archero expedition guide and reward list archero expedition guide and reward list

Archero Expedition Rewards List & Guide

Expedition is the latest game mode that got added in Archero and you can imagine it like a “tower” in other games where you will be able to fight through stages once for great rewards.

Each Stage – in case of Archero, room – has a fixed setting of enemies and also room specials (increased or decreased stats) and you will be able to select up to 5 skills at the start from a list of 6-8 skills.

The rewards are pretty nice and I want to give you a general overview here how you can perform well in Expedition as well as giving you a list of the possible rewards (yes, some rooms will reward epic items).

Archero Expedition Guide

The first rooms are way, but at some point it will get more difficult.

Always Check The Stage Stats!

Before you enter a room (unless you’re very low in Expedition and can beat the rooms easily), you need to check out the info about a room that will tell you what enemies you’re facing as well as the specials about a room.

This is important because this will tell you a lot what skills you should select. You will find that info at the bottom right corner:

archero expedition stage info

Now when you go on that info button, you will see the room

expedition romm info

In this case, we have an increased dodge rate and already bouncy wall. With that in mind, we can select our skills with something that will work well with Bouncy Walls, like Side Arrows or Diagonal Arrows because they will become so much more effective now.

archero expedition ability selection

And we get the Diagonal Arrows in our selection that I would think more about but with the Bouncy Walls it’s a sure thing to take. By the way, I also have a full guide and ranking of all the skills/abilities in Archero here (also updated with the recently added new ones) that will be a great help picking the right ones.

So, always check out what benefits or disadvantages (yes, a room can also give you lower crit rate or other negative effects) will give you and select your skills that fit the room.

Important! Don’t miss out on any rewards as the developers started posting gift codes again! You can find all active codes here in our updated gift code list for Archero.

Expedition Reward List

Alright, I’m sure that most of you have waited for that list here and I already told you int he beginning that there will be some really nice rewards available:

Stage Coins Gems Key Equip Runes
15 5k 10 Golden Great
30 10k 10 Obsidian Epic
45 10k 10 Golden Great
60 12k 10 Obsidian Great 10
75 14k 10 Golden Rare 10
80 14k 30 Golden Rare 10
85 14k 30 Golden Rare 10
90 14k 30 Obsidian Great 10
105 17k 30 Golden Great 10
120 17k 30 Obsidian Epic 10
125 25k 30 Golden Great 10
130 25k 30 Golden Great 10
135 25k 30 Obsidian Rare 10
140 25k 30 Golden Great 10
145 25k 30 Golden Great 10
150 25k 10 Obsidian Rare 10
165 25k 10 Golden Great 10
180 25k 10 Obsidian Great 10
195 25k 10 Golden Rare 10
205 25k 10 Golden Rare 10
210 25k 10 Obsidian Epic 10
215 25k 10 Golden Rare 10
225 25k 10 Golden Great 10
240 25k 30 Obsidian Great 10
255 28k 30 Golden Rare 10
265 28k 30 Golden Rare 10
270 29k 30 Obsidian Great 10
275 35k 30 Golden Rare 10
285 35k 30 Golden Great 10
300 35k 30 Obsidian Epic 10

In total you will get at least 5 epic equipment items from here, although the last stages will get really tough. Still, with all the Coins you will earn in-between and the Gems you get from the Achievements every 5 stages, you will get a nice boost from Expedition.

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