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How To Get More Simoleons In SimCity BuildIt – Swim In Money

Money make the world go round – in case of SimCity BuildIt it’s more like Simoleons make the world go round 🙂

You will pretty early recognize that you will need tons of Simoleons to grow your city so I thought it might be helpful for you when I wrap up me techniques here for you that will help you get the Simoleons you need.

How To Get Simoleons Fast

I have here three strategies that will help you a lot, in fact, they will eliminate any money problems in SimCity BuildIt for you if you consistently use them 🙂

Using Deals Right

Multiple times per day you will see deals popping out in your city – trading some goods for Simoleons to be more precise. So, some of them are really good, others are really bad. SimCity BuildIt is nothing else than real life when it comes down to that 😀

Here’s what you will do with each deal…

  1. Don’t click the “No, thanks” or the “I’ll Do It” when you see it, just see how much it will give you
  2. Then you will click OUTSIDE the screen, so the deal will stay active
  3. Go to the Trade Depot and create an offer for that item to see the maximum value, that’s normally what you can get for that item
  4. If you will get more money than that from the deal, do it – otherwise consider declining it

In the example above in the picture above, I can get 10,500 Simoleons in the Trade Depot but only 9,884 from the deal, so I’d rather decline it.

So, are offers really offering more? YEs, they do, look here:

Selling the melons on the marketplace I would get 20,400 Simoleons, so I can make 3,000 in profit with this deal.

I could also scan the market and buy them cheaper and still make a profit, this also works great if you use a feeder city as well 🙂

Production Chain Farming

Another very well-working strategy to earn money is keeping your factories busy as much as possible.

Think about it that way: producing items and selling them on the market simply will turn time into money for you. Producing items doesn’t require any other resource than time and when you look at a normal 24 hours period – how much time to you actively play the game?

You see, most of the time the game will run while you’re not playing and this is the time when you can have your factories work for you.

Now let’s have a look at some production chains that are worth using.

When we look at the plain numbers one of the highest profit per minute have nails, they take 5 minutes to produce and sell for 80 Simoleons – but you will have to restart the production and put them on the market 24/7 to make use of this high profit.

Not that smart because even if you do that the whole day you need to sleep at some point and then your factories are idle, right?

So, normally you will check your city like 4-5 times a day, right? So you want to produce an item to sell that will take some hours to produce per step.

Produce Seeds, Textiles and Spices in your factories and then turn them into flour. Now take the flour and produce donuts with it from the spices that will give you 950 Simoleons.

Just make sure that you keep these production chains running and if you see that you have too much flour produces, you can also sell it directly on the market for 570 Simoleons.

Great Money Making Routine

If you use a feeder city or don’t have the time to play much, there’s a nice routine that takes less than 10 minutes to complete and will get you about 16,000 Simoleons every time.

Here it is, you can copy it easily:

  • Collect Tax & Sales From Trade Depot HQ
  • Collect 25 Seed & Start 25 Wood
  • Collect 11 Planks, 11 Shovel & 10 Vegetable
  • Collect 25 Wood & Start 25 Iron
  • 60 Seconds waiting…
  • Collect 25 Iron & Start 25 Seeds
  • Put 11 Planks, 11 Shovel & 10 Vegetable into Trade Depot HQ for selling

This is the easiest routine you can do without playing much 🙂

The “Burger Deal”

This one here can make you millions easily and it’s not very complicated. Whenever you see a deal popping up in your city, it is not that random as it appears – very often it is about goods that you have in storage (sometimes it requires more items than you have but you will very rarely see items requested that you don’t have).

So, the Burger Deal is about clearing off your entire stock and don’t have anything else than Burgers. Go to the Trade Depot as well and buy them one by one and then check for the deals to pop up.

Dismiss the ones that are not about Burgers and the ones that will reward you Burgers often enough give you a nice profit, even when you bought the Burgers from the Trade Depot yourself.

Additional things you might want to keep in mind:

  • Burger deals only originate from police precincts.
  • If you don’t see a deal pop up, buy a burger at the Trade HQ.
  • Keep repeatedly buying burgers until a deal pops up
  • If you see an offer for $900-$1000 above max value per burger: Take it!

UPDATE! This is state 2019 still alive and kickin’, however, the deals are now limited to 20 Burgers per deal. Still, you can make a million in a week easily with this trick.

I typically use this here and there and take one week off from growing my city and use this to farm a million Simoleons and then go back to grow my city and look for profitable deals ????


If you stick to these three strategies, you won’t have any problems with money in SimCity BuildIt, especially if you always keep your factories busy you will get enough Simoleons ✌️

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