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tales of grimm land of sand walkthrough guide tales of grimm land of sand walkthrough guide

Tales of Grimm Land of Sand Guide (Time Corridor)

Solving Land of Sand in Tales of Grimm can be a little tricky and as I got a couple of requests after my guide for Maze Forrest and Ancient Tomb, I will also make a full walkthrough for Land of Sand, too.

By the way, one very important aspect is that you run a team of good heroes (please refer to the best heroes in the current meta here) and also equip them with strong relics (you can find the best ones here).

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Land of Sand in Tales of Grimm – Full Walkthrough

Alright, let’s not waste too much time and start right away with solving the Land of Sand (and get all the rewards, like the other Time Corridor realms in Tales of Grimm).

Problems with this realm? Please also check out my guide here in building a good team formation with the heroes you have, it might change a lot.

Step 1 – after an introduction that doesn’t tell much you’re left along at the start and need to talk to Gale Liddin (1) to get the storyline of Land of Sand rolling. Now go to the left and challenge yourself through the demon lines (2) until you get to the very bottom left of the map where you can collect some chests and recruit an additional hero at the tavern (3):

Step 2 – yes, it’s an ambush but this is all part of the storyline of Land of Sand… you need to fight your way through but you’ll get buffs (1). Then fight your way up (2) but don’t attack the enemies that I marked with X in the image! Then recruit an additional hero in the Hero Tavern (3):

Step 3 – clear all the enemies in the area to get the buffs, you will need them, and also collect the chest behind the tavern before following the path (1) to the top right (2) where you need to collect everything. Again, clear all the camps you see there, you will need the buffs! Now return to the starting point and submit the crown to Time Rabbit (3):

Step 4 – clear the area right on top of your position now as well (1) and then it’s time to do the challenge you did not do in Step 2 (2) to get to the last area of Land of Sand. Clear the area behind it as well and then go north (3) and clear the enemies there as well:

Step 5 – clear the top left area Demon Priest (1) and you will see the Kraken Clone (2) appear that you need to beat. Now you should see that you’re missing only the last chest of the Land of Sand. You’ll find this in the top right corner (3). Important! If you struggle beating the Kraken, clear all the enemies and get their buffs first!

Et voilá you’ve successfully cleared the Land of Sand in Tales of Grimm.


I hope this guide for ALand of Sand helped and you will find more guides for Tales of Grimm below or linked – please let me know in the comments if it worked or if I might have forgotten anything.

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