Archero Hero Tier List (2022 – with Elaine) – Overall & F2P

archero best heroes tier list 2022 with elaine

When looking at some hero tier lists for Archero it really makes me mad how bad they deliver the information – it’s simply a list from the most expensive being the best and the then descendingly listing the heroes that are cheaper.

Hands down, there’s a lot you need to know to understand the hero strength, their abilities and what you need to do to get the strongest hero so please don’t just look at the tier list of heroes I have below, also read the information I have here as well!

Strongest Hero In Archero – What You Need To Know!

Individual Hero Stats

Let’s start with the hero stats – when you look around you have the feeling that the stats of the heroes are pretty much the same – but those are the base stats!

When you look at the image of this Level 1 hero, you see the base attack and the max HP this hero has at Level 1. That’s the Level 1 stat and the green numbers in brackets are the stats this very hero gains with every additional level. Those numbers are different and you can level a hero to Level 80 right now.

Also, even the best hero that runs a poor setup isn’t really good, so please check out the best weapons here, the best gear here and the best pets I recommend using here.

Individual Hero Abilities

Each hero has an ability, some are really strong while others aren’t. These abilities also come into play and have a random chance to get activated. I have the feeling that most people go by “well, that sounds powerful” but after all it might not be strongest ability because it’s not activated that much. But it’s right, the more expensive heroes have the stronger abilities.

Important! Don’t miss out on any rewards as the developers started posting gift codes again! You can find all active codes here in our updated gift code list for Archero.

Also, I just updated and reworked the skills/abilties ranking so see what you should pick today here.

Here’s my ranking with all heroes:


