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BH4 Base Layouts – Builder Base 4 Designs

If you look for a fresh and well-working base layout for your Builder Hall 4 base you’re in the perfect place.

I do frequently test, build and review base layouts for Builder Hall 4 and give them here ready for you so you can directly copy them without testing or building them yourself

I really hate those sites or videos showing you dozens of bases they copied somewhere without making any deeper explanation why they work so for this reason you will only find bases here that I have tested myself.

Bases here are updated every month so check back here to get the latest base layouts 🙂

Best BH4 Base Designs

Without wasting any more time, here are the bases:

September 14th, 2020

bh4 base september 14th 2020
0 %
Base Strength

August 18th, 2020

bh4 base august 18th 2020
0 %
Base Strength

July 25th, 2020

0 %
Base Strength

June 24th, 2020

bh4 base june 24th 2020
0 %
Base Strength

May 25th, 2020

bh4 base may 25th 2020
0 %
Base Strength

This new base layout for Builder Hall 4 is insanely effective with the setup of the Crusher as well as the other defenses and the walls funneling troops right into the traps.

Also important here is that the whole base is covered by Archer Towers and Cannon so mass Archer attackers will waste a lot of time and not get anywhere near a 2-Star. Very nice pick.

March 5th, 2020

0 %
Base Strength

This base here is my latest favorite and work quite effective at Builder Hall 4, unless you get attacker by a higher Builder Hall player but then you will not have any chances to defend, no matter what base layout you use.

But let’s get back to this base here which works quite well against the popular attacking strategies we see today at BH4 with a very solid trap setup that leads as many troops into the trap as possible.

Also attackers with mass Archers are forced to make the Archers walk longer paths once the perimeter buildings are cleared and this will eat time off the clock and make the cloaking less effective.

January 1st, 2020

bh4 base january 1st 2020
0 %
Base Strength

Let’s start the new year right with a fresh base design for your Builder Hall 4 base 🙂 If you look in the gallery above you can see some replays how well this base holds up against attacks with Archers, Barbarians and also air attacks with Minions at BH4.

The outside ring keeps those troops busy for some time and the walls force them to walk longer ways – this has the advantage to eat time off the clock but also give defenses more time to get attacking troops down while minimizing the special ability duration of the troops. Works really nice.

August 2nd, 2019

0 %
Base Strength

This BH4 base layout gives the attacker a hard time guessing the trap positions right and either forces him to risk losing a big bunch of troops or test deploy single troops that cost him troops that are wasted and also costs time to do.

The nice thing is, the traps on the inside can’t be avoided anyway so he will waste potential anyway.

The first line of defenses will group up the attacking troops and then they will trigger the traps and suffer the highest damage possible and there’s nothing the attacker can do against it.

July 1st, 2019

bh4 base july 1st 2019
0 %
Base Strength

This base here is a classic and it still works really well because it forces the attacker to go through the Crusher and there’s no way to do that without sacrificing a ton of troops, especially when attacking with Barbarians.

The best approaches against this base is sniping with Archers but this will barely get the 2-Star so you can easily get the victory of the Versus Battle by doing a proper attack yourself 🙂

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Hari Prasad

Nice base but they are using wall breaker and earning ????????

shubham sirsat

Nice work Tim i have been following allclash for 6 months now i keep using your strategies they really help me.


The double wall designs fail against bombers . 2 bombers and rest giants and archers are able to do a good 2 star attack on these kind of bases.


I used your personal base and the first attack i performed i got 3 starred with barbs and archers



Sai dinesh

Nice but it has to improve


I am a fresh bh4 and my trophy is 1400 is it good? i have 3 army camp and my archer is6 and my giant is 4


You should upgrade your giants to level 8 as soon as possible and push trophies to 2000, means a lot more loot from rewards 🙂


Hi! I would really like an article about dos and don’ts in designing builder bases; or if there is one already, can you refer me to it? thanks.


you are wrong in your one design you said no one can get more than 60% and 1-star in around 2000 trophies but someone got 80% with 2 star and at just 1400 trophies ????????


it doesn’t happened just once but happened many time


you r ryt


I use all minions and they do pretty much good on most bases they get me 2 stars.


Made my own base haven’t gotten 1 star on me yet!! Go to the clan “kingsofparadise” it’s the lvl 5 clan, I’m the first devinjm3 you will see


Can’t find you Devin. Where are you now? Or what is your code so I can find u directly? Traci


hey on daves base i cant find the third mine, where is it or where should i put it?


So weak


is map very good