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Archero Hero Evolution Guide & Strategy (+ Total Needed To Max)

Hero Evolution is the latest addition to make your heroes in Archero stronger and it can be a real tough grind, so I thought it will be useful to you not to only show you what to expect, I also want to give you a solid strategy so you will get the most out of this as it can take months to max out a hero with all stars.

How Hero Evolution Works

Next to your normal hero upgrade screen, you will find the “Evolution” tab in Archero where you can take your hero to additional stars. Unlike the normal hero upgrade, you will need more than coins and sapphires for that – you need cookies and shards.

Let me explain real quick.

archero hero evolution tab

You need the cookies to “feed” to your hero and once you have done that enough, you will be able to star the hero up with hero shards. This will give more stats and skills that will give your hero more strength.

Total Shards Needed To Max Star Evolution

Here’s how much you will need:

Star Level Cookies Shards Coin Cost
0 to 1 100 10 20,000
1 to 2 200 20 30,000
2 to 3 300 30 40,000
3 to 4 400 40 50,000
4 to 5 500 50 60,000
5 to 6 600 60 70,000
6 to 7 700 70 80,000
Total 2,800 280 350,000

Important! Make also sure that you always check back for gift codes, often time they also contain random Hero Shards – we have a frequently updated list of gift codes here.

The real problem here are the cookies and primarily the hero shards. The cookies can be dropped everywhere and are relatively easy to get but the real problem are the hero shards.

Hero Shards can only be obtained in the daily Deser Ghost Event. And they are not available as shards directly, you can get soulstones, about 20-30 every day, that you can trade in for shards.

archero hero shards for soulstones

If you’re lucky, you will see your hero shards featured, but you can’t just pile them up and wait. The event ends after 7 days and then all of your soulstones are trades for the random shards which can be shards for any hero, maybe even some that you don’t have.

The good thing is that you can also unlock paid heroes that way, but getting 50 shards from random is something that takes months 🙁

Important! Don’t invest into the wrong hero! Always refer to my frequently updated hero tier list (ranking) that will show you the best hero to invest in next here.

Hero Evolution Strategy

The most important rule about Hero Evolution is patience and consistency!

1 – Grind. Every. Day!

Do the Desert Ghost Event every single day to get as many soulstones as possible. Forget about the cookies, you can stack them up quickly, the shards are the bottleneck.

Now either trade them for the hero that you primarily use or for the random shards at the end of the event in hope to get some shards that you need.

There’s no other way.

2- Plan Ahead!

The benefit from getting an additional star on a hero is not that much because benefits that benefit all heroes are rare, so plan ahead. Stockpile your cookies as long as it takes until you have the 10, 20, etc. shards for the next star. It’s a long-term grind and you don’t want to invest too much thinking into this.

Don’t think about unlocking Sylvan or Shade with random shards you get and wait for that, getting those 50 shards together will take you at least 4-6 months of daily grinding the Desert Ghost event.

3 – The Future Of Evolution

To be honest, I really think the developers will change something about the evolution system rather soon as the shitstorn they got from the community was pretty big. I mean I totally understand they want to make some money for providing this game, but the grind and benefits the Hero Evolution provides are not in any ways related. The grind is brutal and long and maxing out a hero takes rather a year than a couple of months so I’m quite positive things will get better – until that point, you want to rather save your shards and cookies and only spend on your main hero what you really need to spend.

  1. ya this info is 100% completely off, Ive been looking everywhere to find the last two evolution cost for shards but have yet to find a single one that is correct. People think it doubles every time but it doesn’t at least not for 4-5 star which most people get wrong but can’t find the last two anywhere.
    1 star = 10 hero shards
    2 star = 20 hero shards
    3 star = 40 hero shards
    4 star = 80 hero shards
    5 star = 150 hero shards
    6 star = ?

  2. Hey, so the shards statistic is wrong, because even to get a hero to level 3 takes 40 shards, later on its twice as much. They dont increase by 10 every level. I wish it could tho.

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