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archero all bosses and how to beat them archero all bosses and how to beat them

All Bosses In Archero & How To Beat Them

Every Boss has a weakness, in real-life and in Archer 🙂

Alright, I have here all different bosses listed with the best strategy to use against them. The regular chapter bosses are often times mixed randomly around so you will see them appearing in other chapters as well. For that reason, you will find all of them in the first section of this guide.

In the second section you will find the final bosses of each chapter with the best strategy against them as well. They are not random so I have them ordered by chapter.

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Regular Bosses in Archero

First of all, sorry that there’s no specific order here in this section, especially as there are no “official” names for the bosses so please forgive me that I was creative and named them myself 😉

Attention! If you’re having a hard time please check my hero ranking to see if you’re running the right hero and also my skill guide to see if you’re always picking the best skills/abilities!

Bouncing Skull

This skull starts as one skull but divides into two each time you kill it. This happens multiple times and even though it walks around all the time, it doesn#t specifically chase you. It will run against the wall and then bounce off there.

The easiest strategy to beat this boss will be killing one skeleton at a time to prevent having dozens running around. If that happens you will have a hard time avoiding them and this makes this bossfight more difficult than needed.

Dragon (Fire Spitter)

archero boss fire dragonThis one is fairly easy to beat with quite predictable projectiles that you need to evade. Keep moving all the time and always stick on the upper or lower side and when the boss comes closer to you (about one-third of the room away), change the sides to keep distance.

Distance helps to see the direction of the projectiles on one hand but also makes them separate more so you have more space in between the fireball to move around. Just keep away from trouble here and land your shots as they come and also let your pet deal damage.

You should also time how you move and not start moving when the first fireball comes towards you as the other will then direct as well. The longer you wait, the more fireballs will go into one direction and you can evade more easily.

Dragon (Electro)

archero boss electro dragonLet’s assume it’s something electric that boss spits.

The strategy here is to carefully watch the lines the projectiles create and less focus on the boss himself. You will automatically fire shots at him so no worries that you don’t damage.

I always watch the lines carefully and see where I can step, as you can see in the image, they always move either straight vertically or horizontally and you have the spaces in between.


archero boss plantBest strategy against this boss is ignoring the mini plants and dealing your damage fast. If you try to take them down first, the boss will spawn new ones so fast that you will probably go down before you can win that fight.

So, damage on the main boss but keep in mind his projectiles. The large bubble seed will explode into 8 directions but is really predictable. He will always shoot it at the very spot you’re standing and when you move away, make sure to not do that in a vertical, horizontal or 45-degree diagonal direction. If you follow this rule they will never hit you and you don’t need to walk away much and get more shots in 🙂

Spider & Double Spider

Depending on the chapter you’re in Archero, you will see either one or two spiders, but they are fairly easy to deal with.

They can only walk diagonally, so keep that mind! They will go your direction but never straight. Whenever you kill one, it will spawn into 2 smaller ones for 5 rounds. The main strategy here is to avoid them hitting you (by staying always horizontally or vertically to them) and focus on one spider at a time. If you don#t follow that rule, you can have 15 spiders running around and splitting up and this can mess up with your plan to avoid them.

Stick to that rule and you’re fine 🙂

Double Worms (Fire)

They can be nasty but not impossible at all. You best strategy here is to avoid their projectiles and focus on that.

You find strategies out there that standing on their position won’t get you hit, but unless you use the blade weapon that’s not true so rather stay away from them!

Always watch which sort of projectile they fire at you. The have the fireballs that burn the area and the red bubbles. In case of the fireballs walk away from your current position to stay away from the area. If you see them spit that red bubble stuff get into as much distance as possible to you will see the space you will be save in. Do that and wait for your pet to deal the most damage, that’s the only way to no loose too much HP with them.

Double Worms (Red Bubbles)

archero boss double worm bubblesThe alternative version of the two worm bosses are the ones that only shoot with the red bubble thing projectiles. They are easier to beat when you understood their pattern.

This is also a boss where you will primarily evade the projectiles and let you pet deal most damage.

They have their slow exploding projectile that will start from their current position and explode in a fixed pattern around them and their fast projectile that they will fire at you and once it hit a wall it will explode in a fan shape. Know these two patterns and you can easily predict the save spots.

Tree (Or Double Tree)

archero boss treeThis is a boss where your wingman will deal most of the damage, especially if they are two of them. But you will also see spawns that will also shoot projectiles so evading them is enough work, too much to get many shots in.

