simcity buildit level up guide simcity buildit level up guide

Level Up Guide For SimCity BuildIt

Each new level will unlock new things in SimCity BuildIt (up to level 40). While most games incentivise leveling up the thing with levels in SimCity BuildIt is a little differently and you need to know some things to not level up too much and get stuck easily.

I can’t recommend you to read this guide here enough.

Level Up Fast VS Level Up Good

Of course you want to unlock more buildings and items at first, but there’s a lot more to it when it comes to long-term progression in SimCity BuildIt.

The thing is, your expansion items will become your bottleneck at some point – not only for extending the map you can use to build buildings, also your storage will get tighter and tighter the more items you have.

Expansion materials drop quite often in the lower levels but get rarer and rarer with each level you rank up while you need more and more of them with each new expansion unlocked.

Many players use a feeder city or more to have a chance to get the expansion materials they need without burning loads and loads of Simoleons in the Trade Department HQ.

Also, the more items you can produce, the more complex and time-consuming the production chains get and you also need more and more to fulfill the Cargo Shipments and rebuild from disasters.

The higher you get the more your progress will slow down – and at some point you barely progress anymore simply to the initial problem:

  • Not enough land to build
  • Not enough storage to have multiple production chains running simultaneously while you’re offline

Is there a solution?

Well, depends on where you are in the game there are several fixes:

If you’re a new player (Level 12 and lower) – Read below the Campaign guide, this will help you understand and execute a boost for the future of your city!

If you already exceeded Level 12 but you’re below Level 18 – Read the guide below, all the things still apply but are not that easy anymore – but you’re able to produce Donuts and they sell very well in the Trade Depot and you can farm some nice cash that makes up for the lower amount of expansion items you get.

You’re Level 18+ – well, the only thing you can now do is creating one or more feeder cities that will halp you get the expansion items to close the gap and get your storage and map extended. Here’s a full guide how to set up a feeder city and how to operate it properly.

Campign Levels

As I said, staying at Level 12 is perfect and if you can do it you should stay there for some time, unless you can’t hold it any longer and want to see the additional content SimCity BuildIt has to offer.

In this case you can set yourself up a feeder city (you’ll need it anyway later).

If you’re patient enough, here’s what you will do at Level 12:

  • Don’t upgrade or build new houses, this might push you to the next level
  • Farm the expansion items by frequently checking your city and also the Global Trade HQ and buy the expansion materials you see there. You don’t spend your Simoleons on anything else anyway right now
  • Boost your population with park, education and transportation boosts to unlock the Cargo Shop and Vu Tower to start earning Golden Keys. Each residential building should have a 300% boost.
  • Simoleons earning by keeping your commercial buildings filled up with items you produce and sell them in the Trade Depot HQ for the maximum price.
  • Earn Gold Keys by finishing Cargo Ship deliveries and use Vu’s disasters and rebuild. These are quite easy to fulfill as you have only a few items you can produce and that are needed and you produce them non-stop anyway 🙂

This is basically it.

You can also right now start a feeder city like I described in this guide here and start earning twice the expansion materials right away 🙂 This will make the time you camp lower, so why not start 2 feeder cities 😉

How Far Taking Campaign?

Well, the perfect goal would be to get your storage capacity to 500 and unlock the whole map – although it’s the fastest way to do it with campaign at Level 12, it’s probably not the most fun one and you very likely don’t want to sit there for years until you actually “start” to play SimCity BuildIt 😉

There are players that have made that goal in 1 year but you can also stop a lot sooner, like unlocking 2/3 of the map and getting 350-400 storage capacity and unlock the rest when playing normal – that should take you around 6 months.

In the end you decide yourself but doing that for a few weeks won’t hurt and boost a lot and you’ll appreciate in the end 🙂

  1. I accidently deleted my city with the name of peridot isle and l have been trying eveything to get it back. I was the president and would like to continue playing.. l had it protected with google but that hasn’t helped me to recover it.

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