call of dragons best legion marches building guide 2024 call of dragons best legion marches building guide 2024

Best Hero Pairings & Legions Building Guide in Call of Dragons (Season 2)

Pairing heroes for your legions in Call of Dragons can give you great synergies but using the wrong heroes as your secondary legion commander can throw you back – but this is a whole lot more complex than just trowing in some heroes with synergies! Building your marches is probably the most long-term planning thing you do in Call of Dragons so I thought it is important to write a real guide as everything I found out there was nothing than some hero synergies.

You have to see what kind of marches you need, what pets and artifacts make sense and where you are in the game, so below you will find below recommended legion setups for early players, progressed players and of course for end-game (with recommendations of the order how to build them).

Please note that I have this in close conjunction with my hero tier list so I only show pairing that work well for every cause. You can find my hero tier list here. Don’t miss out on free Gems, Keys, Boosters and Speedups and frequently check my list of active gift codes for Call of Dragons here.

How The Pairing Overview Works

You will find below setups for early, mid and end-game players but as they will not universally apply to every player, I linked you the guide for progressively building your infantry, magic, marksman and cavalry legions.

Early-Game Legions

Early game you’re aiming to build 3 marches, one infantry to tank close-range, one magic to deal area damage and have some control and one marksman to deal damage:

This is the recommended setup to go for but just a quick overview. You can see the full build of the marches, including artifacts and pet recommendations here:

Mid-Game Legions

Now you will get 4 possible legions and even at City Hall 22 unlock the 5th slot, so at this point you need to improve your infantry legion + your magic/marksman legion and potentially add a cavalry legion:

For a better understanding and the artifac/pet recommendations, please see the full guides here:

End-Game Legions

In the current meta you will aim for two cavalry legion, one magic legion and two marksman legions:

In case you wonder, your cavalry legion is not going to waste but is more a legion you use when you need it and not one that walks with your other legions and marches frequently.

Special Legions & Future Predictions

In addition to your main legions you should also have these two cavalry legions to be quick on the map, disrupt enemy lines or do the long distances after a pass opens to get flags:

Full legion building guide:

And in case for new heroes and what the future will bring. I stated that already a few times but I think that Bertrand and Tohar will take at least a few month to really come into meta and as they are not really compatible with any other heroes than each other you can build them perspectively as I believe they will find their spot later in 2024 in the meta but right now they are not really needed for 99% of the players.


I hope this frequently updated guide here gives you some insights what heroes pairings are working well right now in Call of Dragons. Please mind, just because your pairing that works is not on the list means your hero pairing is bad, those are simply the ones performing the best.

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