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summon dragons best dragons tier list summon dragons best dragons tier list

Summon Dragons Best Dragons Tier List

A lot of dragons with different capabilities makes it sometimes hard to figure out what dragons work best in Summon Dragons, especially when looking at it in the perspective towards the late- and end-game. For this reason I have created this tier list here to give you an idea what dragons you should focus on and the reasons.

Best Dragons Tier List

So the tier list works, as all, from S-Tier (super strong, best of the best) via A-Tier (still really good), to D-Tier (also called “ew” tier as those dragons are really “ew” and you should not spend any or as little as possible effort and time on them). Let’s go.

S Tier

S Tier

Miya belongs for sure here on top of the S-Tier. Great damage and very good survivability paired with the Resonance Skill that gives extra rage and also skips the turn order, one of the most powerful in Summon Dragons. Also the ultimate skill hit the backrow which is also really nice.

Damage: S Survivability: S Utility: S

summon dragons margaret
S Tier

Margaret is also one of the most outstanding dragons in Summon Dragons with amazing damage output and probably the best survivability in the game. The extra rage from her Fury Scale skill plus her Twinkle Charm skill that basically gives her invisibility and two lives make her a candidate for the S-Tier for sure.

Damage: S Survivability: S Utility: A+

summon dragons grover
S Tier

Grover is also outstanding in my opinion and belongs on top of the list. His damage is not that remarkable compared to other Dragons in Summon Dragons, but he can heal allies, has a high single buff and also some crowd control that makes him a valuable part of your squad.

Damage: C Survivability: A+ Utility: S

S Tier

Yazi is, I admit that, a close call for the S-Tier in Summon Dragons right now. Deals amazing damage and also has the ability to hit randomly backline enemies and also on death Rend but can be quite a glass cannon and lacks survivability. I still see Yazi here for now.

Damage: S Survivability: D Utility: S

A Tier


Damage: S Survivability: C Utility: A+

summon dragons cosmo
A Tier

Cosmo, and I doubt anyone will have another opinion on that, has great usability with his skill to heal all allies and his extreme debuff skill. He’s not the damage dealer in your squad, but his shielding and general support provided for your team is just great so a dragon to have high on the tier list for sure.

Support: B+ Survivability: A+ Utility: S

A Tier

Daniel hits all enemies with his ultimate and has great crowd control in general plus deals a good bunch of damage in total and has a very good survivability. Reason enough to have him in this position and one of my personal favorite dragons in Summon Dragons when it comes to his mechanics in the game.

Damage: A+ Survivability: A+ Utility: A

A Tier

Lumerius is with his cleanse, extra rage and ascension item probably the dragon with the most utility on this tier list and in Summon Dragons. That on its own would be a reason to think about a higher tier but my problem is that his impact directly is not that strong but here he’s a solid A-Tier.

Support: B+ Survivability: A+ Utility: S

A Tier

Shai Sahra has a very special ultimate pattern and also a great attack debuff but overall simply deals a son of damage. I’d easily rank him higher but hiss survivability makes him kind of a glass cannon that can be problematic in several situations.

Damage: S+ Survivability: D Utility: B

A Tier

Darwin has with his strong healing skill and his extreme single buff from the Asccension Item a great utility that you will love in your team. Although he is an amazing supporter, you need the correct lineup to make up for his lacking impact on the enemy.

Support: D Survivability: A+ Utility: A+

summon dragons edwards
A Tier

Edwards provides great buffs for all allies as well as some healing overall. He’s well-rounded although you will find better dragons in certain aspects. Still, a great kit overall and deserves his place here in the A Tier. Can be tricky and sometimes needs a little help to sustain.

Support: A+ Survivability: B+ Utility: A+

summon dragons edwyn
A Tier

Edwyn his extreme row buffs from his Ascension Item and skill make him a great dragon to run in your squad. Also damage and survivability is very solid.

Damage: A Survivability: A Utility: A+

summon dragons jett
A Tier

Jett is really nice and deals damage to all enemies with his skill, has a burn that also deals good damage and deals damage on death paired with solid basic attacks. The only thing I really don’t like is his lack of survivability and he can die quickly (yes, will deal damage) but I still see him here in the A Tier compared to the other dragons in the B Tier.

Damage: A Survivability: D Utility: S

B Tier

summon dragons lilly
B Tier

Lilly is a close call and you can set up an imaginary B+ Tier for her. She has a buff for all allies and a good column debuff and her Ascension Item hits all enemies. Overall a solid kit but I feel she’s falling off compared to the dragons in the A Tier above.

Support: A Survivability: B Utility: A

summon dragons liz
B Tier

Liz provides a ton of buffs and debuffs and also hits random enemies which can be useful in many situations. So, when it comes to her general utility she has a ton to provide for your team but has the main problem that the others need to full the gap as she doesn’t deal much damage and she can die really fast if you can’t pay close attention so needs support for sure.

Damage: C Survivability: D Utility: S+

B Tier

Sol has nice general damage output and also has a high damage burn from his skills as well as hitting random targets that can get the enemy in trouble, although it adds some RNG to your matches. His main problem is that he is a glass cannon and does die fast.

