pool 3 devil dinosaur deck guide pool 3 devil dinosaur deck guide

Double Devil Dino Deck – Pool 3 Ongoing (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

Ongoing Decks are popular in Marvel Snap right now, especially the Devil Dino decks and here’s a version with Pool 3 cards that you will love – super strong, versatile and can handle pretty much all other style of decks well and has counters to direct counters.

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

pool 3 devil dinosaur deck overview

Why this deck works well – this Devil Dino deck draws in so many lines that can be a win condition and has multiple strong pushes on the last turn that you have a great time working against many other decks by raw power you play. It also has options at the end for direct counters to Devil Dino that lower versions of the Devil Dino deck lack.

Win condition – drawing many cards to occupy many locations for a strong push at the end with Devil Dino into either Taskmaster that can copy the Devil Dino or with Arnim Zola take Devil Dino out and place that strong power on the other locations if there’s a chance that you see Enchantress or Shang-Chi coming up. With Taskmaster you can even copy Devil Dinosaur power and Enchantress can’t counter that, also a great line to play towards the end.

Problems – more the opposite as you have great last turn options to prevent direct counters to Devil Dino plus the high power also helps simply rush over decks like move decks.

Substitutions – not too much as all cards are kind-of necessary to make this deck work and make sure that you draw into one of your win condition lines. But there’s also a Pool 2 version of this deck available here.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

Generally you try to get as many cards in your hands as possible early to build the power for your end-battle turns with Devil Dino.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

Keep in mind, your power with this deck doesn’t come from getting the power on the board early – you want to draw as many cards as possible to your hand to make your win condition in the last turn(s), so get your cards on the bard carefully. Almost all cheap cards will give you additional cards so play them. If you can play them into Angela, even better for extra power.

Mid Phase (Turn 3-5)

There’s two things you need to identify by now – one is what deck your opponent is playing (move, destruct, discard, etc.) and the other one is what locations he will be going after. You have the power so make sure you can play it and keep one location empty for your Devil Dinosaur!

pool 3 devil dinosaur gameplay

End Phase (Turn 6)

You have basically two possibilities here – one is with Taskmaster and one with Arnim Zola. With Taskmaster you play Devil Dino and then copy that power into a new location for the victory. With Arnim Zola you play on a location with ONLY Devil Dinosaur in to copy it to the other locations. This is great if your opponent plays something like Shang Chi as they will play that into an empty location. So make sure you always have open card slots in each location to be flexible!


The raw power of this deck is crazy as you will get 2x Devil Dinosaurs with 15-19 power in the last turns so you can easily brute-force a location to your victory. Also very effective against the popular direct counters like Shang Chi or Enchantress.

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