  • MelindaS+
    Melinda was released on the 3rd Anniversary an is the newest 'creme-de-la-creme' of heroes, but also comes with a price. She has it all, from the highest base HP and ATK stats in the game over a special ability that simply does shoot diagonal randomly, dealing more damage. She simply deals flat insane damage and has the additional damage built-in that also scales when she drops in HP. Super-reliable but you need to invest money here.Max HP: 5000Max ATK: 1480Available: PaidBest WeaponBest Gear
  • BlazoS+
    Blazo was just overpowered upcon release but also really expensive and you need his skin to take full advantage of his power. Has the highest base stats right now and can even be at 0-Star equal to other heroes with Star levels. If you expected the developers to nerf him, well, not exactly. They kept him that way and introduced Melinda who is similar overpowered instead. Up to you if you want to invest money, but he's one of the few heroes in Archero that really run the show.Max HP: 4420Max ATK: 1400Available: PaidBest WeaponBest Gear
  • ElaineS
    Only obtainable through shards, she has a nice passive that will shield periodically and while the shield is active give her more attack speed and when the shield goes away buffs her damage by 50%. That's huge and very flat conditions, making it quite reliable to play her, especially when gaining invincibility multiple times. Overall, she might be on par with the above heroes but as Habby likes to have their paid heroes stronger, I don't rank her completely on top unless I had the chance to play more with her and see how her ability works compared to the other heroes in the S Tier. Still, a really great hero to have and run, especially if you can pick herup without spending money.Max HP: 4580Max ATK: 1495Available: ShardsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • ShingenA+
    Shingen is also still in the S-Tier of all heroes and he had the highest base attack until Blazo was released (still insanely high). Shingen is really strong. His skill will increase your attack speed when your HP drops and has a high crit multiplier. The only downside, if you really search for one, is that he can be RNG reliable as his crit accumulation has a significant part of his total damage accumulation but that's no negative thing overall. The only downside... well, you have to invest some money here.Max HP: 4300Max ATK: 1320Available: PaidBest WeaponBest Gear
  • LinaA+
    Lina is, for me, still in the S-Tier although newer heroes have been introduced. The reason is that her base stats still keep up but she also has a real powerful special skill that will stack up, especially against bosses and enemies that are alive for a longer time, adding a debuff and dealing damage. For boss-heavy stages she can still outperform other heroes or be on par.Max HP: 4250Max ATK: 1220Available: ShardsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • IrisA
    Iris is hard to rank as she was a special hero released for Christmas 2021. She's the only F2P hero I see here in the A Tier, I'm afraid. She has pretty nice base stats and a flat special ability that will give her more movement speed and dodge and the chance to fire two ranged projectiles. Yes, it's ranged so don't ever use her if you are equipped and attached to a melee weapon! In that case, she's not that high on the list. I'd place her higher on the list but the strongest weapon in Archero is not a ranged weapon so you can't get the extra ranged projectile from her ability with it.Max HP: 4390Max ATK: 1300Available: SeasonalBest WeaponBest Gear
  • AqueaA
    Aquea is a hero that is now A Tier (maybe A+ Tier if you want so). The newer heroes outperform her quite a bit already and she is still really expensive. Don#t get me wrong, still a super-strong hero and unless you really want to have a top-notch one a great hero to run but none to freshly invest in. She has the strongest base stats and the freezing effect is not only helpful, it also deals a nice bunch of additional damage as well, making her a really versatile hero. When Aquea drops below 35% HP, the damage dealt by her freezing effect doubles so giving her a nice extra damage boost as well. i'd rank her higher but I think the invest required here is so high compared to the other ones that I ranked her here.Max HP: 4800Max ATK: 1300Available: PaidBest WeaponBest Gear
  • ShadeA
    Shade used to be THAT hero to run and the reason I have her here in the A Tier still is the reason that many players have invested in her back before the new overpowered heroes came out. Today, don't buy her but if you did, you still run a solid hero. In her normal form, she will deal some nice extra damage with the dark arrow added to her attacks that will (when they get active) add about 30% extra damage plus tick two times for 50% of her normal damage and then explodes again for 130% of your base damage. That's 110% each time you apply that to your attack. In her shadow form, you see her getting about 25% increased attack speed and a good amount of extra dodge.Max HP: 3750Max ATK: 1210Available: Paid & ShardsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • SylvanB+
    Sylvan is, similar to Shade, a former-times-superstar that is for the same reason here in the A Tier. He's in overall damage output on par with Shade and for those running him there's no reason to invest in another hero unless you really want to or push higher. Alright HP and also top attack damage and with every attack, he will add blaze, lightning, dark or poison effect. The description is wrong, he adds that for every attack and the random thing is which one will get added, that's why many think he's not that great. Another advantage of Sylvan is that you won't see these effect skills showing up when you get skills, so you have more options to get better skills as well.Max HP: 4200Max ATK: 1120Available: Paid & ShardsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • OpheliaB
    Ophelia is, unlike Sylvan and Shade, no hero that I place in the A Tier. Yes, she her base stats are solid and her skill that will absorb killed enemies and turn them into increased strength is also strong - but there's one problem with her. You will not get that extra strength unless you collect these shards that are in the room and you need to walk over them. It's already complicated enough to stay away from enemy damage and having to collect all of them is too complicated. You either will miss them or get extra damage when collecting them and they spawn quite frequently. If the developers fix that and somehow make her get that increase automatically, she will become higher in this tier list for sure.Max HP: 4010Max ATK: 1120Available: Paid & ShardsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • HelixB
