Best Build for Scarlet in AFK Arena (Artifacts, Furniture, Signature Item, Emblems)

afk arena best scarlet build

If you want to make Scarlet perform at peak performance in AFK Arena, you need to run the right built. While many players think simply maxing out will do the trick (well, not too wrong), there are certain sweetspots with Scarlet that will give a big boost so I have some recommendations below that you will very likely find interesting.

Important! If you want to check how well Scarlet does in the current meta of all heroes in AFK Arena, please check out my current tier list of all heroes here.

Scarlet’s Signature Item

Scarlet’s Signature Item should be at +30. Scarlet’s +30 Signature Bonus is what you’re after as it will deal HP-based percentage damage that scales really well towards the end-game and will make Scarle run so much more effectively the further you get in AFK Arena. It’s not too high priority as she will becmone more important later in the game and the ones above are more important earlier in AFK Arena.. If you want to learn more about my recommended priority how you should invest into Signature Items in AFK Arena, check out my SI Priority Guide here.

Furniture Recommendation

Overall it’s recommended to get Scarlet’s 9/9 furniture set bonus. Scarlet’s both furniture bonuses are insane with Scarlet! Her 3/9 will give her 50% more ultimate skill damage with every use permanently for up to 250% boost. This already is insane but the extra strikes she will get from the full 9/9 bonus is just insane and will make her snowball a lot crazier than you can imagine. If you want to learn more about in what order to unlock your heroes furniture sets, check out my Furniture Priority Guide.


Engravings are an important part for Scarlet and this is probably the main reason why you’re here on this page. Below you will find the optimal Engraving Levels as well as our recommended route how to invest in the Engravings as you normally don’t just have the cores lying around just waiting to max out an Engraving for a hero. In the case of Scarlet you have the MINIMAL INVESTMENT (to be able to run the kit as it is designed and what you really have to invest in this hero), which is E41. The RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT (the investment you should have in order to be able to make the hero work well enough), which is E66 and for those of you who really want to make Scarlet shine the MAXIMUM INVESTMENT (the one that makes sense, there is literally no need to invest further unless you’re a PvP whale and drop a ton of money on the game), which is E68.

The more interesting part, however, is the order how to invest your cores in the different nodes, right? Well, below you will find the perfect order to invest the cores in (simply follows the numbers – the colors of the numbers will show you if this is minimum=orange, optimal=green or maximum=blue investment). This helps you invest your cores in the most efficient and economic way and get the most of of them with Scarlet:

Spending Order E0-E30

Spending Order E30+

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Recommended Artifacts

When you have to choose which artifact you want to equip on Scarlet, there are several ones that will work well – below I have a list with some individual ranking so you can see which artifact works best from S/S+ Tier downwards.

  • WindbinderS+
    Windbinderis the best-working artefact for Scarlet in overall performance and in most setups. But I also have listed some alternatives below.
  • Alternative Artifact
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  • Alternative Artifact
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I hope this guide helped you to build your Scarlet correctly without wasting resources but also to make sure to get the best performance of the hero. If you want to see how well Scarlet performs in the tier list of all heroes or you want to see builds for other heroes, please refer to our basically weekly-updated tier list of heroes in AFK Arena here.

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