Cargo Ship & Airport Delivery Guide

Cargo Ship and Airport Deliveries are one of the frequent ways how players farm either Gold Keys or items for the international buildings – and there are some things that I want to write here in this guide that you might either find helpful or at least informative 🙂

Items Numbers Rise & Plateu

Especially those of you that use a feeder city might have already seen that each Cargo Ship delivery will rise the amount of items required with each shipment going from 3 to one more each one.

So, don’t panic. This is totally normal and it will go up to 20 items!

This is getting less and less effective so I wouldn’t recommend you to farm Cargo Shipments that frequently anymore when you need things like 20 Chairs.

What you can do is sending the ship away and cycle until you get items that you can produce with less effort – like shovels etc.

At this point you should shift over to use Vu’s Tower more frequently to farm Golden Keys! It’s a lot cheaper and more effective later in the game 🙂

In case of the Airport Deliveries you don’t have much of a choice if you want to build Tokio, Paris or London specializations, unless youw ant to spend a fortune in Simoleons in the Global Trade HQ 🙁

Anyway, this at least helps for the next tip I have

Produce For Future Requests

When you send the ship or plane away (with or without cargo), you will have a cooldown but you can see what items are required in the next delivery.

You know the items and you also know the number of items required from the last delivery. If you’re below the 20 max items that are requested by the Cargo Ship or the Airport you can produce the same amount of items as you had in the last order and maybe add one just for security 😉

Or already take a look if you can get a nice deal in the Global Trade HQ.

Skip Wait Time For Next Delivery?

So you really have all items ready and want to skip the wait time with 10 SimCash? Bad idea…

This will not simply skip the wait time and get you the Golden keys or items faster, it will make the ship/plane stay in the dock or the airport longer:

  • Ship:
    • Normal 6h
    • Skipped Wait 18h
  • Airport (Paris)
    • Normal 8h
    • Skipped Wait 10h
  • Airport (London)
    • Normal 12h
    • Skipped Wait 8h
  • Airport (Tokio)
    • Normal 18h
    • Skipped Wait 10h

As you can see, in some cases it is okay if you have the items ready like in the airport for London and Tokie – you have less time but that doesn’t matter when you have the items, right? 😉

Normally I wouldn’t use that because 10 SimCash is a lot and you can get better things for it than just skipping a few hours for the next key/item.

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