    Helix is still for me the best choice for any F2P player right now. He deals a significant amount of damage and his Star Levels are pretty amazing as well. Shards are coming in pretty frequently. Helix also has a lot of HP and his ability is basically the rage skill that get activated all the time. With the rage ability, you only get the extra damage if you fall below 20% HP, with Helix' fury ability, you will get 1.2% extra damage for every 1% of HP you have lost. So, if you have 75% HP, you will get 30% extra damage on everything. With 25% HP it's already 90% extra damage. Helix is a damage machine, especially at the points where you start losing HP and you will lose HP at some point, right? Still, his base stats are falling off more and more towards the newer and the paid heroes.Max HP: 4060Max ATK: 935Available: GemsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • RyanB
    Ryan is not really a paid hero or a f2p hero, you need to unlock him via shards and you can only unlock him via shards. Well, his special skill is a guaranteed revival when he dies, and depending on the enemy his invincible phase after the resurrection gets longer. But here's the deal, his special skill is all about getting a second chance and he has a higher HP pool than other heroes but also only deals average damage. So, while other heroes stay alive a lot longer because they kill faster with higher damage, Ryan only has his resurrection. Still, a really solid hero to use but not that strong as you might think in the first place when reading his info screen.Max HP: Max ATK: 1060Available: ShardsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • GuguB
    Max HP: 4200Max ATK: 1300Available: Clan ShopBest WeaponBest Gear
  • AryanaC+
    Aryana is, I know, a close call and there are so many players using her that I know I will get some heat in the comments. But she had her time and was good at the release but simply has fallen off compared to all the new heroes. She will add some extra damage ticks to each attack, she will lower the attack frequency of her enemies she's attacking and she does create portals randomly that can get you out of bad situations when you have a tough boss fight or a lot of melee mobs around you that you can't deal with. If you don't have her, get her. Also, her +10% dodge at Level 80 is good and at she adds +4% attack for all heroes at Level 60. If her base stats would be higher I'd even place her in a higher position. If you have the 2,500 Gems and need to invest into a hero after the initial ones, she's still a solid pick but no long-term invest anymore.Max HP: 3910Max ATK: 1040Available: GemsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • MeowgikC+
    Max HP: 3750Max ATK: 1015Available: GemsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • RollaC
    Rolla has low HP and okay base attack and her ability adds a Freeze Arrow to your attacks that have the chance to freeze the enemy for a short time and deal some extra damage. Overall a solid hero option to use but her overall damage is lower than Meowgik or Helix and she doesn't have the special abilities that the other top heroes have and since the Star Levels got introduced she has fallen off simply too far, especially considering that she's a paid hero.Max HP: 3700Max ATK: 1130Available: PaidBest WeaponBest Gear
  • ShariC
    Shari is a hero that many preferred upon release ... but overall I see her vines as effective as Meowgik's cats. The problem is that this is not enough anymore to really get much out so don't place her too high on your priority list.Max HP: 3350Max ATK: 935Available: Ancient MazeBest WeaponBest Gear
  • TaranisD+
    Max HP: 3750Max ATK: 930Available: GemsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • OnirD+
    Onir has very nice base stats, but his ability is kind of a bummer. The holy effect added to his attacks, if it gets activated, will only hit left and right from the enemy and most of the time there's no enemy so it will be just a small additional damage of about 20% of the attack itself. I don't say it's a bad her, but for real money and just solid base stats you can get better heroes. Many people aren't using Onir anymore but as easy as it is to pick up shards it's an option you should consider especially when you're earlier in the game.Max HP: 4250Max ATK: 1020Available: PaidBest WeaponBest Gear
  • PhorenD
    Phoren has pretty low-average base stats when it comes to HP and base attack damage and his ability will add a burn effect to the enemies that deal 15% damage with each tick and get re-applied with every following attack. You can take it as a 15% damage boost but only for bosses because normally other mobs will die too fast to get enough burn ticks to make it worth the while. For that reason, paired with the lower HP and overall damage, Phoren is clearly below Rolla and Taranis but you can get him for Coins.Max HP: 3300Max ATK: 850Available: GemsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • BonnieD
    Bonnie has okay base attack and solid HP base stats and her stronger version of the Shadow Clone skill is also pretty nice, especially when you deal with rooms where you have multiple waves. Her clones will spawn quite often and last for almost 10 seconds and deal 100% of her base damage. This sounds very impressive on paper so why is she so low on the list? Well, I asked that myself why she wasn't slicing through the rooms with that many clones... the reason is that her clones will only deal her base attack damage, no equipment added, no skills added. This will become a lot less damage than you would expect when you're in a later room where you need that additional stats to make an impact.Max HP: 4200Max ATK: 1030Available: PaidBest WeaponBest Gear
  • HeroD
    Urasil has the second-worst base stats when it comes to HP and attack and his ability will add poison to his attacks that deals 40% EQUIPMENT damage per second. That is not much and paired with his low base stats, Urasil is only a hero that you level up for getting the additional hero stats. He's free and the second hero you get, I think expecting more than that would be nothing else than dreaming.Max HP: 2950Max ATK: 840Available: FreeBest WeaponBest Gear
  • AtreusF
    Atreus... I don't think it comes as a surprise that Atreus is the weakest hero. He has the lowest base stats and no ability at all. Still, upgrading him will get you some bonus for your other heroes that you don't want to neglect and you probably already leveled him up as you started out using him. Although shards are quite cheap for him I wouldn't recommend investing anything into him at all except leveling for the all heroes boost.Max HP: 2600Max ATK: 790Available: FreeBest WeaponBest Gear

