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tales of grimm ancient tomb walkthrough guide tales of grimm ancient tomb walkthrough guide

Tales of Grimm Ancient Tomb Guide (Time Corridor)

Solving the Ancient Tomb in Tales of Grimm can be a little difficult so I though, on popular request and after my guide for Maze Forrest was so popular, I also write a walkthrough for this time Corridor realm as well.

By the way, one very important aspect is that you run a team of good heroes (please refer to the best heroes in the current meta here) and also equip them with strong relics (you can find the best ones here).

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Ancient Tomb in Tales of Grimm – Full Walkthrough

Alright, let’s not waste too much time and start right away with solving the Maze Forrest. You need to go through the realm and find the Tombkeeper and the ancient heir and work together to clear the Ancient Tomb (and get all the rewards, like the other Time Corridor realms in Tales of Grimm).

Problems with this realm? Please also check out my guide here in building a good team formation with the heroes you have, it might change a lot.

Step 1 – important to notice is, every time you step on one of the purple traps (1), you will get a debuff (like reducing mage heroes in your team to lose 50% HP) so you want to go through the battles as much as you can before you have to step on the next trap. You can’t avoid all of them but each battle you finish before you do that is significantly easier. Avoid the next trap (2) and then go to the right (3):

Step 2 – follow the path and you will find an ancient tomb that you need to dispell (1) by simply selecting it, this will remove one trap in front of the Gravedigger. Go to the right and also despell the tombs there (2) until all traps in front of the Gravedigger are removed. Now go and talk to the Gravedigger (3):

Step 3 – now that the Gravedigger joined your team challenge the Overfirend (1) below your position and beat it. If you struggle with your health, there’s also a Healing Stone right there that you can optionally use (2) and then use the Tavern (3) to recruit an additional her – again, please choose a strong hero here!

Step 4 – now challenge the Demon Priest, kind of a semi-boss of the Ancient Tomb, with the additional hero you picked (not mandatory, but useful if you picked a strong one) and beat him to unlock the last part of the Ancient Tomb (1). The last tombstone will then be removed and you can proceed (2). I recommend that you beat all the enemies here and get the buffs and heal up at the Healing Stone to be powerful enough to beat the final Demon Prince (3) and pick up the final reward:

Et voilá you’ve successfully cleared the Ancient Tomb in Tales of Grimm and you can continue to Machine Hill, if you have it unlocked by stages already.


I hope this guide for Ancient Tomb helped and you will find more guides for Tales of Grimm below or linked – please let me know in the comments if it worked or if I might have forgotten anything.

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