pool 3 spectrum ongoing guide pool 3 spectrum ongoing guide

Spectrum Wong Ongoing – Pool 3 Ongoing (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

Ongoing Decks are popular in Marvel Snap right now, and this deck here with Spectrum utilizes ongoing abilities like no other ongoing deck where basically all cards have cross-synergies with each other. This is a very reliable deck to play in the current meta.

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

pool 3 spectrum ongoing deck

Why this deck works well – basically all cards here have ongoing abilities you can boost with Spectrum on the last turn, but with Iron Man, Wong and Mystique, chances are very high that you can even double that to all like 8 power to each location and taking over.

Win condition – away from Spectrum to boost basically all cards power at the end, this deck can also make you win by using Iron Man for a big push at the end or using cards like Goose and Armor to disrupt enemy decks, especially strong reveal decks or popular destroy decks can be easily disarmed with them.

Problems – hard counters like Enchantress can become a problem so don’t play your power cards like Iron Man or Spectrum too early (even if you get additional energy or cost reduction).

Substitutions – not too much but I have more ongoing decks available here.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

You have enough cheap cards in the beginning to start filling locations and then see what happens to react.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

Occupy with your cheap cards (except Ebony Maw, you don’t want to lock down early). Invisible Woman can be great to cloak your deck so your opponent can’t see what you’re up to. Also play Armor if you see that your opponent is up to a destroy deck (Nova, Bucky Barnes are great tells, if you see them in one location shut him down with Armor).

Mid Phase (Turn 3-5)

Here you want to prepare your end-game approach, so either you play Wong into Mystique into Spectrum/Iron Man in the last turns or you fill up your locations as much as possible for a finisher with either Spectrum or Iron Man.

pool 3 spectrum ongoing gameplay

End Phase (Turn 5-6)

Here you try to get as much out of your cards as possible. As all cards you have do have ongoing abilities, Spectrum can add 1 power to each, with Wong before her even 2 additional power per card. Iron man can give you a big push or you can copy Iron Man with Mystique.

Be aware that your opponent will know by now that you play a ongoing deck, so prepare to see a Killmogner versus your 1-cost cards or an Enchantress.


This is a deck that doesn’t rely too much on drawing into the right cards and has an answer to many situations and locations that can can pop up – fun and also a deck that is quite a beginner friendly one as you don’t rely too much on discarding the right cards or disrupting your opponent.

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