AFK Arena Furniture Tier & Priority List (October 2023)

afk arena furniture tier list and priority 2022

The Oak Inn offers a way to give your heroes additional individual bonuses that you can unlock via furniture. Mythic furniture for individual heroes can unlock special abilities that can be either really helpful or not that helpful.

In this guide, I want to give you some tips how you can handle your furniture well and also, of course, what furniture you should prioritize to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Getting Coins

Poe Coins are the currency to pull furniture, similar to scrolls when pulling hero cards. Each furniture item costs 300 Coins and you can also pull 10x at once for 3,000 Coins. While there’s no specific advantage to pulling 10x at once, it’s a lot more convenient.

The most efficient ways to get Coins is via the AFK Reward when you’re offline and also through several rewards in events.

You will also find 200 Coins in the shop every day for 100K Gold, that’s something you really should buy every day as getting furniture is a looooooong road to go.

Furniture Wishlist

There’s also a wishlist for furniture similar to heroes and you can put heroes on that wishlist as soon as you have them ascended to mythic – this means you can already get furniture for them prior to getting them in the Oak Inn. Something you should really consider for heroes below that are in the 1st priority in the wishlist!

Furniture Tier List

Before we get into the priority we recommend here please read this to make sure you get the important order for you right:

  • Priority means how early/late you will need it. Some heroes will not be too viable before th end-game and some heroes that will carry you a long time will become quite less viable later but having their furniture will help you carry through mid-game content
  • Low priority doesn’t mean they are bad, it just means you should not actively get furniture items to complete their recommended sets actively – if you pull them and get sets, that’s great
  • If you don’t have a hero in a given priority, simply skip it
  • Please also check out the frequently updated list of active gift codes in AFK Arena here. This will give you important insights what end-game modes your heroes will be useful in


  • Carry Heroes

    If you're using one of those heroes currently as your main carry or haven't built them so far you should invest here. If you have replaced them already, ignore them in terms of the overall priority.

  • Scarlet9/9
    Scarlet's both furniture bonuses are insane with Scarlet! Her 3/9 will give her 50% more ultimate skill damage with every use permanently for up to 250% boost. This already is insane but the extra strikes she will get from the full 9/9 bonus is just insane and will make her snowball a lot crazier than you can imagine.Best Scarlet Build
  • Lucretia9/9
    Lucretia's 3/9 bonus will make her cheese more consistently by slowing down enemy ultimate. I'd build 9/9 mainly for stats if you use Lucretia a lot.Best Lucretia Build
  • Ainz Ooal Gown9/9
    Ainz Ooal Gown has, next to Alna, probably the strongest furniture set. Makes his passive get close to his ultimate ability and makes him a beast, simply crazy and mandatory to get if you want to run him (what you absolutely should).Best Ainz Ooal Gown Build
  • Saurus9/9
    Saurus damage mitigation is nice and a tough spot. i'd recommend it for running Saurus in Guild Hunt but for normal team setups more an optional thing.Best Saurus Build
  • Talene-/9
    Talene Not a game-changer but will improve her overall damage and healing so a good spot to get furniture. Not that important hero anymore so not a clear recommendation plus she will carry mid-game towards end-game and you should rather wishlist other heroes for furniture and you'll probably pick up her furniture on the way anyways...Best Talene Build
  • Shemira-/9
    Shemira falls off in the end-game meta and guaranteeing her ultimate with full energy won't change that at all. Theoretically useful in lower campaign but nothing to invest in.Best Shemira Build
  • Albedo3/9
    Albedo's 3/9 furniture bonus is alright to get and mitigate full damage and might protect your carry hero in the right spots. The 9/9 is basically useless as Albedo doesn't deal much damage so the healing percentage is nothing that you will recognize.Best Albedo Build
  • Arthur3/9
    Arthur Saving one ally from fatal damage is absolutely useful here and there and normally happens often enough to make it worth getting. The shield from 9/9 is useless when putting into perspective of the invest.Best Arthur Build
  • Daimon3/9
    Daimon's 3/9 furniture bonus is amazing and will debuff any enemy that dealt damage to Daimon. His 9/9, though, is rather weak with only an extended timer and the death shield is obsolete as Daimon is the win-condition hero and should never die.Best Daimon Build
  • Elija & Lailah (Twins)3/9
    Elija & Lailah (Celestial Twins) gain a lot of survivability with the 3/9 so with this low invest a no-brainer to get. The full bonus is a good buff but doesn't qualify the high invest for the extra furniture parts in my opinion.Best Elija & Lailah (Twins) Build
  • Grezhul9/9
    Grezhul's furniture bonus is absolutely worth getting 9/9 furniture here! It will add shields to the skeletons and also make them explode, will drain so much energy from enemies that can barely believe it.Best Grezhul Build
  • Kren9/9
    Kren's furnite is a tough spot, invest vs benefit... 3/9 brings okay protection and will become better crowd control at 9/9 which will help him stay alive. Actually not a make or break in most battles so optional for me and his scaling damage is what you're after later in the game so not a invest to overly prioritize early on.Best Kren Build
  • Mishka9/9
    Mishka will get really rolling when she gets her energy recovered from every wolf that dies and she'll become stronger and stronger in the overall meta so this is an investment to not neglect.Best Mishka Build
  • Raku9/9
    Raku's 3/9 will apply a buff to himself if hitting enemies he already adds control effects and makes him deal a good amount of more damage. The full set makes him basically double-ult if needed.Best Raku Build
  • Rowan9/9
    Rowan's healing over time isn't that strong actually but he is super versatile and it adds extra healing and you use him in so many teams making this actually useful to get. So, his furniture bonus is weak but by usage it's still something you should get and as he should be one of the first ascended heroes you have in AFK Arena also the first to get the furniture set for.Best Rowan Build
  • Silas9/9
    Silas' furniture offers great attack damage and speed buff and will boost the heroes around him a lot and give them an incredible boost.Best Silas Build
  • Thoran9/9
  • Awakened Heroes

