Best Build for Mortas in AFK Arena (Artifacts, Furniture, Signature Item, Emblems)

afk arena best mortas build

If you want to make Mortas perform at peak performance in AFK Arena, you need to run the right built. While many players think simply maxing out will do the trick (well, not too wrong), there are certain sweetspots with Mortas that will give a big boost so I have some recommendations below that you will very likely find interesting.

Important! If you want to check how well Mortas does in the current meta of all heroes in AFK Arena, please check out my current tier list of all heroes here.

Mortas’s Signature Item

Mortas’s Signature Item should be at +20. His Signature Item is not that outstanding, however, getting it to +20 for the AoE effect added to his Greed ability is absolutely worth it. If you want to learn more about my recommended priority how you should invest into Signature Items in AFK Arena, check out my SI Priority Guide here.

Furniture Recommendation

Overall it’s recommended to get Mortas’s -/9 furniture set bonus. Mortas furniture is disappointing and unless you’re an avid user you should not see yourself in the position to get it as it will only improve his stats. If you do (and there’s cases to), the investment will be something to have on the list. If you want to learn more about in what order to unlock your heroes furniture sets, check out my furniture priority guide here.

Recommended Artifacts

Duras Call is the best artifact to run with Mortas in most cases, although you can also consider running Duras Eye or Tidebearer as backups, depending on your team setup and what artifact you have available.


In terms of Engravings, your final goal should be E13.. Mortas is also a key hero in AFK Arena and depends heavily on AS. If you invest minimum into his HP and ATK nodes to get to his Crit minor node you end up at least with E13 which is a solid spot for him. Learn more about my recommended engraving priority here.

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