Farm Expansion Items Faster

Expansion Items are extremely valuable and the further you progress in SimCity BuildIt, the more you hit a wall that seems to unlock more storage capacity, disasters or map expansions so slow that it’s basically not happening.

I wanted to give you some really helpful tips here that will help you getting multiple expansion items every day and boost the amount you get a lot.

Best Ways To Get More Expansion Materials

There are three really helpful tips that you should apply and use every day to unlock more map space in SimCity BuildIt.

Tip #1 – Check Your City 3 Times Per Day

Poeple in the same time zone are normally put together on the same server (yes, you don’t play on one big player pool in SimCity BuildIt!). One of the reasons for that is that EA can better control how they interact via item spawning with you.

In terms of the expansion materials for your storage or map or beach or mountain etc.

So, make sure to check once after these times to collect the expansion materials or you will block the next one spawning:

  • Around Midnight
  • Around Noon
  • In the Evening

Let’s say you check out your city and find a Storage Lock and then you won’t check back before the next morning, there could have two more items have spawned (noon and evening).

This is not 100% guarantueed and sometimes there will not spawn any material, but it’s safe to say that you will miss out many if you do not check out 3 times per day!

Tip #2 – Check Unpromoted Offers

Still, a lot of people favor Simoleons over Expansion Items (BIIIIIIIG MISTAKE!) and sell them – and you see them in your Trade Center.

The thing is, you only see the so-called “promoted offers” there and often times player do offer more items than you will see there.

Every time you check out your Trade Depot go to visit all the cities you see there and check out manually what they offer – I can promise you that you will find some additonal expansion items you can buy with Simoleons there.

Bonus! Another bonus of doing that is that you can also find bubbles there that have expansion items or even SimCash (check out here to learn more about it).

Yes, it’s sometimes a little boring to see cities getting loaded over and over again – but it’s worth it after all 🙂

Tip #3 – Get Yourself A Feeder City (MOST EFFECTIVE!)

Exapansion Items drop in lower level cities a lot faster and many higher players do use a strategy that’s called “Feeder City”.

A Feeder City is a lower level city that you own and that you use to quickly farm expansion material that you transfer to your main city – this will double the amount of expansion material you get every day, and you can even create more than one Feeder City.

I’ve written a full guide about Feeder Cities and how to transfer items and Simoleons between them here.


Don’t get frustrated – SimCity BuildIt is designed to make you spend money to expand your city and storage with the amount of expansion materials at some point.

If you use the three tips above you will be able to fully expand your city over the whole map without taking years 🙂

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