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How To Get Golden Keys & Best Specializations To Get For Them

Golden Keys are by far the most valuable currency in SimCity BuildIt – they are very hard to get but needed for the specializations that will boost your city extremely.

In this guide I will give you the best ways to farm the Golden Keys plus also some real helpful advice what specializations you should get with them.

How To Get Golden Keys Fast

There are actually only two ways (away from random rewards in Contest of Mayors) where you can get the Golden Keys in SimCity BuildIt – that’s either starting disasters or finishing cargo shipments.

I want to give you some thoughts about what will work best and what you should focus on.

Cargo Shipments VS Disasters

Looking at the basics will actually answer this question fast – you can get one cargo shipment every 18 hours and you will get 1 Golden Key for it. You don’t need to be good with math that it will take about 3 weeks until you can get a very good specialization (see below which ones are really worth it…).

That’s a lot.

I’d always recommend doing some disasters in Dr. Vu’s Tower – no matter which one.

For every building that you rebuild – yes, even when you need more material to do that compared to the cargo shipment – you can get a random number of Golden Keys.

Normally you see 2-4 being the amount you get, so that’s already a lot faster.

But it gets even better, disasters will destroy multiple buildings so you can easily get 10+ Golden Keys out of one single run and farm at a much higher ratio than just with cargo shipments 🙂

How To Spend Golden Keys Best?

When it comes to chooose specializations there’s more than just looking at the price tag and how much the boost will give you – you also have to mind the area the specialization will boost.

Let’s say a specialization will boost 20% on an area 12×8, is it better than a specialization that boosts 20% but does that for an 22×22 area?

You see, it’s not that easy.

Luckily for you have been comparing all specializations that you can get with your Gold Keys and effectively give you a list that you can use from top to bottom as a blueprint on how to spend Golden Keys best 🙂

Let’s have a look…

  1. University (50% boost on 22×22 area) in the Education Specialization is the best one
  2. Ferris Wheel & Sydney Opera House (60% boost on 20×20 area) in the Entertainment Specialization is very close behind the University
  3. Stadium (50% on 20×20 area) is also very good
  4. Washington Monument (60% on 18×18 area)
  5. Himeji Castle (60% on 16×18 area)
  6. Luxurious Casino Tower (60% on 16×16 area)
  7. Castle (Mountain) (55% on 8×30 area) but only if you make full use of the mountain area
  8. Heliport (40% on 18×18 area)
  9. Luxurious Casino (50% on 16×16)
  10. Statue of Liberty (60% on 14×16 area)

That’s basically it, if you have some Gold Keys to spend, make sure to get these first (except the Castle if you don’t make full use of the area) 🙂

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