non-stop attacking that will reward you a lot.

The value itself is already great, when you consider that instantly finishing an army will cost you about 200 Gems when being Town Hall 11 (50 Gems per Hero + 50 Gems for troops).

heal archer queen directly versus boosting

Look at your attack log and add the resources you got with the 5 raids in total and take a look how much these resources cost when using Gems directly:

  • 1,000,000 Gold/Elixir cost 600 Gems (300 Gems at “best” price)
  • 10,000 Dark Elixir cost 600 Gems (283 Gems at “best” price)

=> I think you will get multiple of that for only about 10% of the costs. The army boost is the best value you can get when using Gems in Clash of Clans.

Resource Boosting

Boosting your Mines, Drills & Collectors will, when you have upgraded them to the max level, reward you an extra of:

  • TH 10 & 11: 588k Gold & Elixir + 7,200 Dark Elixir
  • TH 9: 588k Gold & Elixir + 4,800 Dark Elixir
  • TH 8: 504k Gold & Elixir + 1,160 Dark Elixir
  • TH7:  432k Gold & Elixir + 1,080 Dark Elixir

If you would buy these resources directly in the shop you would have to pay:

  • TH 10 & 11: 1,218 Gems (“Best” price: 557 Gems)
  • TH 9: 1,092 Gems (“Best” price: 489 Gems)
  • TH 8: 809 Gems (“Best” price: 368 Gems)
  • TH7:  729 Gems (“Best” price: 320 Gems)

Now you can hold that against what the resource boost for 24 hours will cost for all collectors:

  • Town Hall 10 & 11: 230 Gems
  • Town Hall 9: 200 Gems
  • Town Hall 8: 180 Gems
  • Town Hall 7: 150 Gems

So in theory, there’s still a lot of value here, but when you see that you can get the above extra resources with 1-2 raids and that makes the resource boost, despite the good value compared to the original shop price, not a good investment for your Gems.

The only time when this is worth it is during the 1 Gem Boost Event around Christmas or Anniversary in August!

clash of clans 1 gem boost 2018

Clock Tower Boosting

In the Builder Base, the Clock Tower will boost everything every 8 hours but I have been digging deeper than the obvious into the numbers to help you with your Clock Tower as well.

I’m not taking a look primarily to the fact that you can do multiple attacks without waiting but more on the upgrade level and the reward you can get.

Clock Tower Boosting Guide Clash of Clans

You can use the Clock Tower every 8 hours and also if you don’t have attacks you want to make when you already got your daily rewards, the Clock Tower will give you an extra with every use:

Builder Hall 3: 35 minutes for building upgrade + 35 minutes for troop upgrade + 875 Gold & Elixir

Builder Hall 4: 42 minutes for building upgrade + 42 minutes for troop upgrade + 1,260 Gold & Elixir

Builder Hall 5: 49 minutes for building upgrade + 49 minutes for troop upgrade + 3,430 Gold & Elixir

Builder Hall 6: 56 minutes for building upgrade + 56 minutes for troop upgrade + 4,667 Gold & Elixir

Builder Hall 7: 63 minutes for building upgrade + 63 minutes for troop upgrade + 6,300 Gold & Elixir

Builder Hall 8: 70 minutes for building upgrade + 70 minutes for troop upgrade + 12,250 Gold & Elixir

So using the Clock Tower also when you don’t do attacks is important, as it will give you each day (3 uses):

  • 3x upgrade time; 3x lab time; 3x extra resource
  • Builder Hall 3:  3.5 hours + 2,650 Gold + 2,650 Elixir / day extra
  • Builder Hall 4:  4.2 hours + 3,780 Gold + 3,780 Elixir / day extra
  • Builder Hall 5:  4,9 hours + 10,290 Gold + 10,290 Elixir / day extra
  • Builder Hall 6:  5,6 hours + 14,000 Gold + 14,000 Elixir / day extra
  • Builder Hall 7:  6.3 hours + 18,900 Gold + 18,900 Elixir / day extra
  • Builder Hall 8:  7.0 hours + 36,750 Gold + 36,750 Elixir / day extra

So you see that using the Clock Tower as often as possible will give you nice extra resources plus take away a decent amount of upgrade time.