Damage: A+ Survivability: D+ Utility: A

B Tier

Bi An has a high damage burn but overall doesn’t contribute more to the squad than the damage Has the cleanse and also a little crowd control but that doesn’t make a difference at the end of the day and there are better options when you look at the other dragons in Summon Dragons.

Damage: A+ Survivability: A+ Utility: D

summon dragons lion
B Tier

Lion has overall a nice kit including his ability to hit random enemies and a solid row buff and very strong crowd control. The thing is, when you put everything together I always feel there’s something missing to make him an outstanding dragon in Summon Dragons. That crowd control si simpyl not enough.

Damage: B+ Survivability: A+ Utility: A

summon dragons grison
B Tier

Grison has actually some good damage output and can also hit random targets as well as some little crowd control and invincibility. Overall nice but not the craziest kit and he also lacks survivability and can go down quickly.

Damage: A+ Survivability: C Utility: B+

summon dragons ao bing
B Tier

Ao Bing was a little tough to rank for me. He has solid damage output as well and also can hit random targets. But that’s it and I believe that other dragons in Summon Dragons can provide a lot more for your team than that. Still a solid dragon to use, don’t get me wrong!

Damage: A+ Survivability: A Utility: C

C Tier

summon dragons phoenix
C Tier

Phoenix is, the name already tells, the dragon in Summon Dragons that can always revive. So, why is he here and not higher in this tier list? Well, that’s basically it, he will revive all the time and has some cleanse and small healing so except of some situations he’s not that versatile.

Support: C+ Survivability: S+ Utility: C+

summon dragons uranus
C Tier

Uranus has a niche bunch of skill, actually on paper one of the best in the game. He hits random targets, high crowd control and can also cleanse all allies. The problem? He doesn’t deal much damage and can die really quickly

Damage: C+ Survivability: D Utility: S

summon dragons bert
C Tier

Bert can hit the backrow with his ultimate and has some crowd control. That’s not bad and he’s not lacking anything dramatically but also not outstanding enough to deserved a higher rating, he simply falls short compared to other dragons in Summon Dragon.

Damage: C+ Survivability: B+ Utility: C

C Tier

Envy is a very controversial rating so please just not only look at the ratings below. Envy provides a strong shield. That’s it. Makes surviving great but there’s nothing else you get. This might be useful in some situations but overall nothing you want to take a full place in your squad, tbh.

Support: S Survivability: S Utility: F

C Tier

Nicolas can hit all enemies with his ultimate and also a strong single debuff. Overall, he still lacks damage and especially his survivability is quite squishy at times.

Damage: B Survivability: C Utility: B

C Tier

Terra can also hit all enemies with his ultimate and has some crowd control and the self debuff. Overall, he still lacks damage and especially his survivability is quite squishy at times.

Damage: B Survivability: C Utility: B

C Tier

Vulcan has a high damage burn and his extra rage skill is also nice. Overall, he still lacks damage and especially his survivability is quite squishy at times.

Damage: B Survivability: D+ Utility: B

C Tier

Garfield has a high damage burn and gets a speed buff from the Ascension Item and also can target specific rows. Overall he has the problem that he is quite fragile and can die really fast.

Damage: B Survivability: D Utility: B

C Tier

Umbriel has some buff and debuff and also can hit random targets with his ultimate, but lacks survivability and I feel that his kit is simply not strong enough to keep up with other dragons in Summon Dragons.

Damage: A Survivability: C+ Utility: C

C Tier

Jane deals row damage, has a invincible buff for a single target and some small overall buff, which are all great. But her general damage output and survivability is not good at all so this all doesn#t help if she goes down quickly or your whole team lacks damage because you need additional support to keep her alive.

Damage: C Survivability: C Utility: A+

Kali has a great kit of skills by hitting random targets, buffs, can select the target to attack and also a little crowd control. But the biggest flaw is that she doesn’t deal significant damage and also lacks survivability.

Damage: D+ Survivability: C Utility: S

summon dragons sebastian
C Tier

Sebastian has pretty good crowd control as well as some backrow damage, although the damage is not enough. The overall kit si simply not that strong.

Damage: C Survivability: A Utility: C

C Tier

Ying deals good damage and can also withstand some attacks but has this weird rival system that just make Ying a niche usage dragon in Summon Dragons.

Damage: S Survivability: B Utility: C

summon dragons carney
C Tier

Carney has good cc and his damage and attacks hits DPS but he is such a glass cannon that it will be squishy to play him in your teams. Also, damage is not that great.

Damage: C+ Survivability: F Utility: B+

C Tier

Flog has an ultimate that hit the backrow but that’s pretty much about it.

Damage: B Survivability: C+ Utility: C

C Tier

Bruce has the inviolability skill and small damage on the backrow but nothing that will change the world dramatically.

Damage: C Survivability: C+ Utility: C

D Tier

Erinis, Greed, Raenor, Kamath, Neptune, Toby, Heracles, Blade, Iris, Harley & Elijah are in this tier. I don’t want to list them all individually here they should not have any priority on your list unless you’re in the very early stages of Summon Dragons.


I hope this tier list helps you decide what dragons to invest in and also what dragons will be good to run. If you have further questions, or you believe that I ranked someone wrong, please write a comment below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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