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Speed Up Token Guide – The Truth!

Speed Up Token have been introduced along with the Department of Epic Projects and let you boost the production rate of your factories. The reason why I wanted to write this guide here is that many many players simply use them wrong and also think that the Gold ones (Cheetah) are the ones they want to have.

The reality looks different and maybe I can save you a lot of effort and trouble with my guide 🙂

Speed Up Token – General

You can get fragments for speed up tokens from Contest of Mayors or other special offers – but the most efficient way to get them to generate a Speed Up Token are epic buildings (I’ve written a guide here about the best strategy to get epic buildings done) – the more you have the more fragments you get every day.

Speed Up Tokens have three different variations:

  • Bronze (Turtle) – 2x boost for 1 hour
  • Silver (Llama) – 4x boost for 1 hour
  • Gold (Cheetah) – 12x boost for 1 hour

Naturally the Gold ones are lot harder to get compared to the silver and the Bronze ones, I think this is obvious.

You can use them on any commercial building and the boost will produce faster for the time running and as long as there are some items in the queue.

But now let’s have a look at a day-to-day use.

How To Use Speed Up Token Right & What Are The Best Ones For You?!

Many player aim for getting multiple Gold Speed Up Token every day to boost progress, but here’s the thing:

  • Getting enough Gold Epic Buildings requires having many Silver and Bronze ones and plenty more buildings of the same specialization so this requires many hundreds of hours to play (or let’s say months and months of just building epic projects)
  • Gold Token are pretty much useless for most commercial buildings

You should always use the Speed Up Tokens wisely.

Bronze Speed Up Token

Perfect if you do need many raw materials from your factory like wood, iron and so on. Still, they will run out fast and you will basically only save one hour of total time, so only use them when you plan a longer session rather than filling up your queues to make full use of it.

Still, they are not really useful at all once you get frequent access to the Silver Speed Ups…

Silver Speed Up Token

Actually the best ones in my opinion! the 4x speed makes producing items of up to 1 hours really comfortable in a normal play session and you can also put a big time off the clock (7 hours) of items that you would normally produce over night.

I think that most players should go with the Silver Speed Up Token!

Gold Speed Up Token

Actually a big boost but normally run your commercial building so fast that you can’t keep up with filling it. You will not boost all commercial buildings with it and producing an item with 8+ hours of production time will shredd your stock of raw material items that you need.

If you need to farm for days to get one boosted session there’s not that much advantage in my opinion, especially when you look how tough it is to get them frequently.

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