Now I’d like to take a look at the Clock Tower upgrades. Here you see how often you need to use the Clock Tower after you upgraded it to the next level until you catched up with the boost – e.g. when I upgrade it from Level 1 to Level 2, I will save 28 minutes instead of 21 minutes -> that’s 7 minutes more boost but 3 hours of upgrading time (3 hours = 180 minutes divided by 7 minutes additional boost makes 26 times).

  • Clock Tower Level 1: 6 times -> 2 days
  • Clock Tower Level 2: 26 times -> 9 days
  • Clock Tower Level 3: 35 times -> 12 days
  • Clock Tower Level 4: 52 times -> 17 days
  • Clock Tower Level 5: 69 times ->  23 days
  • Clock Tower Level 6: 86 times ->  29 days
  • Clock Tower Level 7: 103 times -> 34 days
  • Clock Tower Level 8: 206 times -> 68 days

*Please mind that this is not cumulated, it’s from level to level!

Why am I doing this? Pretty simple, I just want to show you that upgrading your Clock Tower should be something very low on your list. When you upgrade it from level 7 to Level 8, you will need to use it 206 times until the point where you got the same with your Level 8 Clock Tower compared to having not upgraded – that’s more than 2 months using it 3 times every day.

Get it to Level 3-4 and then use your resources to upgrade other stuff first 🙂

Skip Timer

One last thing is left, the skipping time until you can use the Clock Tower or the Daily Rewards again.

clash of clans daily rewards cap

Please don’t forget that this will only skip the time until the next time when it’s available, not give you an extra boost or reward possibility – using Gems here is ALWAYS a bad deal as you do not get anything extra and only skip some time – the next cooldown will be the same again.

In case you didn’t know, you can also save up 2 Daily Rewards – I have written here how the timer reset works:

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So we learned today here that buying Gems in the shop is a waste, resource boost is only worth it during 1 Gem Boost Event and you should always use the Clock Tower when the boost is available (even when you don’t do attacks during the boost).

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What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. I use the queen walk and miner to get DE at th11. It works great. The only issue is when you boost troops, it takes a while to heal heroes which is a lost of boost time. I have to wait 6min to get my heroes while my troops are ready

  2. Hello!
    What happens is, lot of people on the forums dont lnow about your guide. So, is it ok if i copy your work on the forum so everyone get it? I did 3 guides, and everyone found it helpful.
    so, i am waiting for your reply

    • Just don’t take my stuff and copy paste it 1:1 somewhere else, put your name on top of it and don’t even include a source link.
      Also telling that I helped you is something different than copy-pasting it… hope you understand that when putting yourself into my position 😉
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  3. This game is becoming more boring. Just gems and gems and nothing to help the player. Not fixing clouds nothing and on BB are so many bug’s and nobody is doing nothing. Really Cox is going down and fast.

    This is my personal opinion

    • Disagree… with clan games the players are more active frequently than ever before and all the extra free stuff helps so much maxing out faster.
      Hopefully clouds will get fixed after the huge summer update

  4. Hey timmy i need your favour … Pls pass my msg to DARIAN.. pls pls … We are facing problem last 2 mnths in clan war mis matching. We have all proper bases in my clan no rush.. nd 2 th10.5 without eagle artillery.
    Everytime we search clan war we always get wrong opponent or too many rushed nd engineer bases .. we are really disappointed .we loose more than a 20 war bcz of mis matching . nd i alrdy loose some worthy member bcz of wrong war mis matching.. pls help us nd let the DARIAN knw abt our situation … nd if u hv some suggestion for me pls let me knw .. i hope u help us..MY CLAN CODE #LYPJQGVV

  5. Timmy
    What are the next update but new update in clash of clans third village and town hall 12 what about you feel say

  6. Clock tower upgrade for me is “priceless” because I just want to get all 3 of my victories in in one shot and the extra time usually makes that happen unless I go on a big losing streak. So I have mine maxed. May have been a waste game wise but since I hate waiting it’s worth it.

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