And if that’s not enough, this son of a tree will also jump around towards you position and deal contact damage. You need to move around all the time and keep distance. If you’re experienced enough and use the Stalker Staff as weapon you can “leave” one projectile for him when he jumps but don’t stress that too much.

Main strategy will be watching the green projectiles that always move straight and if the tree is jumping towards you. the jumps are random so you can’t count them. When the tree stand still, he will shoot blue projectiles at you and those are a lot. You can evade them best by standing still in distance and find the gap where they will miss you.


The wasp (or double wasp) boss is also not difficult with the right strategy. The wasp will always either shoot the red seeds in your direction (which are fairly easy to avoid when you keep your distance) or it will spawn four small wasps in the corners of the room.

Always stick in the lower middle section as the wasp will never dash at you and this way you can take down the small spawned wasps in the corner without risking taking damage from them. Having diagonal extra projectiles help here but after all no difficult boss at all.


archero boss batThe only hard thing about this boss in Archero is that you need to be patient. I fully understand, you want to kill that thing as fast as possible but this will cost you HP.

Whenever the bat boss charges towards you, it will release an emerging circle of projectiles that move around in a circle. Always remember, this boss always spins CLOCKWISE and that means that the projectiles will come first on the right side of his moving direction.

You should always try to keep as much distance as possible and you have about 4 seconds between charges that you can use to fire. Then move as much away from this boss as possible and repeat. If you are too close and need to pass it closely, always try to pass it on it’s LEFT side as projectiles start on his right side.


archero boss scarecrowI really hate this boss in Archero for the reason that the projectiles are harder to predict.

This boss fires one pumpkin (or whatever that is) and it will release 8 fire projectiles into all directions. The thing is, they also spin so it’s harder to predict their path (or maybe it’s just me who find that harder than if they would simply fly straight).

The best strategy against this boss is to keep distance, the further away you are, the more space you will have in between the projectiles which makes it easier to evade. But be careful, if the path of the pumpkin is long enough, it can fire a second time and you can totally miss that and get hit.

This boss also randomly places two pumpkins on the map that also shoot at the same time, this can be a hard moment so always stay focused.


archero boss cactusThis is actually not a really strong boss in Archero. This cactus seems to be a magician and throws the small tornados at you and charges towards you. If you watch him closely and see what he’s doing, you can evade his attacks pretty effectively.

His normal attacks of 3 tornados that he throws at you one after the other in a diagonal direction. He does that twice and then he will straight charge at you, this is the point where you need to start walking away to the other side of the room either left or right from you.

After that, you will see 3 red lines, they indicate the next tornados he will throw at you and everything repeats.

Spinning Rock

archero boss spinning rockNot a hard but a super annoying boss in Archero! He only does two things, one is spinning and charging towards you or shooting his 7 rocks in your direction in a fan shape.

The charging and spinning is really annoying because it’s fast and he sometimes does that 10 times or more after each other. There’s no way to really get in much damage when he charges so rather focus on staying away from him at this phase.

When he stops and throws rocks, this is the point where you need to land as many hits as possible because evading them is quite easy and this is the only time when he’s not charging towards you.


archero boss wolfSo cute and also so annoying 😀 For this boss you need a faster weapon or you need to play his hunting game as long as it takes your pet to deal all the damage.

The wolf boss does either hunt you by charging towards you or jumping to your current standing position, leaving you the time to get one shot fired with a fast weapon. Constantly stay moving around and always move in a 90 degree angle to him or he will get a really short charging path and probably catches you.

When you see he jumps you also need to move away from the position. This is the full strategy for this boss. It’s not really complicated but super annoying.

Fire Orb

This is also no hard boss if you understand the pattern.

The most important thing to do is to keep distance but he will move backwards anyway so you can stand on the bottom part of the room. Important is that you don’t stay so far away that you can’t see him, this makes one of his attacks dangerous!

He has three different attacks that randomly start. The first is the fan-shaped small fire orbs that he shoots into your direction. Fairly easy to evade. The next is bigger orbs spawning in the area around you and they will follow towards him so don#t get in their way. This is where you need to know where he stands so you can predict their direction.

Last attack are the spawning small orbs that will move into straight vertical and horizontal directions and they are also easy to evade by standing diagonal towards them so no matter if they will go vertical or horizontally, you will not get hit by them.

