Next Event – Gems in GoWiPe Triple Threat Event

Clash of Clans has started hosting frequent in-game events where you can easily get a lot of extra resources, XP & Gems.

On this page, I will show you all about the current and upcoming events and give you some help to get more out of these events. Some of them only offer XP and Gems, but you can get a lot more out of it with discounted troops and the right strategy plus often enough get some magical items like books from it.

You can always see the current event, in game, in the news center in Clash of Clans:

Pro Tip! You can actually EARN a lot of resources without even participating in the events. Simply queue up the troop that is on discount before the event ends and then remove them after the event is over. You will get the full price refunded and only 10% investment.

Earn Dark Elixir with events in clash of clans

Normally during the event, the specific event troop(s) are discounted by 90% – in the above case you can train (as a TH11) 8 Golems for 424 Dark Elixir shortly before the event ends – after the event ended, you can untrain it from your army queue for the full refund of 4,200 Dark Elixir – that’s 3,800 Dark Elixir for doing nothing than hitting a button 🙂

Attention! This only works when they are queued up and not already in your Army Camp, so pay attention to untrain them in time!

earning dark elixir from events
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Current Event:

Triple Threat GoWiPe Event

May 16th to May 21st, 2018

triple threat gowipe event coc
This event will reward Gems for completing attacks with Golems, Wizards and PEKKA. Now, you don’t need to use GoWiPe armies and can also complete it with the troops individually, that’s why it’s called the “Triple Threat” Event:

GoWiPe is one of the most famous armies in the hostory of Clash of Clans but not that viable anymore in higher Town Hall Level. Still, combining it with a Queen Charge and other troops, this startegy can still get you the victories needed to unlock the rewards for the Triple Threat Event.

Doing the attacks is no rocket science and here are some examples how you should perform your attacks, in case you didn’t use it for a while:

Town Hall 8 (Click Here if the video doesn’t show up):

Town Hall 9 (Click Here if the video doesn’t show up):

Town Hall 10 (Click Here if the video doesn’t show up):

Town Hall 11 (Click Here if the video doesn’t show up):

Each of these videos show you very well how you should attack and you should unlock the rewards pretty fast 🙂


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  1. Hey Timmy ,I am a town hall 9 my
    player tag=8U0PRUPYQ plz check out my base any tips on defense both builder as well as home base and is there any way u can know if a clan complete the clan games if i ask they say they get full but den later they get only 20000 points

  2. Hey Tim, thanks for your constant work and efforts in ensuring that we are well innnovated
    Please I need your help asap in this correct clan games rewards how much gems does it cost to resell a builder gold rune after purchasing it already

    • Reselling runes, I don’t honestly know as they are so much worth it can’t be worth selling it, not for 25, 50 or 100 Gems.
      So you have already one and think about reselling it to get gems from the last tier in the clan games happening right now?

  3. Hey,Tim i am so thankfull to you for your information,can i know about when next troop event coming after clan game.

  4. For an even more pro tip, use 9 golems rather than 8.

    Taking the example above, only cook 25 miners, that will make the army 248, which is enough to cook the extra golem, but not enough for it to be placed in the army. As you say, just remember to cancel it before attacking. The same works for spells so you can cook 6 lightning spells the same way

  5. Hi there Tim thanks for the info man 😊
    Little Correction.. Please Update the date of event..its 2018 not 2017 😂

  6. thank u very much TIM. U r doing an excellent work. i hv been playing coc since 2yrs and been constantly following u fr a year. U hv been very helpful to me. Thank u very much. I cn even brag abt my presumptions in my clan taking help frm u😀😀😀😀.
    I need a help frm u, i am reaching th10 next week. I hv 2builder, 1troop, 1spell nd 1 hero book with 3 builder potions. I m war oriented(th9.5). Can you suggest me something…

  7. Greetings, Tim ! 👋
    I dunno if my earlier comment got posted. Just wanted to say that I’ve been playing Clash for two years now and have been following this website for quite some time. You are doing a fantastic job- fabulous and informative articles that simplify every single stuff about the game.

    I must thank you for putting in your efforts and precious time for the betterment of the Clashing community. I have been helped a lot by your articles in one way or the other. It’s the best place to keep track of rumours and facts about the upcoming events, clan games and game updates. I really enjoy going through the site and I have never commented before but I thought I should do it now . 😂

    The upcoming event “Thunderstruck” has got me excited and that book is going to help me a lot in my in game progress.

    Looking forward to read more interesting and informative articles about the game I love most on this site. Once again, I thank you for the fabulous job. Keep up the good work, pal !👍🍻

    With Regards
    A clash addict

  8. Greetings, Tim ! 👋
    Been playing Clash for two years now and have been following this website for quite some time. Gotta say you are doing a fabulous job- I really like how you simplify stuff and it’s quite a pleasure to read about the game that I love the most.
    I must thank you for the efforts you have put in to enrich the whole Clashing community . Well done pal 👍keep up the good work 👊🍻
    I’m pretty excited for the upcoming event “Thunderstruck” and it’ll be a huge benefit getting that book.

