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Supercell introduced the Value Packs in October 2016. They offer some nice additions for the same price if you compare them with the regular Gem purchase options. They appear quite frequently and I know many of you think they are completely random, but, in fact, there is more to them and I’ve been analyzing over the past month to show you how they appear. The thing is, you can actually plan with them and save a ton of gems when you know they will appear in the shop.

Even if you’re not spending money for gems, this article will be interesting.

Value Packs in CoC

Value Packs offer a very high value compared to regular gem purchases in Clash of Clans. They always offer the same amount of gems compared to the regular purchase options, but you will always get something in addition – a special building or extra resources.

This extra value makes the Value Pack 3 to 6 times more valuable.

Now let’s have a look at all the different Value Packs, I’m sure you haven’t seen them all so far.

Weekly Value Pack

This is the most common Value Pack and it appears every week for all player – it offers 80 Gems plus up to 1 million in Elixir & Gold each. (100k Gold+Elixir per Town Hall Level).

This Value Pack works best when you need some resources fast for completion, but make sure to spend the extra resources! You can get raided and lose some of it each time and the 80 Gems don’t offer that much value (80/0.99$ compared to 500/4.99$ compared to 1200/9.99$). If you buy it ten times, you have 400 Gems less compared to buying the bigger package.

Town Hall & Builder Hall Value Pack

As soon as you finish a Town Hall upgrade, you will get offered a Town Hall Value Pack. They offer one of the greatest values in the game and you shouldn’t miss it if you are able.

Note: Some of you did get offered alternative packs back in October, but that was because you already placed the buildings/Heroes. Now they won’t present alternative packs.

Here’s an overview of all Town Hall value Packs:

  • Town Hall 4: Air Defense level 2, 100K Gold, 500 Gems ($4.99)
  • Town Hall 5: Wizard Tower Level 2, 500K Gold, 500 Gems ($4.99)
  • Town Hall 6: Air Sweeper Level 2, 1.5M Gold, 500 Gems ($4.99)
  • Town Hall 7: Barbarian King, Hidden Tesla Level 3, 1200 Gems ($9.99)
  • Town Hall 8: Bomb Tower Level 2, 4M Gold, 1200 Gems ($9.99)
  • Town Hall 9: Archer Queen, X-Bow Level 2, 2500 Gems ($19.99)
  • Town Hall 10: Inferno Tower Level 2, 6M Gold, 2500 Gems ($19.99)
  • Town Hall 11: Grand Warden, Eagle Artillery Level 1, 2500 Gems ($19.99)
  • Town Hall 12: Siege Workshop, 175K Dark Elixir, 8M Gold ($19.99)
  • Town Hall 13: Royal Champion, Scattershot Level 1, 200k Dark Elixir ($49.99)
  • Town Hall 14: Pet House Level 2, 4x Books of Heroes, 1x Rune of Elixir, 600k Dark Elixir ($49.99)
  • Town Hall 15: Spell Tower, Monolith Level 1,2x Book of Everything, 1x Rune of Gold ($49.99)
  • Town Hall 16: *no info so far* ($49.99)

Here’s an overview of all Builder Hall value Packs:

  • Builder Hall 5: Multi Mortar Level ?, 2M Gold & Elixir, 2500 Gems ($19.99)
  • Builder Hall 6: Roaster Level 1 & Crusher Level 1, 2M Elixir, 2500 Gems ($19.99)
  • Builder Hall 7: Giant Cannon Level 4, 2M Gold & Elixir, 2500 Gems ($19.99)
  • Builder Hall 8: GIGA Tesla Level 4, 3M Gold & Elixir, 2500 Gems ($19.99)
  • Builder Hall 9: 9M Builder Gold, 9M Builder Elixir, 2500 Gems ($19.99)
  • Builder Hall 10: 9M Builder Gold, 9M Builder Elixir, 2500 Gems ($19.99)

If you have a gift card you want to spend, wait for these offers to appear as they offer by far the best value. You don’t even need a free Builder and the buildings or Heroes will appear without waiting time!

There’s also no storage limit for these – also, you can get them if your storages are completely full:

Value Packs Without War Weight

If you have a .5 base and don’t want to get the extra war weight, but want to get the new building, there’s good news.

You can purchase the Value Pack and simply don’t place the building. This won’t add war weight to your base, but you’ll have to see the icon of the building that appears all the time when you see your base until you place it.

None of us want to stay at a certain level, so this is kind of an investment in the future.

ATTENTION! You can also add the Inferno Tower to your Home Village and not place it in your War Base to avoid the weight – this ahs been confirmed by official Supercell support (huge thanks @ Rob who has been providing this!):

Builder Value Pack

There’s also a Builder Value Pack that will offer you your 5th Builder.

This one will only appear:

  • If you don’t have 5 Builders
  • If you did purchase your Town Hall Value Pack (otherwise the Town Hall Value pack will show up all the time) or you’re below Town Hall 4 (there are no Town Hall 4 Value Packs).

Special Value Packs

These Value Packs are very different as they occur either when a new update is released or a special occasion is happening.

Sometimes it’s a clan donation Value pack, where your clan members will get extra gems if you purchase (like Christmas).

Sometimes it’s a great value for an event like Black Friday or Winter Holiday.

You never know what’s coming and when they’re coming, but I think after the first year we will be able to predict them pretty well.

Planning With Value Packs

I think it has helped already just to have seen all the different Value packs that Clash of Clans offers.

Here’s the wrapped-up tactic for you when you plan to buy something in Clash of Clans:

Don’t gem something before an update! There will be a Value Pack for it

You will simply waste gems, because you get the new building in addition to your gems anyway! If you want to keep on track with updates, make sure to check our Update Section from time to time.

You will get a Value Pack with every Town Hall upgrade – this Value Pack will be available until your upgrade your Town Hall again!

Don’t waste your money on the weekly Value Pack

The Weekly Value Pack for $0.99 offers a very bad return – spend for one 1200 Gems pack rather than spending 10 times – it offers only 60% of the $9.99 Sack of Gems.

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