How To Finish Epic Buildings Faster

I wanted to write this guide because still many people tend to have problems with their epic buildings. Some struggle with getting the higher tier or enough epic points simply because they have the wrong strategy or expectation.

In this guide you will find the perfect strategy to use and get your epic project done in SimCity BuildIt.

Epic Projects In SimCity BuildIt

Once you unlocked the Department of Epic Projects (Level 16), you can start developing epic buildings – those are the really big skyscrapers and they will develop speed up token pieces for you that will help you a lot in the future.

There’s normally three stages of an epic building:

  1. It pops up in your city and you can start the epic building
  2. You get 24 hours to get as many epic points as possible
  3. Once these 24 hours are over the amounf of epic points you collected determine if you get a bronze, silver or gold epic building (that’s the color of speed up tokens this epic building will produce later

Gold VS Silver VS Bronze

So, an epic building isn’t like any other epic building – the more epic points you collected during the building time the better it will be and you always want to go for the gold epic project because those speed up tokens are the best.

Normally when you first start building epic buildings in SimCity BuildIt, it’s impossible to get a gold one because you simply need the speed up tokens (unless you spend a ton of simoleons on the trade depot to get the epic points needed… I mean A LOT!)

So rather look at that as tiers so you first go for the bronze ones untill you get a good amount of bronze Speed Up Tokens that will help you build silver epic projects and with them you can boost enough to get your gold epic buildings done.

Best Strategy To Build Epic Buildings

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the best tactic to get your epic projects done in SimCity BuildIt 🙂

#1 – Do NOT Start The Epic Building Without Preparation

If you see an epic project popping up in your city you should make sure that you have:

  • large stock and also some good free stock capacities to fulfill the tasks for your epic points
  • enough simoleons, if you’re below §100,000 you should be clear that you probably won’t even get the silver status done
  • Produce items that are not easy to get and that take a lot of time (and are not often available in the Trade Depot) – I mean things like Popcorn, Burgers, Fruit, Backpacks and so on

Honestly, I know you can’t wait to start it, but do this and you will see it will be a lot easier than having another bronze epic building in your city!

#2 – The Right Start Time

Building the epic project will last exactly 24 hours and I recommend you to start it at the late afternoon or early evening.

Here’s how my normal schedule for completing is:

  • Start Late Afternoon – now I can complete the epic point tasks that are easy to get and those I have my pre-made items in stock (see above) or that I can get cheap and easy from the Trade Depot
  • Before Sleep – Fill all your factory queues with items you will need for the tasks, especially those that take a long time to make should be in queue now so they are done in the morning
  • In The Morning – Now you can finish the tasks with the items you produced while you’ve been asleep. Time to start your queues again with the items that take a longer time needed because now you probably have to go to school or work
  • Afternoon – Complete as many tasks as possible to reach your desired status, if you have the money to get enough points for the next one invest it, it’s worth it!

I think this is the best way to get the epic buildings done 🙂

#3 – Speed Up Tokens

Speed Up Tokens are your best friend here and I know you’re all in different stages while some have many of them and others don’t.

The rule is still simple.

You only want to use Speed Up Tokens on factories and items that you can make full use of. So, let’s say you need to produce a lot of nails for one task, why would you use a speed up token for that? They are fast to produce and chances are high that you won’t make much use of the Speed Up Token. Rather think about using it for those things that take a long time OR things that you can get done before you have a real-life break (e.g. school, work, sleep etc.)

#4 – Use The Right Specialization

You get epic points from tasks, but tasks will only spawn in buildings that have the same specializations in SimCity BuildIt as your epic project. Let’s say you have 2 gambling buildings and you get en epic project for gambling, you omly will get epic point tasks from the single left gambling building so it’s pretty much impossible to reach the top tier with only one task (you can’t produce items for tasks simultaniously).

In that case you should transfer the epic project to a building with a specialization that you have multiple buildings on.

  1. It’s all about storage really. If you have 500+ storage and stock up before starting an epic, most of the advice here actually goes away. The single most critical component to an epic project is storage. I make sure to have at least 4 of every item available, and 8 of the ones that take 2+ hours to make or are not found in Global Trade. Then I fill my factories with the longer items at night, like electrical components, glass, and feed. In the morning, with storage full, and the longer items all sitting waiting to be collected from factories and commercial buildings, start the project. The most recent two gold epics I completed in 33 and 23 minutes. Used less than 60k simoleons and 40k simoleons respectively. Used ZERO tokens because there was no need to produce faster as I had everything in storage or was able to purchase a few of the more expensive items in global, like burgers and fries and pizza.

    Storage, storage, storage. Get your storage up before you go past level 24 in the game, and everything will be a breeze. Also, do epics before you go past level 24 of the game (I didn’t, because I didn’t realize how much of a difference it will make), but it is so much cheaper at level 24 than where I am now at level 64 with 3 regionals unlocked.

  2. Referring to your comment “Produce items that are not easy to get and that take a lot of time (and are not often available in the Trade Depot) – I mean things like Popcorn, Burgers, Fruit, Backpacks and so on”. Is there a ratio or number , like have at least 10 popcorn, 10 burgers, 10 backpacks in your depot to get started? Besides watermelon, what other items do you suggest we stock up on before starting the game?

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