The Best Team Formation in Tales of Grimm – Here’s How

If you have problems dealing with a certain stage or with a certain setup in Tales of Grimm, chances are high that you might use the wrong setup and I decided to write this guide as I constantly see players using the wrong team. So, instead of throwing two or three high-end teams at you that you probably can’t run because you haven’t built the characters at that level, I rather want to give you some tips how you can improve your team formation in Tales of Grimm with the character roaster you have.

How To Build A Good Team Formation in Tales of Grimm

I know that some of the tips I give you in this guide sound basic, but as I see so many players doing them wrong I think it’s valuable that I point them out here. Also, I’m sure that you will take away something from this guide if you go through it to the very end.

In the beginning, it’s easy to get away with a bad team formation in Tales of Grimm as you can easily level up and then snowball through the enemies, but as the level deficit gets bigger and it gets harder and harder to strengthen your characters, this technique will comes to an end and you have to fine-tune your formation-

Pick Strong Characters

Yes, it might sound lame and boring and obvious, but still, some players tend to use characters that look cool or they got early on in the game and use them because they upgraded them well. Also, some character skills read pretty strong but aren’t that strong after all or some characters also do great in the early- to mid-game in Tales of Grimm and then fall off later and become weak(er).

Please refer to my tier list of the strongest characters in Tales of Grimm here to see which ones are worth upgrading and also always make sure to run strong relics with them.

General Team Formation

Okay, the general structure should be one main tank, one support character that can heal and then fill in single-target damage and area-damage dealer. Without a tank you need a lot more healing, without healing you will struggle a lot unless you form a really strong burst damage formation.

You normally see quickly what’s missing, either when your characters die too fast although you have a healer you need a tank. If you have a tank but still characters die you’re not having enough healing. Same for damage. There’s no single master recipe and it comes to trial and error sometimes.

Alignment Bonus

More important than that is, and I still can’t believe that so many players ignore it, the alignment bonus and counters as well as Radiant Force in your team formation in Tales of Grimm.

So, with counters you have basically the elements that can counter each other:

tales of grimm team setup countering

And most players simply ignore that and use their ‘A Team’ all the time. But if I, let’s say, run with 3 Water characters against a setup that has some wind characters, I have a huge problem as they will simply gain 25% damage and 20% hit rate – that’s in total easily 30% or more damage my water characters get and I need to overcome that! That’s a lot!

Also, combining multiple characters is also a buff that many players neglect, so don’t ignore that:

tales of grimm team radiant force

Adding additional heroes of a kind can buff by a good bunch, and those buffs affect the whole team! So, it’s not just 1 character getting attack increased by like 5% plus the additional HP, it’s all of them which makes 25% more team damage out of a sudden.

Add that with the countering some simple replacements can sometimes make a difference of 50% better performance of your team. This doesn’t just sound much, you can try it out and see it for yourself.


I hope these tips help you to build a better team and it’s not about the ‘single team that beats them all’ in Tales of Grimm, it’s also about adapting your own team synergies so they gain the bonus but also to prevent that the enemy setup gets too much bonus against your characters. With that being said, I hope that helped you and if you have further questions or you think I should add something above please let me know in the comments below.

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