Forget The 1-Hero-Strategy

Now here comes the deal, to get the most powerful hero, you have to get them all and all max them out…

upgrade heroes and buffs for all heroes

As you can see, when you upgrade any hero to Level 20 and Level 60, there’s a buff that all your other heroes get as well. In this case every hero get +2% chance to do a critical strike.

This means, theoretically, you also need the lower tier heroes and max them out to get the buffs for the stronger heroes.

Of course, it’s pretty much impossible to do that but it comes into play as well. Just throwing the money in for the strongest hero is less powerful than getting a “less stronger” (on the paper) hero and have all other heroes maxed that will give these extra buffs 🙂

Recommended Hero Upgrade Path (Important!!!!)

The best strategy on leveling heroes to also unlock the best perks is this one here:

Please use (YOUR HERO) as your desired hero

  1. Get (YOUR HERO) and get him to Level 40
  2. Get Rolla and get her to Level 20 +60 Attack For Every Hero
  3. Now take (YOUR HERO) to Level 45 (you should have that Player Level by now)
  4. Get Onir and get him to Level 20 +200 HP For Every Hero
  5. Get Urasil and get him to Level 20 +Attack +40 For Every Hero
  6. Get Taranis and take him to Level 20 +2% Crit Chance For Every Hero
  7. Get Phoren and take him to Level 20 +2% Crit Chance For Every Hero
  8. Now level (YOUR HERO) to Level 60 (you should be Player Level 60 by now)
  9. Take Artheus and make him Level 20 +100 HP For Every Hero
  10. Take (YOUR HERO) to Level 80
  11. Take Onir to Level 60 +20% Healing From Red Hearts For Every Hero
  12. Take Rolla to Level 60 +5% Attack For All Heroes
  13. Take Taranis to Level 60 +50% Crit Damage for Every Hero
  14. Take Artheus to Level 60 +4% HP For Every Hero
  15. Take Urasil to Level 60 +6% HP For Every Hero
  16. Take Phoren to Level 60 2% Crit Chance For Every Hero

With all this in mind, we can now take a look at my tier list for heroes in Archero and why I ranked them that way.


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  1. The “Hero upgrade path” is full with P2P heroes. Could you also publish a path for the F2P players?

  2. I use Onir all the time. There are many times when you can strike 2 or more creatures at once with the horizontal holy strike. For example if 3 enemies spawn in a straight line, I hit the middle one straight on and the two on either side supposedly take the same damage as the middle one (in my experience it’s more like 90% of the damage you inflict on the middle target).

  3. You’re crazy, Helix is so much better hero then Anya especially with all his evolutions he just is a annihilation machine. Seriously not only this ranking is incorrect but also you forgot one of the heroes. Smh

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