Best Weapon in Archero – Tier List (v3.8.0 – with Mythic Weapons)

archero weapon tier list 2022

We have 8 different weapons in Archero and each one has pretty unique benefits (and disadvantages), but I can already tell you that some are for sure better than others.

The critical thing here is that it’s a really long (and expensive) road to level up your weapon and doing that with the wrong one (or the one that you have at the highest rarity), can throw you back so much later in the game that I decided to give you a full guide about the weapons with my clear recommendation what weapons you should choose to be your primary weapon.

Updated! This tier list is now updated with the recen update that brought Mythic rarity with increased stats and benefits.

Here is my list (aligned with the opinion and experience of other players that I play Archero with) about the clear ranking of all weapons.

S-Tier Weapons

These weapons here should be your priority long-term and the ones you will have to use the more you get towards end-game content

#1 – Demon Blade

archero demon blade mythicThe latest new weapon in Archero and without doubt one of the strongest ones. Already strong attack stats on rare and deals range damage or melee damage frontal if possible. When used on melee when you’re close to an enemy, you will become immune to collision damage. Will recover HP if you’re low in HP and deal melee damage, scale damage with enemy HP and losing your HP will increase your crit rate and also adds dodge when you’re moving. Absolutely nothing bad about this weapon except the fact that you need to fuse it.

  • Pro: damage, versatility, extras
  • Pro: nothing bad about this weapon
  • Con: new so quite an investment and takes time to level up

#2 – Gale Force

archero gale force mythicThis crossbow-inspired weapon came with the 2.30 update and has actually quite a cool special ability with an extra meter. With the introduction it wasn’t that clear how strong the Gale Force actually is but with some months now in Archero it turned out to be really strong. With the latest change to it’s speed, it became one the strongest weapon in Archero. It’s debatable if the strongest weapon in Archero is the Gale Force or the newer Demon Blade

  • Pro: strong damage
  • Pro: charging effect makes it really effective
  • Con: a little slow

A-Tier Weapons

Very good weapons. I recommend running them when you’re lucky on drops until you have fused enough to get a decent rarity on the S-Tier weapons above.

#3 – Brightspear

archero brightspear mythicEspecially newer players don’t like the slow attack rate but you will almost never miss any strike as the projectile is hitting with the fasted speed of all weapons, basically instant. The unique epic effect, increased damage on similar targets, you will not gain that much but the Brightspear is already so strong that it doesn’t need that to be stronger. If you don’t use it now, work on it to use it in the future, you will not regret it! When you hit Mythic, the increasing attack speed will really scale up and make it a very strong option.

  • Pro: Almost never misses
  • Pro: Really effective against everything
  • Con: takes time to charge enough to make it really strong

#4 – Stalker Staff

archero stalker staff mythicThis was a close one with also a disclaimer here – if you use an older device and have performance issues, you shouldn’t use it as it can slow your device down, cause lags and give you a disadvantage. If your device can handle it, this is for me the 3rd-strongest weapon in Archero with projectiles that are slow but following targets, especially when paired with talents that give you additional projectiles or Ricochet, this is a beast that will give you a room full of projectiles.

Here’s also one thing that I really like against enemies that charge towards you. You can wait until you see the projectile glow and step away. This will place the projectile on the ground and is really effective against charging enemies, especially against bosses that charge and hunt you all the time because they will walk straight into all the projectile.

With the mythic rarity you will even lower that charging time by 50%, making it even better to use. I ranked it on 4th place in this tier list because of the performance issues it can cause.

  • Pro: Projectiles follow enemies
  • Pro: Very viable against all kinds of enemies
  • Con: Doesn’t really work on older devices and causes performance issues with certain artifacts

#5 – Death Scythe

archero death scythe mythicThis is very likely the favorite of new players but don’t confuse damage with DPS (damage per second)! The thing is, the damage here is great, the knockback and execution chance as well, but this weapon is really slow. It deals massive damage but doesn’t do that very fast and if you miss, you will find yourself in an unfortunate spot really fast.

Overall, the epic ability of the Death Skythe makes it rank that high here on the list for me because 50% chance to execute enemies right away is a lot, especially against enemies that are really annoying to kill – but keep in mind that it’s slow and I personally don’t enjoy it for that reason because it takes a lot of viability.

  • Pro: High Damage
  • Pro: 50% Chance to execute enemies <30% HP
  • Con: Slooooooow

B-Tier Weapons

Only use these weapons early-game until you can work with the weapons above. These weapons here will fall off quite fast compared to the other ones.

#6 – Saw Blade

archero saw blade mythicI actually was surprised when I talked to several veteran players about this weapon and some really said this is the best one for them.

Breaking it down, the reason is that it’s super fun to play but you need to get talents that will reward you with additional projectiles or you will miss the splash damage you need for this weapon. This makes is a little bit squishy but if you are willing to take the risk, you can get the most effective weapon if talent drops are in your favor.

If you run a chapter with only a few melee enemies it will really shine, but I don’t see this as a weapon you should go after as your primary weapon in Archero.

#7 – Mini Artreus

archero mini artreusMini Artreus was introduced in the April Fool Event in 2022 and is pretty much the same as Tornado but without the bounce damage but with more speed and the slow down effect. It’s absolutely a basic weapon and I’d not recommend investing to much and for sure no real money into it but you can run it for fun.

#8 – Tornado

archero tornado mythicTornado is interesting because you can get additional damage in on the way back when the blade returns, this is great because it can boost your damage output a lot – but it’s also bad because it will give you more “randomness” to your runs. If you have a great run with lots of returning damage, you will do great, if not, then you will fail pretty much. For that reason, I simply can’t rank the Tornado any higher as the weapons above mentioned are by far better and more consistent.

#9 – Brave Bow

archero brave bow mythicActually quite sad to see that the signature weapon of Archero is also the worst weapon on this tier list here… The stats are average and there’s nothing the bow is really bad or good in. The damage output is, well, the damage output that is mediocre and there are no special abilities that really contribute anything. Even the increased movement speed when you fuse it to Mythic rarity is not really changing much about the mechanics of this weapon. This is the only weapon you really don’t want to put any focus on…

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  1. I have a Galaxy S21 Ultra and still get lag with the staff. The creators just don’t care enough about developing the game, for a laundry list of reasons.

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