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How Base Ranking Works on AllClash

You can find bases for Clash of Clans in masses online, on many resources – and I don’t want in no means bash anyone here but as a player since the very start of the game in 2012 and running AllClash since 2014 which started primarily with guides and content for Clash of Clans, I have seen it all. My main issue with most sources is that many of them copy paste designs  that either worked well at some point in the past and then these bases get re-copied over and over and over again (and AI tools for video and websites didn’t make that any better) that it makes it hard to tell if a base you see works or not. Did it get tested? Maybe you see some replays but those are normally done by bad attackers to show their clickbait “unbeatable” base claim. But in 95% of the cases you will simply see random bases that get cross-copied for months over different creatores and different platforms. That’s just a reality.

The reality is, every base can be beaten and sometimes the meta is more in favor of denfeding when 3-Star are very rare and other times the meta favors offense where you can get away with more mistakes and still get a 3-Star. At the end of the day, every single base out there can be beaten and we as base designers try to make the chances to beat a base as small as possible by including defensive techniques that punish small mistakes. It’s a numbers game and even the best bases can have bad days. Also, a base needs to be designed with a clear use – a war base works well in defending the 3-Star with the fact in mind that players can attack multiple times and scout the base into the smallest detail to fine-tune their attacks. In a trophy base you want to ideally prevent the 2-Star and have the advantage that the attacker can’t scout your base and doesn’t know trap locations or what you have in your Clan Castle.

This is a long intro and the reason I write this is why we have rankings for our bases and I wanted to share some background for that.

You can find all our bases (monthly updated on the 1st of the month) here:

How Base Ranks Work & What It Tells You

So, you have very likely seen the ranking below each base I designed here and publish and I want to give you some more insights how I test my layouts and what the ranks in detail mean.

trophy base ranking

For Trophy Bases the rank clearly indicates how well a base defends in a league that makes sense – so for TH16 and TH15 that is obviously Legend League and for lower Town Hall level the league goes down. If a base gets 3-Stared frequently in our tests (at least 1 time per day over the course of 7 days that we test the base), it will not get the maximum rank.

war base ranking

For War Bases the injective is clear – eat as many attacks as you can before giving up the stars. For max Town Hall war bases the maximum rank is only given if no attacker was able to 3-Star the base. For lower Town Hall levels if same Town Hall attackers couldn’t 3-Star and higher Town Halls needed to clear the base and even bad attacker struggled. Same for CWL.

How Ranks Perform Over Time

So, these ranks are given when I test a base and that happens normally over the course of several days/wars and many defenses to make sure the results are not a lucky punch. Obviously, a base designed months ago will change in performance but I can’t re-test all bases from the past year the same way each month (time is the limit here), so ranks gradually lower the older bases get + whenever a balance change in an update is applied since that changes the performance.

Why am I doing this / What can you take away from that?

First, when looking around online for bases you see old and outdated bases still used so much “because they worked so well months ago” and so many bases get simply copied and re-published with some lucky defense replays and then people waste precious time running a base that is just outdated or burnt (burnt bases are bases that have been posted around because they work so people started to find a way to beat that base, one of the most important factors why ranks on bases here on AllClash gradually decrease over time since the bases once public get used by a lot of people).

The ranks are not mathematically correct or scientifically evidence – but a way to classify a base so you can see what performance you can expect.

PRO Bases VS Free Bases

The PRO bases here on AllClash that you can get if you support us on Patreon are the freshest and best-performing ones, simply because less players use them and they are freshly tested heavily with the current meta. After 30 days those bases become FREE bases and new PRO bases get published (usually the 1st of each month) – at this point a lot more people use the bases so players learn to adapt to the bases more.

For this reason, the PRO bases are simply slightly stronger than the FREE bases. That doesn’t make the FREE bases essentially bad, they are just used longer and more often.

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I hope this overview gives you an idea how quality management with the bases here works – unlike other sources that post new bases everyday or claim that each of their base is THE BEST… I don’t want to point at certain sources but as someone who spends a ton of time evolving in base designing I simply feel that I owe it to you to provide a base that works and not waste your time with junk – and if you value that with support on Patreon I am very happy and it helps me spend more time improving my base design skills – and if not for whatever your reason is, I appreciate every thanks and feedback as well and appreciate your trust in my bases.

If you have any questions, just drop a comment below 🙂

Thanks and Clash On!

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