    Awakened Heroes require 9/9 furniture set to unlock all abilities - if you're using and building them, their 9/9 should be a high priority. If not, skip them.

  • Awakened Belinda9/9
    You need the full set to unlock her skills.Best Awakened Belinda Build
  • Awakened Solise9/9
    It's mandatory to get their full skills unlocked so investing on the one(s) you build is also a priority at this point. This is not in any specific order, if you run them you need their furniture to unlock their full skills.Best Awakened Solise Build
  • Awakened Baden9/9
    It's mandatory to get his full skills unlocked so investing on the one(s) you build is also a priority at this point. Best Awakened Baden Build
  • Awakened Athalia9/9
    It's mandatory to get their full skills unlocked so investing on the one(s) you build is also a priority at this point. This is not in any specific order, if you run them you need their furniture to unlock their full skills.Best Awakened Athalia Build
  • Awakened Safiya9/9
    It's mandatory to get his full skills unlocked so investing on the one(s) you build is also a priority at this point. Best Awakened Safiya Build
  • Maetria3/9
    Getting the additional revives is absolutely great to get, but to run her well already, you can also 'just' get her 3-item furniture bonus. In the long run you still want to max her furniture set out.Best Maetria Build
  • Awakened Brutus9/9
    It's mandatory to get their full skills unlocked so investing on the one(s) you build is also a priority at this point. This is not in any specific order, if you run them you need their furniture to unlock their full skills.Best Awakened Brutus Build
  • Awakened Lyca9/9
    It's mandatory to get her full skills unlocked so investing on the one(s) you build is also a priority at this point. This is not in any specific order, if you run them you need their furniture to unlock their full skills.Best Awakened Lyca Build
  • Awakened Thane9/9
    It's mandatory to get their full skills unlocked so investing on the one(s) you build is also a priority at this point. This is not in any specific order, if you run them you need their furniture to unlock their full skills.Best Awakened Thane Build
  • Awakened Talene9/9
    It's mandatory to get her skills unlocked so you need to get the full set.Best Awakened Talene Build
  • Awakened Ezizh9/9
    To unlock all skills, this is a mandatory investmentBest Awakened Ezizh Build
  • High Prio

    These heroes are important for the end-game and carry you there in one or multiple important game modes - they should be your highest priority after the Awakened hero(es) you're working on.