Archers & Double Archers

archero boss double archersThe make-or-break against this boss in Archero is nothing else than timing. No matter if you have one Archer or two, the strategy is always the same and you success heavily depends on your timing.

When they fire, you will see the red lines that will show you where the arrows will go. Do NOT move too fast!!! If you do move right away, the direction of the arrows changes and you still get hit. You need to move in the opposing direction right before the arrows get fired so the archer boss can’t change the shooting direction.

This is the only thing you need to do, always wait shortly before he (or they) fire and then move.

Easy Tip! Simply wait until the red line disappears, this is the perfect timing to start moving 🙂


archero boss mageThis boss is again a boss that will force you to to keep moving and evading a lot with three different attacks. He will either fire the red fast fire projectiles, the meteors or his purple orbs that will follow you.

The meteos are announced by the 5 rings on the floor and when you see them you need to leave your current position. The fast fire projectiles always go straight and are also easy to evade if you keep distance. The annoying ones are the purple orbs that follow you, but only at a certain degree. You can easily avoid them as well by waiting as long as possible before you start moving, The less distance they have, the less they can adapt their direction. You repeat that strategy until either you or your pet dealt enough damage, but this boss doesn’t have that much HP.

Scythe Mage

archero boss scythe mageThis boss has a lot that you can hate him for. He spins, he dashes and he has a super annoying attack with a fast scythe that will also bounce off the wall or three scythes that will return to him. Sounds fun? You guess it 🙂

Alright, the right strategy against this charming boy. When he moves around and spins, you need to move as well, no way to stay he is simply too fast and will catch you.

When shoots his single scythe after you, try to miss it by a little – this is the most effective way to make sure that the bounce won’t hit you without doing complex mathematical calculations. The only exception is when you stay very close to a wall, than you need to move the opposite direction.

When he throws his three scythes, you can predict them as one will go straight at you and the two others will go 45 degree diagonally. Try to keep distance so you can predict them and won#t get hit when they return. Yes, keep in mind that they return 🙂

Ghost Bomber

archero boss ghost bomberHave you ever player Bomberman? If yes, this is a boss you will like (or hate). The Ghost Bomber will always place several mines that explode in the horizontal or vertical direction, so staying diagonally of them will keep you safe. Alternatively you can also stand at least 5 tiles away from each bomb.

The other attack of this boss is throwing several bombs at your direction that you can avoid easily when you keep some distance and also keep moving when you see that he starts throwing them at you.


archero boss flyThe projectiles of this boss are quite a nightmare. There are plenty of them and each of them explodes into 4 smaller ones that go diagonally.

The problem is that it’s super hard to predict them correctly so the best tactic here is to keep distance and watch the projectiles closely. If you see one exploding make sure that you stay either horizontally or vertically to it, but you will most likely not avoid getting hit a few times.

The good part is that the fly boss doesn’t have much HP so it won’t be a long fight.

Shard Orb

This boss is similar to the fire orb boss, but he has some more annoying attacks.

One is the electro orbs that move slowly in diagonally directions towards you and spawn smaller ones. They can be annoying but also predictable.

The shards are the pain here because you need to see the boss as well. The shards are really fast and this boss doesn#t take long to fire them in a fan shape into your direction, leaving you only little time to evade them.


archero boss medusaHere we have actually a fairly easy boss in Archero with a simple strategy to beat. She will always double-dash several times and then spit a ton of these red bubble projectiles into your direction.

The strategy is actually pretty easy. When she spits the bubbles into your direction find the gap to avoid them and prepare for her to double-dash at you.

After her first dash, you don’t need to walk far away from here as the second dash will always go into your direction but not your position, Walk around her after the first dash and she will miss you always on her second dash!


archero boss tentacleThis boss is about evading and watching the small tentacles. You will basically avoid the fire balls from the small tentacles and be careful as the main tentacle will always spawn right at your position when the small tentacles will disappear. Then the small tentacles will spawn again and repeat.

A fast weapon helps here getting some extra damage in, otherwise you will need to wait for your pet to do the damage.

You can’t kill the small tentacles, so simply focus on avoiding their projectiles and the respawn of the big tentacle.

Inferno Tower

archero boss inferno towerActually an easy boss. It will be static in the middle of the room and shoot fire beams either horizontally/vertically or diagonally. These beams even get announced by red line beforehand so not really hard to avoid.

In between this boss will spawn mobs that you should always try to take down as fast as possible while staying out of the beams. In my opinion, this boss simply comes down to how much damage you can deal so you can take out the mobs in time.