    Looking forward to read more interesting and informative articles in the future. Good luck 👍

    With Regards
    A Clash addict

    • WEll, I described you a way that gained me that much and if you follow that guide I wrote step by step properly you’re also able to get free gems (it might be less depending on the country you’re living in, but still you can get free gems)…

    • Hey come on , he is not the head of supercell. he helps us in knowing in advance. U guys dont ask him to keep events or smthin else..

  9. Pls update a new th12 and new troops and spells and Valkyrie of level 5 has very high hitpoints so decrease it pls

    • If you gear up a defense in your Home Village (Archer Tower, Double Cannon…) the Master Builder from your Builder Base will use it to come over to your Home Village 🙂

  10. I wand lava hound and haste spell event and loon and this my clan #gcppqprv I am clan leader my name king of gopi

  11. I want one gem bost barrack event for shorter time
    its a easy to push up
    easy to collect de gold and exiler
    i hope ur next event is that also

    • the boost event around january was not doing well as it took waiting in cloud times to a crazy new level (20 mins and more), I’m not sure if Supercell want to do that again (and if I hope they do something about the clouds first) 🙂

  12. There’s a deal for 120k or so dark elixir and 1200 gems, my storage only holds 85k right now,. If I pay the ten bucks will it let me use 120k or am I going to get short changed?

  13. If the war we r presently in happens to end 1hr into the 3x event will we get credit for it or only after we start another war?

    • I think the end of the war is the moment when all gets calculated and accounted to your clan experience balance, so you peobly have to end in the time when it happens (BUT to be honest that’s just my common sense and I don’t know for 100%)

      • I asked supercell and they said if clan war ends during the event you gain the 3x experience

    • Get 3x Clan Experience Points for war – it’s the 3rd-anniversary celebration of the release of Clan War and last year the same thing happened as well.
      Prepare by being ready to war a lot (I’m quite sure this event will last for 1 week straight like last year)

      • Everytime you give the pro tip for the resources you never include back up storage. For example if the event for skeleton spells ended in 2 min, que 22 skeleton spells and when the event ends refund the 22 spells and get double the numbers you project. So i guess thats a pro pro tip for you

      • You’re right, I might refactor that tip a little bit to also state this – I was a little afraid that many people understand it wrong and then end up doing it too early and end up with 11 useless spells 😀

  14. It says Giant event rather than dragon event i quote your text.

    “Giant Event

    April 1st to April 3rd, 2017

    The Giant Event reduces the cost to train Dragons dramatically”

  15. sir I have two accounts . One is th 8, and other one is th 11. In the witch event or baby dragons event I get 30 gems in th 11, but I have n’t open the troops in th 8 . What to I do?

  16. Shortly before the event closes, fill up your Barracks by training as many Baby Dragons as possible in the queue. When the event is over, you can remove them and get a refund at the original price.

    This means you can train up to 40 Valkyries for a total of 570 Dark Elixir and then un-train for 5,700 Dark Elixir – making a profit of more than 5,000 Dark Elixir for doing nothing!

    I dont understand why you need to train Baby dragons while its the Valkyrie event. Is it a typo or what? Explain to me why you need to train BB dragons.

  17. Thank you ones again Captain Obvious… Good to know that what we have been doing for months, aslo found it’s way to this little all-add’s homepage 😀

    • LoL…no one asked you. And BTW somethings may not be so obvious to people who have just started playing the game. There is hardly anything to post about the game anyway. {And why did you even visit the website if you know everything I wonder 😉 }

      Good job Tim on the website. Many thanks

  18. Don’t you think the events afe unfair for lower level people who can’t train the prefered troop or can’t request for it. because their CC is cap is low.
    do you think there will be mulitiple events for each player to benifit?

    • I’ve seen lower TH with lower requirements e.g. TH10 required 5 baby dragon, TH9 4 baby dragon, and TH8 were 2 baby dragon which will fit in the clan castle. It doesn’t help that lower TH can’t benefit from farming with the lower troop but they can at least get the 30 gems.

  19. Hey Tim

    Just a question about a statement right near the top of the article.
    You said: “Those of you not having unlocked the troop featured int he current event will see a very low number needed to also unlock the gems for the event reward.”

    What do you exactly mean by this?

    Thanks heaps 🙂

    Also, great work on the website, loving it! Keep it up! 😀
    I’ve been noticing how more and more people are drawn towards clash royale, but I dont understand why. I play the game a bit but coc is tonnes better 🙂 I’ll be reading your content on allclash for years to come hopefully!

    • #Shanguito
      I think Masters is not a big deal. I am also a th8 and i pushed to masters with Loonian.
      32 Balloons and
      20 Minions.
      Visit me at my clan – Comtran group
      Name- chainfire
      clan lvl – 11
      exp -75

    • Yes, I used Disqus so far but they now either charge a monthly fee or include tons of adds and auto affiliate links in the comments.
      I don’t want that so I switched back to the native comment system.
      Hope this is ok for you guys but I really didn’t see any reason to let me blackmail from Disqus like that ?

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