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How To Rank Higher In Contest of Mayors

Contest of Mayors and ranking high there will give you great prizes and also it’s the only easonable way to efficiently earn Platinum Keys in SimCity BuildIt.

I have here a general guide that will show you the right startegy to easily get a lot of points from your assignements.

Success In Contest Of Mayors = The Right Strategy

You can’t buy your way to success in Contest of Mayors by simply purchasing all the items, you actually have to produce a lot.

The hardest thing is to smartly manage the assignments and work them off in the right order, so I would like to walk you through a normal episode in Contest of Mayors to show you the best way I solved it and also show you how much time I saved by doing it that way.

#1 – Prepare For Assignemnts

Before the new season of Contest of Mayors start, you want to stockpile tax income and don’t collect it or even sell a larger portion of high value items in the Trade Depot HQ and don’t collect it.

In the case you will get a “Earn Simoleons” assignment (and you’re almost guarantueed to get one!) you can simply start the assignment, collect the Simoleons and get the points for it.

This is also essential later on so don’t collect Simoleons because these assignments will pop up a lot and you then can simply do them in between other assignments to get the points easily without wasting any time.

#2 – Planning

Do not accept the highest-value assignemnt right away!

What? But every other guide tells me that?!

In general it’s right to rather focus on the assignments that will reward more points in Contest of Mayors and I rather mean, do not BLINDLY accept it. When the Contest of mayors season starts it’s time to make a plan for a few seconds before you start.

Let me walk you through this process.

So, after completing the Simoleons right after the start I see my assignemnts like that:

Now let’s combine the assignments in a smart way.

To produce Pizza I need Flout Bags and they require Seeds, that’s perfect. Producing Shovels is completely unrelated so I can produce that simultaniously.

The cool thing is, I can start the production and don’t collect them and still get the assignemnt completed as long as I start the assignment before collecting the items.

Looking at my airport I also see that I have Shovels requested there and I also need to make one assignment for a delivery to Paris in the airport.

Ok, that’s now four assignments that I can pretty much complete in one queue:

  1. I start the assignemnt for Seeds and start producing them like crazy to get the 58 Seeds completed as fast as possible.
  2. In the meantime I use the collected Seeds to create Flour Bags for the Pizza – having some Seeds and Flour Bags in my Storage helps because I can start producing them right away.
  3. I also fill my queue with the production of Shovels – the Seeds assignemnt is still active and producing – I don’t collect any Pizza or Shovels for now! (Read the Important Tip Below to see how to do that without accidentially collecting when queueing up more items)
  4. As soon as I got the Seeds assignemnt done I finish it and start the assignemnt for the 10 Shovels. The Pizza production is still running.
  5. I collect the shovels until I have all of them so I can finish this assignment.
  6. Now I can start the “Do 1 Delivery To Paris” assignement and send all the items to directly claim those 800 points.
  7. Pizza is still unclaimed and now I start that assigment and collect the Pizza to complete it

Important! To not collect any produced item you need to collect for an assignemtn (e.g. the Pizza above where I need to queue up more after having started the production), you can switch through the commercial buildings when selecting any other commercial building and click the arrows left and right to navigate to the commercial building:

In total I just did get 5,000 points for Contest of Mayors and it was pretty much all simultaniously – well, you can also add the 1,125 points for the Simoleons that I also did complete in seconds after the season of COM started 🙂

I know sometimes assignemnts don’t line up that well but often times they do and you can ussually combine several and produce the items simultaniously – this is the only way to actually get all the required points to got to a higher league in Contest of Mayors without using plenty of Speedup Tokens.

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