BH5 Base Layouts – Builder Base 5 Designs

bh5 base layouts for builder hall 5 in clash of clans

Base Design matters a lot in Versus Battles – it is responsible for half of your success and no matter how good you are at attacking, if your base gets constantly wrecked you won’t be able to get into the higher Trophy Ranges where the loot is good. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for BH5 and will also update them constantly.

One thing before we start, if you use a base you find on the internet you should always try to change it a little bit. Here’s a short guide how to do it:

Using Internet Base Layouts Best
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Builder Hall 5 Base Layouts

Before I show you the best defensive Builder Hall 5 Base Designs, I also want to recommend some articles about the Builder Base that you should read as well:

Builder Base Upgrade Guide
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These two guides will help you beat BH5 completely without any problems 🙂

Thanks to Scorpion Von Gaming for providing these base designs, I highly recommend following his channel on Youtube for awesome base layouts! You can check it out here.

Anti 2-Star Builder Hall 5 Base Design

This base is designed to protect the Builder Hall at any costs. The ring on the back makes it impossible to get in there without heavy incest (Baby Dragons will have a hard time against Air Bomb). From the front side of the base, the attacker will have a hard time against the traps and the Crusher with the Multi Mortar shooting all the time.

anti 2 star base layout for builder hall 5 base design

You can check out some replays to this base here.

Anti 3-Star Base Layout BH5

This base has a great feature that most attackers don’t have in mind when attacking. They will break through the wall on the back and think the Builder Hall is an easy target.

anti 3 star base layout for builder hall 5 coc

They forget that Giants will then start walking around the base to the front instead of hitting the walls for the inside compartment.

You can check out the defensive replays for this base here.

Builder Hall 5 Base – The Ring

Here’s another base layout I really like a lot – it’s centered structure makes it extremely hard to go for the Builder Hall.

best builder hall 5 defensive base layout

The outside structures with the intersections make funneling a real nightmare and all the strong defenses are on the inside – the only attack you’ll probably see is sniping Archers getting to around 50% 1 Star attack that will make you win often times by just getting a high percentage or 2-Star yourself 🙂

Anti-Baby Dragon BH5 layout

Baby Dragons are extremely popular at Builder Hall 5, so this base design will shut them down. You have 2 deadly zones for them – one around the Air Bomb with the deadly Archer Towers on power mode and the other one with the two Firecrackers at the Crusher area.

Both zones are far away from each other, so breaking one of them will still mean that the other one will stand up and prevent anything close to 3-Star.

Most attacker go full speed against the Air Bomb and hope to get the Builder Hall, but they will need to incest all of their Baby Dragons for that because the Hidden Tesla at max level will also deal a solid damge along witht he Archer Towers 🙂

BH5 Layout With Trap Surprise

This layout is sneaky, but the Builder Hall baits all ground attack to come from the left side and they will all walk into the traps – suddenly half of the army is gone.

You can check out several replays of this base defending here.

bh5 trap base layout coc

The general structure is impossible to crack and I haven’t seen this base getting 3-Stared so far as troops will go around so much and it’s hard to funnel them into the core area.



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  1. i actually attacked that first base and got 2 stars on it by bomber at the top and putting my giants and battle machine b4 barbs to get to the core

  2. All of them are easy 2* with bombers. Except the first one.

    The first needs to be attacked at 10-11 oclock with one giant, then two bombers to open. Another giant, a few archers. Another giant. Then when the center is open by bombers, all in with giants archers and hero. Should be around 65-80% with two stars with troops :

    Archers : 10
    Giants : 8
    Bombers : 1
    Hero : 1

    I higly recommend the first as nearly no one know how to attack this. Usually ending with 30-55% and only 1 star max.

    And one more thing : If you are under 3000 on the 19th of June, never, ever put your bombs in air mode. Never. Baby dragons are not seen enough to bother for them.

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