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Best Club Wars Strategy – Stay Domed?!

Every club wants to win Club Wars to get the nice victory prize – but what is the best startegy? In turned out that a startegy called “stay domed” promises the best results so I decided that I will not only how this strategy in Club Wars works, I will also show you how you can counter it if your opponent club will try to use that strategy against you in Club Wars 🙂

How “Stay Domed” Works In Club Wars

So, theoretically, a Club War is nothing else than a race between two clubs who can gather more items and play more disasters on the other club’s cities to score more points.

Theoretically, but here comes the reality.

Once a city lost all 10 points, it will get a dome and unless a player will repair any of the destroyed buildings it will stay like that and no more points can get scored against that city at all. The only downside for a player that is under a dome? Well, he can’t play any cars himself and score any more points for his club.

This is the basic mechanic how it works and from that a strategy emerged that is called “Stay Domed” – and it’s really effective because there’s not much the opponent club can do against it.

It basically has two parts, one is all of the club members executing their attacks as quickly as possible once the attack stage started to get as much points as possible – and then they wait under the dome where no more points can get scored against them until the Club War is finished.

This is not only an annoying strategy, there’s nothing the other clan can do about it – nobody is forced to repair the city to remove the dome.

I don’t really want to anticipate that you use this startegy, but hey, as long as it’s possible by game design this is a free world where you can do whatever you want.

The more important thing I want to show you how you can counter that strategy and prevent that your opponent can use this against you in Club War in SimCity BuildIt.

Counter That & Win The Club War Anyway

I just said there’s nothing you can do to counter it, right?

Well, if you play it just like that and you got to the point where all your opponents cities are under a dome in Club Wars and they have more points than you have… well, than this is over.

The effective counter prevents that you will get to this point in Club Wars with two simple things:

#1 – Don’t repair unless you are under a dome

If you’re not under a dome and you repair, you will give any opponent the possibility to get more strikes against your city and earn more points for his club.

If you repair, wait for the dome – this is also hand-to-hadn with the second tip against the dome strategy in Clube Wars.

#2 – Get More Points With Managing Cards

This is the most important thing to do and you should always do that to get the maximum possible points – if your opponent does a perfect stay-domed Club War you will get a tie – if they do one single mistake or don’t have the cards ready they will lose with this strategy 🙂

This is how each single city needs to get attacked:

  1. Any of your club members will bring down a city to 1 health. At this point, your team can earn 900 points for that 9 health taken.
  2. Now you use a disaster that will get you as many points as possible against the same city. The city only has 1 health but your club will still get the full points for that (let’s say) 9 point attack.
  3. You scored 1,800 points for 10 health instead of 1,000 and there’s nothing your opponent can do about it.
  4. Repeat that pattern against every city and they can hide under their dome to see themself lose or they will get out of their shell and you can repeat that every single time.

Stay domed or not, they are doomed 😀

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