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Free SimCash in SimCity BuildIt?! Yes It’s Possible

While like 99% of all sites or videos you find out there that tell you how to get free SimCash for SimCity BuildIt are only false advertising, I decided to give you a true guide on that.

Please be aware that this method will give you like 30-40 SimCash per week if you follow the steps consistently, it’s the only way you can get it without spending any money for it 🙂

Free SimCash – The Truth

SimCash is the premium currency in SimCity BuildIt and EA is not giving it away just like that, it’s really hard to earn and they want you to pay money for it.

If you keep that in mind you understand that there are only two real ways how you can actually farm the SimCash in the game without spending the money.

Here are my two ways (and I think those are the only ways you can use without spending a lot of time and effort) – both of them require like a few minutes every day 🙂

Visiting Other Cities

While visiting other cities, you will see the gift bubbles appear randomly (more on that “random” below) that can contain anything, from normal item, rare materials for city expansion, keys or even SimCash.

Here’s how to do it and what you need to know about it…

You simply open the Trade Depot and select any offer and visit the city to check if there’s a gift bubble.

There’s not always one and it’s not tied to cities where you bought from or anything like that.

The gift bubbles are tied to time intervals and respawn every 4 hours in the USA Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) timezone – you do adapt that to your time zone.

This is the time where you will find them most often.

You can get 1 SimCash, 3 SimCash or even 5 SimCash from such a bubble but also Gold Keys or expansion materials so it’s a great thing to do when you play and you should pick up 1-2 SimCash bubbles when you visit like 20 cities every day.

So, while you’re waiting for any production to finish or if you’re buying items anyway always look out for the gift bubbles.

There’s no real daily limit of these gifts bubbles you can get, at least you can collect at least 50 of them without problems 🙂

Golden Chest

Every day you can open your daily chest and every 7th daily chest will be a Golden Chest.

Make sure that you will, even when not really playing, log in and get your daily chest because the Golden Chest can contain up to 30 SimCash and you can collect it every week 🙂

Not bad for 30 seconds of work every day, right? 😉


I know that you might now feel like this is not a real strategy, but I’m afraid this is the only way how you can farm SimCash frequently (Club Wars and Contest of mayors are also rewarding SimCash but require a lot more effort, so I did exclude them here in this guide).

So please don’t give me a bad rating here just because you don’t like the truth, it’s not my fault that EA built it that way, don’t kill the messenger ✌️

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