If you see that the mobs get more and more, you need to deal more damage and upgrade or you won’t stand a chance against this boss.

Orb Tower

This boss is the combination of all orbs you have seen in Archero so far, spitting the crazy random blue orbs, lightnings, straight fire orbs.

This boss won’t spawn mobs but you will already have a hard enough time avoiding all the projectiles while still getting some damage done as well. Stay clear and primarily focus on the projectiles to avoid. The orb tower doesn#t move so there’s not much you need to worry about other than not getting hit 🙂

Ice Scorpion

Sorry but I have no other name for that boss but it’s a really nasty one!

This boss dashes towards you so be careful to stay moying and away from him. Especially his other attack, the ice attack, has a huge hit radius as well as being very fast. If you don’t stay away enough, it will simply crush you.

That’s not all. This boss can also dig in the ground and will simply appear at the position where you’re standing. If you see him disappear don’t attack the mobs, change your position until he appears again!

Last but not least he also has a ring of ice orbs shooting out that are really narrow if you’re close to him. He always does that when coming up again so you really want to stay moving!

Ice Mage

This brother is also a nasty one as well. He normally also brings some ice golems with him so there will be a ton of ice orbs flying around that are really hard to evade. You will get some hits, no chance to avoid them.

The boss himself also has a shard attack that is really fast and will hit you with three shards if you get hit, so be very cautious here and watch him closely. The main strategy is getting the mobs down really fast or you will get hit too much before taking on the boss.


Chapter Bosses in Archero

Now let’s talk about the chapter bosses, they are fixed and always the same.

Chapter 1 Final Boss

It’s the Spinning Rock Boss you can find above 🙂

Chapter 2 Final Boss

It’s the Cactus boss you can find above.

Chapter 3 Final Boss – Lightning Dragon

archero boss chapter 3 lightning dragonA huge dragon that only gives you about one third of the room to walk.

This boss has several attacks that will randomly shoot projectiles at you. The key here is dealing your damage very quick as you have not much space to avoid the attacks, so a long battle isn’t in your favor.

One attack are the bouncing lightning projectiles that he will spit into 5 directions and they will bounce from the walls. They after interfere with the other attack where lightning strikes which you will see announced by the yellow rings on the floor.

The last attack is a “wall” of lightning strikes that move from top to bottom that only leave you 3 secure tiles. You see it coming but normally you will get hit by the other attacks in the meantime. Still, evade that wall of lightning strikes, they will deal more damage than the others!

Chapter 4 Final Boss – Fire Skeleton Bat

archero boss chapter 4 fire skeleton batThe projectiles are really nasty here but you can use the full room, which helps. The projectiles will spawn close to the boss and then move your way in wave patterns.

The projectiles won’t follow you and the further away you are, the easier for you to avoid them. The best strategy will be to wait until this boss starts firing and then walk into one direction non-stop to avoid the projectiles as well as possible.

This boss also dashes towards you from time to time and generally follow you, so always keep moving around and you shouldn’t have that much problems if your damage output is well and you have a decent pet.

Chapter 5 Final Boss – Fire Skeleton Bat

archero boss chapter 5 fire demonThis boss can be tough and has 3 attacks that you need to know. His primary attack is shooting fire projectiles into your direction that will fly in waves, the closer you are to him, the harder it gets to avoid them so stay away.

His other attack is when he slams on the floor and a large wave of fire comes your direction. It will come straight and fast so when you see him doing this attack, start moving left or right, there’s no other way to avoid this.

His last attack is charging melee attacks into your direction to round up his full annoying nature. When he starts that you need to walk away and don’t stop even for a moment or you will get hit.

Chapter 6 Final Boss – Fire Dragon

archero boss chapter 6 fire dragonThe same dragon as you’ve seen in Chapter 3 but this one’s specialty is fire.

He does two main attacks which are his huge fire balls that will bounce from walls and move slow. Slow moving doesn#t make it better here because you don’t have much space and he sends multiple waves in so you need to carefully watch out or you can easily get hit multiple times.

His other attack are 3 big flames that he spits in the middle of the room, the only secure spots are the corners.

In general, sticking more to the corners is the better option against this boss and should get you through that fight.

