tales of grimm maze forrest guide tales of grimm maze forrest guide

Tales of Grimm Maze Forrest Guide (Time Corridor)

Solving Maze Forrest in Time Corridor can be a nasty tas in Tales of Grimm, so I decided to write this detailed walkthrough that should help you go through the full realm and guide you to get all the rewards.

By the way, one very important aspect is that you run a team of good heroes (please refer to the best heroes in the current meta here) and also equip with strong relics (you can find the best ones here).

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Full Walkthrough

Alright, let’s not waste too much time and start right away with solving the Maze Forrest.

Problems with this realm? Please also check out my guide here in building a good team formation with the heroes you have, it might change a lot.

Step 1 – well, this is actually a very important part and most players fail here and waste so much effort. You have to check right at the start in the Hero Tavern (1) what heroes the run will give you (yes, they are random every time!). Again, refer to my tier list of heroes in Tales of Grimm here if you’re not sure which ones are strong! So, if you see mediocre or weak heroes show up (2), restart the Maze Forrest right away (3). The problem is that many people start trying with bad heroes they get there and then get stuck later, while picking a strong carry character will make the whole situation so much easier…

Step 2 – okay, you probably have restarted the Maze Forrest a few times and now have a good mercenary previewed in the Hero Tavern and it’s time actually to start doing the Maze Forrest. After the first battle, go to the Hero Tavern and recruit that character (1) before you need to start the challenge at the tombstone (1). You need to do this now or you will not be able to solve the Maze Forrest with 100%!

Then go on the fastest route (least amounts of fights) to the section that gets highlighted. Each battle you do will raise one stone and if you do more than one additional one. So, take the single challenge (2) and then collect your reward (3) and you have the most difficult part done.

Step 3 – from here you can clear the map in any order, the only critical part was the stones lifting up with each battle, now it makes no difference in what order you do your battles

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