  • Mortas-/9
    Mortas furniture is disappointing and unless you're an avid user you should not see yourself in the position to get it as it will only improve his stats. If you do (and there's cases to), the investment will be something to have on the list.Best Mortas Build
  • Palmer9/9
    Palmer's role is primarily being in boss teams, better said, in the top boss teams and the extra little percentage you get with him doesn't justify the invest for most players... remember, he will not be useful in end-game campaign, just Twister/Cursed Realm!Best Palmer Build
  • Rem9/9
    Her Furniture Set with 9/9 is really required to make her help cheat death and provide solid support for your team.Best Rem Build
  • Nevanthi3/9
    Nevanthi will get percentage damage on max health, which is great and the great addition for the low investment of 3 furniture pieces is absolutely worth it. The full set is nice-to-have but only mandatory to get if PvP or Cursed Realm are you primary goals with her.Best Nevanthi Build
  • Oden9/9
    Oden's 80% energy reduction of the 3/9 furniture set is insane while the full furniture will apply that effect consistently. If you use Oden, I would take both actually.Best Oden Build
  • End-Game

    Important heroes you will need in the end-game and heroes to perspectively work on their furniture sets as recommended.

  • Ezizh9/9
    Ezizh can survive long enough and is more than energy generation for your team worth the invest, overall only for those using him really often in the right setups (slow teams).Best Ezizh Build
  • Daemia9/9
    Getting her 9/9 furniture set skill is a huge improvement to set her Torrid Wind active at the beginning of a battle that you really need it to make her work reliably overallBest Daemia Build
  • Haelus9/9
    Haelus' full furniture bonus is worth it because it will prevent that the cubes disappear. The damage is also fine. I think the investment is a little high but fair payoff if you do it.Best Haelus Build
  • Ivan9/9
    Looking at what game modes you will use Ivan and the whole setup and kit, his full furniture set is mandatory to run him. You might get away with 3/9 but that is so much coming together and as he is a hero for the end-game modes so do the invest and you have a hero that will be able to buy you quite some time.Best Ivan Build
  • Tamrus9/9
    You need the full set as it is well-needed to unlock Tamrus full potential but no furniture is needed as minimal invest as you will use him as enabler and that doesn't require to build him that much.Best Tamrus Build
  • Veithael9/9
    Veithael has great bonus in his furniture, the 3/9 bonus basically extends his main passive skill but taking it to the full 9/9 is just reasonable as it will keep it going for the full duration of the battle effectively.Best Veithael Build
  • Liberta9/9
    Liberta lievs a lot from the benefits you get from her furniture so Restore Order gets the cooldown removed after Ultimate is crucial and the full furniture bonus adds better ratio to a vital ability so getting it is almost mandatory to run him towrads end-gameBest Liberta Build
  • Lucilla9/9
    Lucilla getting her silhouette every time taking damage with using Full Moon is a huge benefit and make her kit rol a lot smoother overall.Best Lucilla Build
  • Anasta9/9
    Anasta Adding the Brawler's protection is useful for Mauler Tower in later stages and contribute to her kit well.Best Anasta Build
  • Naroko9/9
    Unfortunately you will need her Furniture 9/9 to really use her wellBest Naroko Build
  • Zolrath9/9
    Zolrath denying enemies with the 3/9 is something to get and great investment for 3 furniture pieces. The 9/9 requires Zolrath survive past 65 seconds of the reset so not that great investment.Best Zolrath Build
  • Skriath3/9
    Skriath The 3/9 makes is super strong for PvE pulling and grouping 5 enemies, his 9/9 furniture bonus won't contribute any value.Best Skriath Build
  • Khazard3/9
    Khazard with the 3/9 furniture bonus, you will increase his survivability by a lot, the 9/9 is only useful for setting timing right sometimes but won't change that much so I wouldn't recommend investing in it.Best Khazard Build
  • Lyca9/9
  • Rosaline3/9
    Rosaline will not have that much of an impact but as she will have her role in end-game setups and fills well situational, getting a small benefit is still something to consider.Best Rosaline Build
  • Additions

