Dr. Vu Tower Guide & Best Disasters To Use

Dr. Vu’s tower and disasters have a tough standing, especially for lower players. I’ve even heard many that say it’s a waste of money to even re-build it.

Dr Vu’s Tower is the best way to get Gold Keys for spacializations and also important for Club Wars.

I wanted to write this guide to help you guys out – no matter at what stage youÄre in SimCity BuildIt – to show you the best strategy to use Dr. Vu’s Tower and his disasters.

Dr. Vu’s Tower Strategy

You need to start disasters and then upgrade Vu’s Tower, in total it will be more than §2+ Million Simoleons to max Dr. Vu’s Tower out completely – but this will also give you the best disasters to use long-term.

The sooner you start using disasters and working on your Vu’s Tower the more you’ll appreciate it later in the game, especially during Club Wars.

Also, when you do max it out to Level 18 you will get the Maxis Man Statue that will spawn one Vu Item every day (24 hours) and this is really helpful.

Get Vu Items

Vu Items follow the same rules as other expansion items (see my guide here), they will randomly drop or occasionally appear for Simoleons to be bought.

You will see them a lot less in the Global Trade HQ but you should check out Daniel’s City frequently because from time to time you find some there.

The best way, still, is using a Feeder City (here’s a full guide about all the advantages feeder cities have in SimCity BuildIt).

Most feeder cities are at Level 8 to get more expansion items, but you should also have one that is Level 10 (the earliest level where you can get Vu Items) to get enough of them to keep up with the progress.

The Best Disasters To Use

If we forget about the esthetic reasons for a disaster or any personal “favors” how to wreck your city – here are the best disasters when it comes to using them to get Gold Keys for specializations.

As I said in the beginning, disasters are by far the best way to farm Gold Keys and you should always do them rather than using the Cargo Dock!

Still, depending on what you’re working on right now in your city in SimCity BuildIt, you might favor an easy disaster over a more difficult one to save yourself buying extra items to repair the destroyed buildings:

Please mind that the amount of actual keys can be lower and this is always the maximum of Gold Keys you can get

Best Disasters Vu Tower (Level 5 and lower)

You really want to go with with either Earthquake Level 2 because it has easiest repair costs and you can get 2 Golden Keys for it, alternatively use Earthquake Level 1 with less buildings destroyed and still giving 1 Golden Key.

If you’re really short on Vu Items and need Golden Keys badly Meteor Strike is your choice. (Medium Repair Costs instead of Easy but only half the Vu Items)

Best Disasters Vu Tower (Level 6-10)

If you’re lower than Level 9 you should always go with Meteor Strike Level 3. It has slightly higher repair costs compared to Tornado but costs less Vu Items / offers 1 more Golden Key.

At Vu Tower Level 9 Earthquake Level 3 gets your best disaster with easy repari costs and up to 3 Golden Keys.

Best Disasters Vu Tower (Level 11-15)

Still stick with the Earthquake Level 3 it has the best value until you get to Level 15 and you can use the Tornado Level 3 that offers 1 additional Golden Key for only 2 Vu Items more but with similar repair costs.

Best Disasters Vu Tower (Level 16+)

The best disaster in total is Robot Level 3 that can give you up to 7 Golden Keys – if you’re not in desperate need of them and want to save some materials you can still stick to Tornado Level 3.

  1. (2/2)
    I maxed my vu tower out back in 2015. I’ve used meteor strike somewhere around 98% of the time, and consistently use disasters to farm the Gold keys.
    3 keys for 4 vu items and easy repair costs. Compared to robot, which gives 7 keys for 9 vu items but hard repair costs. Every 36th vu item used will gain you 1 key, but is going to require a ton more valuable items in repair along the way to get there.Tornado does 4 keys for 7 items, a much horrible r.o.i., without even factoring the other 4 zones that cost more to repair then the 500 simoleons reward. .

  2. I see this post is old but a few notes.

    The Maxis Man statue DOES NOT spawn vu items. The Maxis Manor, which is something much different, spawns 1 every 24 hours, and then costs simoleons to buy it. Also worth noting the cost is at least 3-4 times maximum market value (500) for some reason.


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