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Attacking Strategies for BH4

There are two attacking strategies that have the ability to get you high 2-Star or also 3-Star attacks in Versus Battles at Builder Hall 4. In this guide, I will show you how to use both of them and also give you some additional tips how you can crush BH4 easily.

BH4 Attacking Guide

Before I show you the attacking strategies, I also need to tell you some other things, they extremely important if you upgraded to Builder Hall 4 recently.
The attacking strategies that work best for BH4 are either mass Baby Dragons or GiArch (Giants & Archers).
Both attacks will need upgraded troops, and therefore you will need to focus on:

  • Get all Army Camps as soon as possible! That’s the first thing you will need to do when entering BH4!
  • Upgrading your Boxer Giants to Level 8 (this will give you 3 instead of 2 units per Army slot)
  • Upgrade your Baby Dragons to Level 7 or higher (this will make them deal double damage at the beginning of the raid due to her ability)

I know upgrading takes a lot of time, so I would recommend focusing on the Giants first (as you probably have them at Level 5 or Level 6 already). They will be good enough to farm the resources needed for upgrading the Baby Dragons.

Giant & Archer Attacking Strategy Builder Hall 4

This is the strategy you will use when you’re relatively fresh at BH4 and with Boxer Giants Level 8, you will be able to frequently make 2-Star attacks and sometimes even get 3 Stars.
You will be matched against Builder Hall 4 opponents, so there’s not much you’ll have to feat, except:

  • unfortunate Crusher location
  • traps

If you manage not to let them mess up your attack, you’ll be good – and that’s what I want to show you now.

Dealing With the Crusher & Traps

What you don’t want to let happen, is that your Boxer Giants are walking into the Crusher in a higher number. Always plan the path ahead they will need to take towards the Crusher.
This will make sure, that your Archers have enough time to clear off the other structure and then help taking out the Crusher.
You should, as a rough rule of thumb, have like 2 defenses in front of the Crusher on the path.
builder base giant pathing
You will also want to send your troops in from the opposite side of the Builder Hall; this way will make sure that you get the Builder Hall before your Giants (might) get smashed by the Crusher.
When sending them in, make sure to always send in your Giants in a row – some people already upgraded their Spring Traps & Push Traps so that they can take out 2 of your Giants at once!
bh4 attacking with giants
This will prevent something like this to happen:
attacking with giants against traps builder base
You don’t want to walk into such setups and lose the attack because of it – often times the trap locations are so obvious that you know where they are.
[irp posts=”42927″ name=”Beating The Crusher”]
Also, take your time when deploying your Archers behind the Giants! You want the Giants to trigger all the Mines (and maybe also the Mega Mine) to prevent that your Archers get damage from them.
I also leave like 2 Archers in my deck that I can use to clean of leftover, unprotected buildings when the work is done.
Your primary goal is that your Giants survive long enough so your Archers can take down the Builder Hall 🙂


In most cases you will see your opponents having a layout with open walls, they are very common!
builder hall 4 attacking against layouts with open walls
The pathing of Giants is extremely avoiding walls when there are open pieces and they will rather walk around 40% of a base than hitting a wall.
You will need to be extra sure that your Giants will hit a certain piece of wall than walking towards an open spot. It’s hard to tell the exact number, but often times it’s actually only the other side of the base that is safe to deploy them.
bh4 attacking with giants in clash of clans builder base versus battles
I recommend preparing for an attack on the open spot (with one Giant after the other to disarm traps) if you’re not 100% sure whether your Giants will hit the wall or go for the open spot in the walls.

Baby Dragon Attacking Strategy Builder Hall 4

Using Baby Dragons is something that I recommend you to do when you have them at Level 7 or higher. Air Defense at BH4 is so bad; there’s no way that this attack can fail – the only exception is when someone has set all traps to Air Mode, but I haven’t seen one single defense during my last 50 raids who did that.
The advantage is that it requires less planning than Giants & Archers and the success rate for 3 Star attacks is much higher (at a lower risk)
The only threat to your Baby Dragons attack is the Air Bomb defense – Firecrackers are not dealing much damage and take forever to kill a single Baby Dragon.
Some people say that Baby Dragon attacks can go wrong, and the only reason to fail with them at BH4 (with Baby Dragons Level 7+ and 4 Army Camps) is by deploying them in a Chinese Wall.
When attacking with Baby Dragons, there are only two things you’ll have to do:

  • Attacking into the Air Bomb defense as fast as possible
  • Deploy your Baby Dragons in a way that will use the tantrum ability (deals 80%-100% more damage at the recommended Level)

I think the first point is no surprise – the lower the time the Air Bomb can deal damage to your Baby Dragons the better for you. Don’t be scared when you lose 2-3 Baby Dragons to the Air Bombs until you got it destroyed – you have 8 Baby Dragons in total and after that there’s no big threat anymore.
bh4 attacking with baby dragons
At this picture you can see perfectly how you should deploy your Baby Dragons:

  • Deploy 2 Baby Dragons at the side of the Air Bombs
  • Deploy 3 Dragons on the other side of the base (they will deal their damage there without losing many hitpoints
  • Deploy them far away from each other so they will be using their ability giving them their extra damage

Now here comes the deal, you will wait until one of your Baby Dragons will die from the Air Bomb and then send in one of your left Baby Dragons in there.
baby dragon attacking at builder hall 4
You will repeat that until the Air Bomb is destroyed.
This technique has 2 advantages:

  1. A single Baby Dragon with ability deals almost the same damage like 2 Baby Dragons at the same spot
  2. The 2nd Baby Dragon won’t suffer any splash damage during that time

This is the crucial part of this whole strategy! If you do this, there’s not much that will keep you away from doing a 3-Star attack 🙂
Here’s also a nice video showing you several replays of solid attacks at Builder Hall 4:

  1. As a heads up, many of the images in this article take you to dead links. In fact, almost all of them. I think they are very useful in helping me understand the content so fixing them would be great.

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