    These heroes are not mandatory but enhance your end-game setups and should be on your expanded priority list after you finished to get the High/End Prio heroes you have done. As you probably might not have all heroes above ready for furniture you can also dip in here to pick ones in the meantime if they are close to unlock a 3/9 or 9/9 set bonus

  • Emilia9/9
    Get her full furniture set but at least unlock the 3/9 furniture bonus as minimum to run her properly.Best Emilia Build
  • Joan of Arc3/9
    Joan of Arc Her instant ultimate when reaching the enemy backline will give her a lot more utility, but she's not too viable towards end-game right now.Best Joan of Arc Build
  • Estrilda3/9
    Estrilda I actually like the 3/9 bonus but the use-case is really niche. 9/9 is the same but the investment is in a relation that makes no sense.Best Estrilda Build
  • Olgath9/9
    Full furniture to gain the fully loaded at the beginning of the battle makes such a huge difference that you need it, only that way you will be able to see Plgath perform well.Best Olgath Build
  • Canisa & Ruke9/9
    Canisa & Ruke's furnite gives nice additions, although not a great game-changer it will contribute well to the kit and as you will use them well in Faction Tower later in the game, an invest worth the while.Best Canisa & Ruke Build
  • Mulan3/9
    Nice ally buffing but you don't need to go all-in to make her work overall, it's just a nice additional bonus that you will appreciate but nothing Mulan relies on to work the way she is intended to work.Best Mulan Build
  • Lorsan-/9
    Lorsan's furniture requires long fights but Lorsan isn't designed for long fights where his shield breaks. Shielding all allies won't change anything so wouldn't go for it.Best Lorsan Build
  • Leonardo da Vinci3/9
    Leonardo da Vinci's 3/9 furniture set will make him generate 10 additional energy every second. Flat. That's amazing if you run him. The full furniture can be nice when combined in the right team but nothing that is that strong compared to the 3/9 bonus.Best Leonardo da Vinci Build
  • Orthros9/9
    Orthros' furniture is effective picks if you have Orthros surviving and get his ultimate going more than once. Squishy but strong and if you set your Orthos into action right a beast, but that's not for every player.Best Orthros Build
  • Edwin3/9
    Don't get me wrong, the 9-set furniture effect is cool, but as you don't use Edwin much outside Abyss and Cursed Realm and there this is not really working much so take the low-hanging fruit with the 3-set furniture bonus and you're good to go.Best Edwin Build
  • Zaphrael9/9
    Zaphrael full furniture set will improve the disruption and survivability of Zaphrael so using him frequently makes the 9/9 a good choice.Best Zaphrael Build
  • Antandra9/9
    Antandra gets strong damage mitigation at 3/9 and the 9/9 can be crazy powerful but has a high requirement to trigger as well.Best Antandra Build
  • Astar9/9
    Astar's furniture set will keep her flame seeds active on enemies and also helps spreading them more. One can discuss if the 9/9 should be recommended but I feel how her kit works and you use her frequently it's worth the investment...Best Astar Build
  • Eorin9/9
    Eorin. Just a furniture kit that goes so well, ramping up the burst damage capabilities and overall damage output of Eorin that you should invest if you're running him, campaign or just for Faction Tower.Best Eorin Build
  • Hodgkin9/9
    Hodgkin Both his furniture bonus are on point. The 3/9 will make his debuff permanent after using his ultimate and the 9/9 will make the enemy debuff stronger and also add damage every time he ultimate again which compliments Hodgkin's overall mechanics very well.Best Hodgkin Build
  • Merlin9/9
    Merlin's both furnite items make Merlin better in foreseeing damage and preventing it. His 9/9 bonus is helpful to prevent fatal ultimate early into battle and is not 100% necessary overall but really helpful if you have it.Best Merlin Build
  • Jerome9/9
    Great buffer and useful against almost all bosses but needs the investment at the top-notch scale but if you made it to this point this is a good invest here.Best Jerome Build
  • Raine3/9
    Raine's 3/9 is super strong, with a 30% damage boost even when Raine dies. Get it, use it on Guild Hunting. The 9/9 isn't necessary for most situations.Best Raine Build
  • Nice To Have

    These heroes are not high in priority but if you have their furniture sets close by random you can fill them up.

