tales of grimm best characters tier list january 2023 with white queen tales of grimm best characters tier list january 2023 with white queen

Tales of Grimm Characters Tier List (Updated 2023)

More than 40 different characters in Tales of Grimm makes it not only hard to choose which ones to run, you also need to look at the time and effort it takes to build them. With my tier list here I hope I can help you find out more about their individual strengths as well as see them in perspective to each other.

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Best Characters Ranked (Tier List)

Without further chit-chat, let’s get into the tier list you’re here for. I also want to advice you to check out my tier list of relics here, this will be very useful to make sure that all your characters will perform at their maximum potential. Plus also read my guide on building a good team formation here.

Update! I added White Queen and Princess Molly and adjusted several ranking according to the current meta in Tales of Grimm.


  • DottieS+Best Relics
    Dottie has some insane buffs in her repertoire for allies, especially for warriors. She also counters enemy warriors well and her strategic death can be useful. Her heals are not really reliable but they don't have to be to make her outstand in the way she does.PvE: S+PvP: S+Best RelicsBest Team
  • Mad GrannyS+Best Relics
    Mad Granny has such a crazy offense buff for all allies with a small cooldown and can ban healing. Really nasty to deal with so I can forgive the fact that her healing is significantly lower compared to other healing characters in Tales of Grimm easily and absolutely one of the top characters to have and invest in!PvE: S+PvP: SBest RelicsBest Team
  • SurlaSBest Relics
    Surla is nearly invincible at the start of a battle with her buffs stacks and also incredible strong against enemy setups that rely on their frontline setup. But be careful, her buffs are placed randomly and run out quite quickly and she is quite on her own and won't contribute much else to your team so make sure to pack additional support as well.PvE: SPvP: SBest RelicsBest Team
  • WindySBest Relics
    Windy is an amazing character with high overall damage and her strong healing-ban debuff on her 2nd skill. Really hard to deal with for the enemy but be aware that her speed increase may mess up your skill order. But overall a great character to have and run.PvE: SPvP: SBest RelicsBest Team
  • Prince CharmSBest Relics
    One of the strongest characters in this tier is Prince Charm for sure. Delivers his high damage consistently on every turn and is not depending on many other allies with his self-buff.PvE: SPvP: A+Best RelicsBest Team
  • Wonder AllishSBest Relics
    You can't really go that wrong with running Wonder Allish as she has a good bunch of crowd control abilities and is also fast. Can be a little low in damage sometimes but overall provides a strong kit.PvE: SPvP: A+Best RelicsBest Team
  • ShahyrarSBest Relics
    Shahyrar is one of the essential characters in Tales of Grimm that you want to run. He applies aid without cooldown in between turns and also deals high amounts of true damage bursts that scale well with tankiness.PvE: SPvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Dark QueenA+Best Relics
    You can't go wrong with Dark Queen and her high overall damage, that rule applied for a long time but I down-ranked her quite a bit in the way the current meta works. Pay attention to the targeting of her 2nd active skill, it can get messy here and there.PvE: A+PvP: A+Best RelicsBest Team
  • Genie CuyaA+Best Relics
    Genie Cuya is a character that I can also recommend running. He's a nice tank and actually the only one in Tales of Grimm that provides aid on the first turn and can get rid of control effects in turn two, which makes him really viable to use.PvE: A+PvP: A+Best RelicsBest Team
  • Maid SophieA+Best Relics
    Maid Sophie is healing a lot and has defensive buffs and the ability to revive allies. That#s her role and she does it well. If she would provide more damage buffs or anything else for the team I'd rank her higher right away.PvE: A+PvP: A+Best RelicsBest Team
  • Prince SpadesABest Relics
    Prince Spades is another prince here in this tier that can deal high burst damage and counter enemy formations that base on crowd control. His damage output, though, can rely much on his build with talents and sigils. You'll see him in many top PvP formations so don't get mislead by that, he's not that outshining hero as it might appear!PvE: APvP: SBest RelicsBest Team
  • Marksman RobinABest Relics
    Although Marksman Robin is quite newer, he already has a place in the meta as he's a great sniper and execute that helps bringing individual members of the opposing team down with different debuffs and his kit mechanics.PvE: APvP: SBest RelicsBest Team
  • Nightmare MarleneABest Relics
    Also new is Nightmare Marlene who has great targeting mechanics and good damage along with control that makes her run quite stable. Small disclaimer here, I might adjust her ranking in the next update as I didn't had the chance to test her crazy much but her kit looks really promising.PvE: APvP: SBest RelicsBest Team
  • Wisdom BirdABest Relics
    Wisdom Bird is quite brute-force but deals good damage to multiple targets and her ability to focus down frontline enemies make her a good fit in several setups where you want to break through there.PvE: APvP: SBest RelicsBest Team
  • Yuri SchneeABest Relics
