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Siege Machine Guide 2023

You have several options when it comes to Siege Machines in Clash of Clans and the fact that you can switch them out dynamically while attacking gives you a ton of strategic options. I know that many stick to more or less the same Siege Machine when attacking (which is fine in some cases), but i wanted to write a fresh guide for 2023 giving you a full overview of the Siege Machines, and I don’t mean about their stats or at what Town Hall level you can use them, no, it’s about choosing the right Siege machine for your attack and how each Siege Machine is used to get the biggest bang for your buck.

clash of clans swap siege machine

With that being said, let’s jump right into each Siege Machine and I promise you that you will take out a couple of things from this guide.

Siege Machine Benefits

Below I have a more detailed description for each Siege Machine, but here I want to give you a brief overview so you have it all at one glance:


  • Battle DrillA+Best TH15 Bases
    Great to go into a base and take out defenses and important sections, but the triggering mechanic can backfire heavily as it will consider the Town Hall and the defensive Ggrand Warden as targets (Attention, it can activate the Giga Town Hall defense) but doesn't target things like the Clan Castle or troops, so can get taken down quickly. With proper planning against the right base a beast, though.Air: AGround: A+Best TH15 BasesBest TH14 BasesBest Clan Castle Troops
  • Flame FlingerABest TH15 Bases
    Can snipe away critical defenses and structures and hel funnel well. It's slow, though, so timing out is a real issue here for some players making it a high skill high reward Siege machine but none that makes sense to just drop and watch it wreck.Air: B+Ground: ABest TH15 BasesBest TH14 BasesBest Clan Castle Troops
  • Stone SlammerB+Best TH15 Bases
    Actually pretty versatile but with some downsides. You can use it with all kind of attacking strategies , it can tank some and deals damage and also can get troops into a certain compartment. But the ranke is small and air defenses nomrally deal with it pretty easily.Air: B+Ground: B+Best TH15 BasesBest TH14 BasesBest Clan Castle Troops
  • Battle BlimpBBest TH15 Bases
    Is basically a great transportation to get troops into a certain point or tank some damage away, but doesn't deal any noticable damage or provide anything else, it's more or less transportation.Air: BGround: B+Best TH15 BasesBest TH14 BasesBest Clan Castle Troops
  • Siege BarracksBBest TH15 Bases
    Adds basically 99 housing space by spawning additional units so grows your army size overall. It's really situational to work and rely a lot on rng, espcially from the spawned PEKKA and can't rally tank and deals no damage.Air: BGround: BBest TH15 BasesBest TH14 BasesBest Clan Castle Troops
  • Wall WreckerC+Best TH15 Bases
    Is basically the tank among the Siege Machines and can be used well for getting into a base without activating the Giga Town Hall defense, like it happens with the Log Launcher. Has nice hitpoints so a very good one without fancy extras.Air: D+Ground: ABest TH15 BasesBest TH14 BasesBest Clan Castle Troops
  • Log LauncherC+Best TH15 Bases
    On paper a great Siege Machine putclassing Wall Wrecker easily, but it can potentially activate the Giga Town Hall defense, making your attack a lot harder. It also can tank less and the damage output decreases over time, balancing it out more among the other Siege Machines and used properly a very strong one with ground attacks.Air: D+Ground: ABest TH15 BasesBest TH14 BasesBest Clan Castle Troops

Siege Machine Details

Wall Wrecker

The first ever Siege Machine in Clash of Clans and it has pretty straightforward mechanics, it will go straight towards the Town Hall and destroy walls and buildings on the path. It will release the troops either when it gets destroyed or you can also manually release the troops. Also, it will get destroyed automatically when it reaches the Town Hall, it will not deal any damage to the Town Hall.

You normally use this Siege Machine along with a Queen Walk or Queen Charge to open up the base at exactly the spot you want your queen to walk. Of course you can also combine it with a suicide squad to attack either the Town Hall directly or take out any critical defense. Let’s say the Town Hall is on the opposite side of the base you can still predict the pathing of the Wall Wrecker perfectly and take down an Inferno Tower, Eagle Artillery or Scattershot with it (with or without the help of additional troops or a Queen Charge).

Don’t combine it with air troops, the Wall Wrecker won’t trigger any air traps and your cc troops can face Seeking Air Mines right after spawning and get decimated quickly!

Pro Tip! Be careful against bases with Town Hall on the outside, the Wall Wrecker will still go after the Town Hall position even after the Town Hall got destroyed!

Battle Blimp

The Battle Blim is pretty much the air version of the Wall Wrecker but without the ability to destroy walls, you will use it differently. Unlike the Wall Wrecker, you can combine it with all kinds of troops as it’s a lot faster and you can basically take troops to any desired spot in the base outside ring to surgically remove a defense like an Inferno Tower, Eagle Artillery or Scattershot. I’d also recommend this as the more common use-case for the Battle Blimp in combination with a Rage Spell where you deploy your troops manually to make sure you take down what you want to take down.

Combine it with 1-2 Balloons in front to take out Seeking Air Mines so the Battle Blimp won’t get destroyed too early.

battle blimp strategy

Use troops like Valkyries, Yetis, Sneaky Goblins or Electro Dragon with Balloon & Clone Spell along with a rage spell and you can be sure you will wreck the section you want to wreck.

Pro Tip! Use the Battle Blimp against ring bases to make sure to get the Town Hall for the 2-Star, even when your funneling goes wrong and your troops won’t go for the center with the Town Hall.

Stone Slammer

The Stone Slammer is like a giant balloon targeting defenses. This gives you other possibilities compared to the upper two Siege Machines but also requires more strategic thinking as well.

The two main strategies is either using the Stone Slammer along with other defense-targeting troops like Hog Riders or Balloons to create a path into the base and take out the defenses in a certain section. Really helpful to also keep Hog Riders inside the base while the Stone Slammer takes care of the defenses on the outside of a base.

stone slammer strategy

Alternatively, you can also use the Stone Slammer on TH12+ to target the Town Hall directly and prevent your troops getting hit by the Giga Bomb upon destruction.

Pro Tip! Always mind that if the stone slammer attacks a defense that touches a wall, the wall will also get damage and get destroyed when the defense get destroyed (not just by hitting, only by destroying it). This only works when there’s no tile in between!

Siege Barracks

The Siege Barracks are like a spawner before they release the troops inside your Clan Castle. You can only deploy it static on the outside and it will have a countdown while it’s sending in a PEKKA and a lot of Wizards that will start clearing whatever is around before your cc troops get released.

There’s only one use case for this Siege Machine and that’s actually setting up your funnel where you can have the “free” PEKKA and Wizards clear a bunch of buildings for you. This Siege Machine gives you the least amount of control but for building a funnel with a strategy that involves troops like Hog Riders or Balloons this works really well.

You can also use it for cleaning up when time is an issue, but I personally find that doing a full attack without cc troops where time for cleaning is your only problem is not that common in the highest TH levels.

Log Launcher

The latest Siege Machine is kind od a hybrid between the Wall Wrecker and the Siege Barracks. It loses hitpoints over time and after 30s seconds it will get destroyed automatically. The advantages is that it spawns the logs that have 20 tiles range and will hit up to 4 buildings.

This makes it the perfect Siege Machine against bases where the Town Hall is offset, so you can also destroy walls past the Town Hall. Remember, the Wall Wrecker will be destroyed when reaching the Town Hall while the Log Launcher will still spawn the logs.

log launcher strategy

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