  • Skreg9/9
    Skreg Really powerful increase damage output and reducing incoming damage as well as funneling energy. Limited in teams where it becomes a beast but if used right worth the invest for sure.Best Skreg Build
  • Yennefer9/9
    Yennefer needs more than the additional frost attack from the 3/9 furniture set, you need to keep her alive as much as possible if you want to run her end-game so get the full set.Best Yennefer Build
  • Athalia3/9
    Athalia A good choice if you use Athalia frequently and have her +30 Signature Item. Increases survivability from dashes and applies bleeding.Best Athalia Build
  • Framton9/9
    Both set bonuses keep the Framton-train rolling much more reliable and make him cycle through skills faster and better so absolutely worth the invest.Best Framton Build
  • Ferael9/9
    Ferael's furnite is a no-brainer. Haste reduction, stuns and with the full set you can basically lock down a frontline target while casting skill rotation. Super strong and useful and a clear invest but not that early in AFK Arena as he will become more important for niche role later in the game.Best Ferael Build
  • Sonja-/9
    Sonja... Actually contributes to her kit, but that overall kit is so bad that I simply can't recommend any investment!Best Sonja Build
  • Trishea9/9
    Her furniture set bonus is vital for the way her kits works and getting her full 9/9 is really important to get her rollingBest Trishea Build
  • Audrae9/9
    Audrae's furniture contributes well to her kit. I would call the 9/9 optional but it will add more damage and if you use her this will be something you need to get as well.Best Audrae Build
  • Morael9/9
    Morael's 3/9 bonus is practically useless without having her full 9/9 furniture bonus where you drag in all enemies into her cosmic field.Best Morael Build
  • Geralt-/9
    Geralt is not horrible, but he's simply not useful for late-game or end-game in AFK Arena so investing specifically in his furniture through the wishlist is a waste.Best Geralt Build
  • Ginneas9/9
    The absolute minimum investment in terms of furniture for Ginneas is the 3/9 furniture bonus for the extra stacks, but as he is more a further-down-the-road hero for Faction Tower, 9/9 is actually required to make him work wellBest Ginneas Build
  • Warek-/9
    Warek 3/9 has the attack bonus on grouped enemies and 9/9 prevents missing. He's a single-target damage dealer, if even considered damage dealer, so this won't improve him at all.Best Warek Build
  • Crassio9/9
    The full furniture set is really helpful as you basically can make one ally survive a fatal blow and if that will not keep him alive, Crassio get his consumed health back. A very helpful ability to run.+Best Crassio Build
  • Salaki9/9
    Salaki is also a hero that will only be really useful for Faction Tower so no early invest! His furniture is, however, a great contribution to his kit, removing control effects (3/9) and even neglecting damage with his passive skill (9/9).Best Salaki Build
  • Tarnos-/9
    Tarnos furniture perks work and make him more sustain but his overall mechanics make him good as long as level deficits won't get too high - but that's where you need the furniture actually and he will die before he can make use of it. So nothing I can recommend right now for normal players - but as he is a whalte PvP hero you should invest completely all-inn if you do competitive PvPBest Tarnos Build
  • Flora3/9
    Flora plain boost in stats so absolutely fine. I think the invest for 9/9 furnite is a little much for the boost you get but the 3/9 is absolutely fine to get.Best Flora Build
  • Treznor9/9
    Treznor has a good kit. The 3/9 furniture bonus prevents Treznor to get squeezed below 25% until his ultimate will help. The full set will give him a nice boost in energy generation that is worth the invest.Best Treznor Build
  • Baden9/9
    Baden's Healing clones is useless because they normally die instantly when hit but his immunity of the full bonus is actually nice to prevent fatal damage in the right setups. Still not worth the investment.Best Baden Build
  • Safiya-/9
    Safiya Not useful because won't apply. Extending the pyramid (3/9) won't trigger as most battles are over before it even ends. The 9/9 increases her ultimate charge but is only useful in really fast team setups.Best Safiya Build
  • Vyloris9/9