Chapter 7 Final Boss – Multiple

The bosses here are random and one of the bosses mentioned in the first section of this guide. Double Worms, Electro Dragon, everything is possible…

Chapter 8 Final Boss – Ogre

archero boss chapter 7 ogre bossThis boss has a ton of HP but the fight isn’t that bad once you figured out the pattern to follow.

This boss has his primary attack that is dashing towards you and swinging his weapon so he will get quite a large hitbox – avoid that by always shooting once and then moving away in 90 degree or away from him, never towards him or he will hit you.

He also sometimes jumps to your position, simply keep an eye on him what he’s doing and you can easily avoid his hits.

His other attack is throwing a huge bomb that leaves a big burning area for some seconds but it’s slow so you also see it coming. Not the hardest final chapter boss here on the list 🙂

Chapter 9 Final Boss – Ice Scorpion

archero boss chapter 9 ice scorpionThis boss is nasty, I can tell you. He will shoot ice projectiles into each direction so you want to stay away from him to avoid them.

The problem is that he dashes towards you while shooting at the same time, which makes it hard to keep distance.

The other attack is a ice wave that travels straight and fast towards your position so you need to immediately go left or right to avoid getting hit by it.

This is a boss where you will get hit a couple of times, not gonna lie about it. But it’s doable and if you know the pattern and practice a couple of times you will know the patterns and the boss gets easy to beat.

Chapter 10 Final Boss – Shard Dragon

archero boss chapter 10 shard dragonAgain a huge dragon and this one uses shards. The tough thing about this chapter boss is that you only have little space and the shards are really fast so you need to really be focused here to avoid them properly.

One of his attacks spits a shard against the bottom wall that will split fan shaped so keep distance to that attack to avoid the shards. Then he also has the multiple shards that come your direction and bounce and return from the wall as well, actually the easiest to avoid (sadly).

The shard rain will randomly hit shards on the floor and there’s no way to see them coming, those are hits you will get for sure! Avoid the first two attacks and try to deal as much damage as possible.

Chapter 11 Final Boss – Shard Dragon

archero boss chapter 11 skeleton knightA fresh boss here that I call the Skeleton Knight. He will shoot several waves of stones around him that are easy to avoid if you keep distance.

Then he will dash at you and leave a line of fire in his path that you can’t walk through until he dashes again. Be cautious here, he will try to trap you in a corner where you can’t do anything else than walking through that line so stay away from the edges of them room! You can see that he starts dashing when he lifts his sword and you need to walk to the side and close to his fire line, so you won’t block much of the room where he can trap you.

He also summons skeletons that you should always deal with first, because they get you into trouble if there are too many of them.

Chapter 12 Final Boss – Shard Dragon

archero boss chapter 12 orbsThis boss is the stationary orbs that will flood the room with the fire and ice projectiles that have slow fixed patterns that make them predictable but there are so many that it isn’t easy to avoid them

There are also the random lightning strikes so this is about evading the orbs and focus on one side to get one down as fast as possible, this is the strategy that works best.

Using a fast weapon helps here a lot as you have to move a lot and getting shots in will make it a lot easier.

Chapter 13 Final Boss – Fire Demon

archero boss chapter 13 fire demonThis is a really tough chapter boss with all of his attacks being hard to deal with.

His primary attack is jumping at your position and spreading fire 2 tiles around him. When you see him jump, run. Run! If you don’t immediately start moving when he jumps you will get caught by the fire ring! Also, move either straight vertically or horizontally, this is the shortest path to leave the upcoming fire ring as diagonally is a longer path.

In between he also shoots either fire projectiles or his fire earthquake that is fast and goes straight after your current position. This boss is constantly running around the room and a fast weapon helps a lot to not only rely on your pet dealing all the damage (which is too much).

Chapter 14 Final Boss – Ice Spider

With these spiders there’s a lot going on. They will jump on your position, similar to the tree boss. The thing here is they have these spinning ice orbs that they shoot around all the time so basically most of the map is filled with projectiles while they keep jumping at you.

This boss pretty much comes down to some luck as well as good equipment and rng. You need to carefully watch when one of them is jumping and in the meantime try to avoid the big bunches of projectiles to get enough damage done to get one down. As soon as you got one down it gets easier but that is sometimes not that easy so prepare to revive here 🙁

  1. For levels 3, 6 and 10 (giant dragon), stand right next to the right side of the dragons neck. There’s a target circle for the boss that you need to hit. If you have full orbs or full circle swords, it takes no time. Even with just your regular weapon, you’re so close the cycle time between shots is really quick

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