afk arena eternal engravings priority and tier list afk arena eternal engravings priority and tier list

AFK Arena Eternal Engravings Priority Tier List (2024)

Engravings are a tool to improve heroes and a pretty long-term grind. Engravings have been getting enabled during the previous updates and now that they are full available for all factions I have created a priority tier list that makes sense and should give you a general blueprint in what order you want to spend on your heroes.

First, a couple of things before we get into the tier list of engravings… I haven’t released any Engravings tier list right away until I saw all the engravings for all factions for the reason to put them into the right order. Engravings are the next big long-term grind after the furniture and I wanted to make sure that I can give you a proper order, for F2P and for spenders.

Another thing is that I don’t wanted to give you a big list what Engravings unlock what ability, you can check that in the game and I want to make this tier list as on-point as possible, showing you a clear priority list how to invest and not building a wiki article here.

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Engravings Priority Tier List

Please read these important points before you go to the list!

  • This list values how strong heroes are in the game modes and end-game chapters of the game and how many teams can use a hero
  • Just because a hero is great earlier in the game doesn’t mean you should engrave early – if that hero becomes more redundant later you wasted valuable cores on Engraving (e.g. Rowan carry you so long but Engraving him will only make him sustain a little longer before he falls off and you need to replace him, but if you Engrave him to E30 or even higher you wasted those cores without any use and there’s nothing you can do about it)
  • This priority doesn’t value the strength of the Engraving abilities like many other websites do! A strong ablity from Engraving is useless if the hero is not too useful. Also, many heroes need the Engravings more for the minor nodes stats to be able to work in higher deficits and NOT the enhanced abilities their E30, E60 or E80 provide! I don’t want to call out certain websites here but there is a general misconception on several out there.
  • The priorities are NOT SORTED! This means all heroes in a priority have roughly the same priority so decide based on your roaster and teams which ones to start with.
  • If you#re not sure what heroes to start with, please check my frequently updated tier list of all heroes in AFK Arena to see which heroes are valuable in the long run here.

Below you will find the rough invest order that makes sense when considering how long and valuable a hero will become. If you don’t have a certain hero skip and continue with the next one(s) until you unlock that hero.



So, these are the heroes you should prioritize with engravings and for most players, this is already a long journey to take. I will update this with new heroes that become really valuable for the meta in AFK Arena but I can only recommend to stick to this to get the best out of the Engravings system.

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