    Vyloris has one of the strongest furniture kits of all heroes. Will give her that healing and insane shield boost and make her so durable against all heroes that use summons.Best Vyloris Build
  • Drez-/9
    Drez Both bonus are solid but often won't come in until Drez already had the win condition and the fight is already over. You'll pick up the 3/9 on the way but don't put him on the wishlist.Best Drez Build
  • Fane9/9
    Fane The triggering conditions for the 3/9 bonus is pretty hard to catch and the bonus not that outstanding to make it worth it. Only invest at all if you plan to go for the full 9/9 bonus.Best Fane Build
  • Kalene9/9
    Kalene Having 2 sacrifices is a good boost to her and if you're earlier in the game an investment you will not regret. She's no end-game hero to run but that can still pay off until you get to invest into the meta end-game heroes.Best Kalene Build
  • Hendrik-/9
    Hendrik's placement and defense buff are okay but overall too niche to really invest here.Best Hendrik Build
  • Numisu9/9
    Numisu's 3/9 furniture bonus doesn't have practical use as totems are normally one-shot removed but the 9/9 healing is quite helpful but Only worth it if you go with full Signature Item as well (which I don't necessarily recommend for most players).Best Numisu Build
  • Cecilia9/9
    Cecilia's 3/9 add stacks that you can only benefit from when you have her 9/9 bonus to double ultimate. High investment for it.Best Cecilia Build
  • Isabella9/9
    Isabella Double energy drain with great auto-targeting is a great thing but the full set is not needed that much.Best Isabella Build
  • Melusina9/9
    Melusina (Baba Yaga) It's Hard to not call her 3/9 not overpowered. You will basically trick death for the first time with that low investment. The full bonus also recovers energy which is also really good, but the 3/9 is one of the biggest effects you will get from furniture in AFK Arena.Best Melusina Build
  • Gorvo3/9
    Gorvo 3/9 is really nice if you have the Signature Item +30, otherwise not an investment worth it. Normaly players should stay away from investing in his furniture.Best Gorvo Build
  • Oku9/9
    Oku's furniture bonus 9/9 with the permanent damage reduction is actually mandatory if you want to run him overall and takes some of his squishy-ness by letting him survive better.Best Oku Build
  • Satrana9/9
    Satrana's 3/9 has pretty nice damage amplification and the 100% anti-heal with lowered timer at 9/9 can help Satrana carry more and overcome higher level-deficits to make it worth the invest.Best Satrana Build
  • Morrow9/9
    Morrow furniture extend Morrow's mechanics further and is useful. Also adding his Abyssal Retribution whenever an enemy debuffs is strong.Best Morrow Build
  • Thane3/9
    Thane furniture will increase his damage and survivability really well but his role is only very niche towards end-game.Best Thane Build
  • Kelthur9/9
    Kelthur furnite is good to amplify overall damage and his 9/9 will add great value inside cheese team setups for extra burst. Still a high invest for such a niche hero.Best Kelthur Build
  • Mehira9/9
    Mehira's furniture will keep her cycles up but won't impact early ultimate so rather beneficial for slow setups.Best Mehira Build
  • Belinda-/9
    Belinda 3/9 will only apply for rare occasions like Giuld Hunt or boss battles and the 9/9 bonus requirements will not be practically used when using Belinda right. Stay away.Best Belinda Build
  • Nemora9/9
    Nemora's 3/9 furniture bonus is pretty weak but if you use a team setup with knockbacks can synergize well. Rather a niche pick.Best Nemora Build
  • Nara3/9
    Nara furniture is a double-bladed sword. If you get her to execute it will activate both bonus and beast Nara. But as that won't apply frequently wouldn't recommend that much. Optional is a close call, not sure if I would even tag as not recommended...Best Nara Build
  • Granit9/9
    Granit gained debuff from the full furniture bonus is good. My problem is more that the investment is quite high for that and by the time you might consider it, Granit is nowhere close to meta to make it worth the invest.Best Granit Build
  • Anoki-/9
    Anoki gains just a weak shield that is normally lost anyway. Not useful.Best Anoki Build
  • Theowyn9/9