    Yuri Schnee is for sure a character you want to run in PvP, providing very high burst damage and great ability to focus down units. This will really be messy for enemies to deal with. Can be a little bit squishy here and there as Yuri relies on critting the right targets and is also predictable who the primary skill will target, but overall a very strong character.PvE: APvP: SBest RelicsBest Team
  • White QueenABest Relics
    With her mechanics, including a resurrection chance for a fallen ally, she can be extremly strong and frustratig to deal with in all game modes, although a smaller edge towards PvP. But she has a lot of chance-based stuff in her kit so also has some rng and sometimes fail to procc into her skills well.PvE: APvP: SBest RelicsBest Team
  • FedernABest Relics
    Also a character that I recommend is Federn. His passive buffs add a good amount of damage and his area debuff 1st skill make him a great addition for many formations. The only downside with him is that he doesn't provide much more for your team and needs support to sustain.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • DucklingABest Relics
    Duckling is pretty solid in what he's doing and a hero that fits in several teams and doesn't have too much problems being useful. Not outstanding, but useful.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Bunny BrideABest Relics
    Bunny Bride has the ability to put strong debuffs on her enemies and also grows stronger over time with her passive skill. The only downside is that floral damage over time doesn't scale well, especially towards late-game and her passive speed increase may mess up your team skill order.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Miss ConchABest Relics
    Miss Conch is a well-rounded character with many sources of healing overall. Also, her crowd control on the first turn is helpful. The downside is that her attack buff is not happening before the second turn and her freeze can sometimes fail. Still a character you will enjoy using a lot.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • LunaABest Relics
    Luna is solid and I will do more testing to give a more distinct rank. She's not worst than A Tier but I really want to be sure before I give her a higher rank!PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Evil LiesABest Relics
    Similar to Luna, I want to do more testing with Evil Lies in the current meta to make sure to rank him higher only if that applies.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Quasi MortalABest Relics
    Quasi Mortal is a great value character in Tales of Grimm! He has a heal without cooldown and applies constant burn paired with strong passive effects that scale well. Would rank him higher but he doesn't provide any help for the team.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Quickcut PinnoABest Relics
    Quickcut Pinno has a attack debuff for the enemy that can't get dispelled but his unreliable crowd control chance and medium overall damage don't make him a character to stick out in Tales of Grimm.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • LettuceraABest Relics
    Lettucera has a nice crit buff and also a strong debuff on her 2nd skill. What makes me rank her here in this tier is that she has not the best targeting mechanics and also her heals are not much in total.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Fairy MarieABest Relics
    Fairy Marie will give you a good time with her high speed (yes, she's really fast) and offers a very nice area disspell. Her targeting is a little predictable which makes her not top-notch in PvP, but that's about all negative that I can tell about her.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Swift AliABest Relics
    Swift Ali has high counterattack damage and can also off-tank with her damage cap passive skill. But if you can't make her counterattack effectively, her damage falls off quickly and she is not that crazy resistant.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Blade GinaABest Relics
    Blade Gina gets stronger as time goes on (can be good or bad, but snowball somewhat in the right situations) and burst target-specific with a small cooldown. But that also means she takes some time until her attack stacks up and she seems to have serious problems to target support enemies.PvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Princess MollyABest Relics
    With her shielding and tru damage she can be a great character to increase sustain of your allies, espcially as her shield can't be disapelled. Overall only really good if you need that support characterPvE: APvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Red QueenABest Relics
    Red Queen delivers her damage consistently and also has burn, but needs the enemies to burn to really pack a punch so wrong enemy team setup with cleaning debuffs will basically take her out of the equation. Also her base attack is not that high.PvE: APvP: BBest RelicsBest Team
  • CindyB+Best Relics
    Cindy has this speed advantage, which is great for PvP as she can strike faster and dominate the order, even mess the enemy order up completely and disrupt the synergy. So far so good, but she also provides low overall damage and her freeze is sometimes not as reliable as you might want it to have for crowd control. Still a good choice in the right situations.PvE: B+PvP: A+Best RelicsBest Team
  • Nightmare EllaB+Best Relics
    Nightmare Ella shines with her debuff that can't be dispelled and her shielding. Her 2nd skill is quite random and make her not that reliable, but not a bad character for the right situations.PvE: B+PvP: A+Best RelicsBest Team
  • LoreleiB+Best Relics
    PvE: B+PvP: B+Best RelicsBest Team
  • BremenB+Best Relics