    Theowyn's furniture makes her lock down one hero is nice although the 9/9 bonus only works well against Orthros or Izold. Pretty niche to invest in the current meta, tbh.Best Theowyn Build
  • JOKER3/9
    JOKER's cleansing from crowd control and shield is nice to have but won't contribute a ton of survivability to JOKER. The 9/9 is actually not used that often.Best JOKER Build
  • Zikis9/9
    Zikis' automatically applying the first lethargy effect with the 3/9 furniture is helpful. Extending the Burning Sight as well, but if that would be a little more I'd recommend it more looking at how much you need to invest to get the full furniture bonus.Best Zikis Build
  • Fawkes-/9
    Fawkes 3/9 is absolutely useless in fights and even the 9/9 only makes his ultimate half effective on normal attacks. Not worth investing.Best Fawkes Build
  • Eluard9/9
    Eluard's 3/9 bonus will add protection and helps triggering the 9/9 bonus. Missing the utility here for the other team allies so nothing to pick with a high priority.Best Eluard Build
  • Torne3/9
    Torne High investment for the shield. The shield is nice to have but if you really want to invest is a double-bladed sword to be honest.Best Torne Build
  • Thesku3/9
    Thesku 3/9 will make Thesku stronger where he lacks, enabling his stun with his ultimate and adding one mark to all enemies helps to get enough. The 9/9 reads nice and will give him a 2nd life where he would have died but without his abilities he can't add marks and enable stun with his ultimate so I don't see the investment of 6 additional furniture items justified here tbh, especially as Thesku is no hero with a big role end-game in AFK Arena, more mid and early game. I recommend taking 3/3.Best Thesku Build
  • Leofric9/9
    Leofric The reduced health regeneration debuff from the 3/9 isn't ground-breaking but reducing energy recovery of the enemy and more features for the destroyed mastiff worth it.Best Leofric Build
  • Titus3/9
    Titus 3/9 furniture bonus is mandatory, giving him the 150 extra energy every time he finished his ultimate, without it he's really slow and misses a lot of his potential. The full furniture bonus is useful but rather an addition, especially compared with his 3/9 bonusBest Titus Build
  • Respen9/9
    Respen's extra birds won't change anything in reality unless you get the 9/9 bonus, but the activation requirements are really high so wouldn't invest here.Best Respen Build
  • Tidus3/9
    Tidus furniture will make hunting low-health heroes a lot more effective with the 3/9 furniture bonus, but the health regeneration for the 9/9 bonus won't apply often.Best Tidus Build
  • Lucius-/9
    Lucius The bonus is moderate and limited to placement and also time-limited. Would be okay-ish but Lucius falls off the end-game meta so much that it's not worth investing at all.Best Lucius Build
  • Peggy-/9
    Peggy Calling in new guards when they die is alright but it will only happen once. The shield of the 9/9 is simply a much too high investment for the benefit and the niche role Peggy has in AFK Arena right now.Best Peggy Build
  • Thali3/9
    Thali The additional attack and haste buff for all allies is a solid one and with the investment of 3 furniture items absolutely fine to get. The full 9/9 furniture bonus will prevent her to die during her ultimate but make her die right away, not enough to justify such a heavy investment.Best Thali Build
  • Kaz9/9
    Kaz' 3/9 furniture bonus has a solid damage improvement and the energy reduction of 9/9 furniture won't often make a difference so it's pretty expensive invest for the benefitBest Kaz Build
  • Solise3/9
    Solise Buffing her flowers is alright and will overall increase her damage but not that much. Her 9/9 requires allies to die and this is normally a spot where the fight is already over.Best Solise Build
  • Vurk3/9
    Vurk's furniture provides good damage increase for the 3/9 bonus but the 9/9 bonus is quite weak to poison.Best Vurk Build
  • Wu Kong9/9
    Wu Kong increases sustainability and damage so absolutely fine when just looking at Wu Kong, but requires a team that can stay alive as wellBest Wu Kong Build
  • Khasos-/9
    Khasos additional stats are alright-ish but not practical everywhere and the 9/9 is basically useless.Best Khasos Build
  • Mezoth-/9
    Mezoth Both bonus can improve the survivability and carry ability of Mezoth, but he is still vulnerable to burst damage. Can improve his strength but won't fully cover his weaknesses.Best Mezoth Build