    Bremen offers consistent debuffs but has very low heals in total and also his performance is heavily relying on the enemy formation. Very situational performance.PvE: B+PvP: B+Best RelicsBest Team
  • MedusaB+Best Relics
    Medusa is no outstanding hero in Tales of Grimm and there needs to be several things fixed in her kit to make her viable - until that happens, I will rank her here.PvE: B+PvP: B+Best RelicsBest Team
  • Fencer PedroB+Best Relics
    Fencer Pedro is very good at inflicting and keeping the burn active on enemies, so if you run a burn team that benefit from that he's a great addition. But that's also his downside, as you need a full burn team to really make him work at his full potential or he will only deal mediocre damage.PvE: B+PvP: BBest RelicsBest Team
  • Cindy's StepmotherB+Best Relics
    Cindy's Stepmother is a borderline decision between B Tier and C Tier. She has high burst damage than can be good for PvP with her debuffs and her burn, but she has a lot of prerequisites that need to be set up properly. In the right team she can perform good (not great).PvE: B+PvP: BBest RelicsBest Team
  • CarabosseB+Best Relics
    Carabosse applies her poison effectively but her detonating curse is inconsistent, her total damage not that high and she's also in general not that reliable.PvE: B+PvP: C+Best RelicsBest Team
  • Dark KnightBBest Relics
    With Dark Knight you will get some good area crowd control and stacking debuffs. But can die fast and doesn't provide much for your team.PvE: BPvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • TritonBBest Relics
    Triton has very strong counterattacks and is also very resistance against critical strikes plus strong effects on both active skill. So far so good, but has no ability to sustain on his own and needs support to stay alive and can be squishy at times plus is slow.PvE: BPvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Gale LaddinBBest Relics
    With Gale Laddin you have a character that provides high burst damage and also pretty effective targeting mechanics, however, his crowd control is really unreliable which makes him squishy to play at times.PvE: BPvP: ABest RelicsBest Team
  • Princess PeayaBBest Relics
    Princess Peaya has decent crowd control with her silence and can stack up her debuffs to become really strong. But her skill kit is overall quite complicated to get going and doesn't do much else.PvE: BPvP: BBest RelicsBest Team
  • WukongBBest Relics
    Wukong has strong burst skills, but that's about it. His cooldown is quite long and he goes in either to wreck or not.PvE: BPvP: BBest RelicsBest Team
  • Lil PrinceBBest Relics
    Honestly, Lil Prince can provide insane burst damage but it's also highly conditional. can also off-tank during awakening but the reason I rank him here is that he is really risky to use. He either over-performs insanely or goes down and is super situational to use, conditional on your team formation and the enemy formation as well.PvE: BPvP: BBest RelicsBest Team
  • Rogue JackBBest Relics
    Rogue Jack can help you with high burst damage and also target quite well with a low cooldown. Sounds strong, right? Well, his 2nd skill targets poorly and also does have a hard time to focus on support and that's what you really want.PvE: BPvP: BBest RelicsBest Team
  • BritneyBBest Relics
    Britney can deal high damage, but it's conditional. I also like the execution effect of her 2nd skill. But as many fire heroes she requires the enemy to be burning and relies heavily on running a full burn team.PvE: BPvP: CBest RelicsBest Team
  • LarissaBBest Relics
    Yes, Larissa can revive allies and also has a strong buff for the strongest allies. The problem is that you need to run a very strong S Tier kind of character with her so she would rather drag down the performance of your whole setup than buffing it. Also, her heals are overall low and the buff only works for two rounds.PvE: BPvP: CBest RelicsBest Team
  • Goddess BellaBBest Relics
    Goddess Bella is no character you want to run. She can do decent against mage teams but there are better options and she's just so unreliable overall.PvE: BPvP: CBest RelicsBest Team
  • Raven MaalBBest Relics
    Raven Maal has strong buffs and debuffs but they are very selective in terms of how many enemies and allies they affect. Can make you happy, can make you unhappy and his damage is not really happening.PvE: BPvP: CBest RelicsBest Team
  • Queen LillithCBest Relics
    Pretty much at the bottom of the C Tier is Queen Lillith, and the only reason she's not D Tier is that she has a chance to freeze enemies when she hits. But, as you know, freeze is not that reliable in Tales of Grimm and she deals overall low damage.PvE: CPvP: CBest RelicsBest Team
  • AnneDBest Relics
    With Anne you will get quite a messy targeting and a low crit reduction (sounds better on paper than it performs in reality). Overall her ability to deal okay conditional damage is just not worth investing in her.PvE: DPvP: DBest RelicsBest Team
  • Bean SageDBest Relics
    Bean Sage has some crowd control but doesn't provide much for your team and also his targeting is quite messy.PvE: DPvP: DBest RelicsBest Team


That’s it, we’re at the end of the tier list for the characters in Tales of Grimm and I try to keep it updated as much as possible with new characters or balancing changes. If you have questions or think certain characters are ranked wrong, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for the article, I really appreciate your work! I do have a question, though. I don’t see Lorelei listed, and I use her in both PVE and PvP modes. Where would you rank her?

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