  • Nakoruru-/9
    Nakoruru's furniture bonus only applies if she will survive any burst but in reality won't trigger much at all or change anything.Best Nakoruru Build
  • Oscar-/9
    Oscar The dodge added with 3/9 is nothing that you will actually feel in fights at all and the damage increase of the 9/9 furniture bosst is alright but not worth such an investment for such a hero.Best Oscar Build
  • Rigby-/9
    Rigby's benefit are mediocre and he's not that crushing and for the niche role he plays only a very low priority investment.Best Rigby Build
  • Seirus9/9
    Seirus If you run him in a knockback team the additional knockback of 9/9 can work fine and synergize well. But the truth is only 0.1% of players make practical use of it so this is also not useful.Best Seirus Build
  • Ukyo-/9
    Ukyo's stacking up to 90% reads nice but the unreliable damage of Ukyo makes it less practical so I don't really recommend it. It's not useless but shouldn't be an invest you're going for.Best Ukyo Build
  • Ulmus-/9
    Ulmus You need to have your backline with melee heroes to get the shield and overall won't synergize well with a really weak hero.Best Ulmus Build
  • Walker-/9
    Walker The immunity to control while using his ultimate is basically not helping in most situations and the full set will add life leech to a hero that doesn't even deal significant damage. Useless. Like the hero...Best Walker Build
  • Alaro9/9
    Alaro's furniture sets are mandatory, if not essential, to get if you use Alaro in a 5-Pull team (and that's the only way he makes sense right now).Best Alaro Build
  • Alna9/9
    Alna's furniture set is no discussion here, she will reduce enemy haste on all hits and add immunity for the frontline allies. No-brainer to build when you invest in Alna.Best Alna Build
  • Brutus3/9
    Brutus 3/9 is nice to survive high burst damage but you will not need the 9/9 furniture bonus at all.Best Brutus Build
  • Desira9/9
    Desira Adding the extra marks in the mist and removing buffs from the in the mist is really strong and helps Desira giving the enemy team a hard time.Best Desira Build
  • Ezio9/9
    Ezio I really struggle here between 'optional' or 'recommended' - 3/9 can be useful but not that often and the 9/9 is great for the follow up. But often it's certain enemy setups that you really benefit from it so I'd only recommend if you run Ezio a lot.Best Ezio Build
  • Gwyneth3/9
    Gwyneth' 3/9 bonus adds more consistency and burst and synergize well with what she already does. The snowballing effect of the 9/9 won't add much as she already does that well.Best Gwyneth Build
  • Izold3/9
    Izold With the 3/9 bonus, you can stack up damage a lot better and distribute to his self-healing a lot. A must-pick. 9/9 helps against timing out but is not a game-changer.Best Izold Build
  • Prince of Persia9/9
    Prince of Persia get two bonuses that will improve his Recall effect and add survivability and let him even trigger it twice. absolutely solid investment.Best Prince of Persia Build
  • QUEEN9/9
    QUEEN 3/9 furnite bonus will help QUEEN sustain very well. The 9/9 is only useful if you run setups with 5 pull heroes like Eironn, but you will later in the game.Best QUEEN Build
  • Eironn9/9
    Eironn with his 3/9 you will basically guarantee his passive ability which is really strong. The 9/9 is a nice damage boost around 15% but also a high invest. If you run him a lot, I'd recommend it.Best Eironn Build
  • Tasi9/9
    Tasi's Both furniture bonus will contribute to Tasi's survivability a lot and make here re-apply her debuffs to enemies. The better blink cooldown make her as well a lot better so it'sBest Tasi Build
  • Pippa9/9
    The energy drain of Pippa's 3/9 is really useful and the energy and damage boost from her 9/9 as well. Only reason to not use it is that she doesn't typically survive that long to make full use of it.Best Pippa Build


I hope this priority list helps you for making your wishlist for furniture better. Again, just because a hero’s furniture set is lower on this list doesn’t mean it’s bad – it just means you should prioritize other heroes’ furniture higher. You will pick up furniture items for them anyway so 3/9 is also happening along the way.


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