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Archero Fusing Guide – How To Get Legendary Equipment Fast

Of course everybody want to have all Ancient Legendary Equipment, but the road there is long. I understand that you simply want to fuse what you can fuse to get your first legendary as fast as possible, but that’s not the right strategy!

archero fuse ancient legendary

With the right strategy you will have long-term success in Archero without making a mistake that can throw you back a lot later in the game, so please read this guide carefully.

Fusion Strategy

Before I will give you the full strategy, let’s have a look at the fusing process real quick.

You can fuse equipment if you have 3 of the same kind (up to Legendary) and then you can fuse an Ancient Legendary if you fuse any 3 Perfect Epics together (like 3 weapons, rings etc.)

When you fuse, you will get the Coins and the Scrolls back that you used to level the equipment you put in Slot 2 and 3.

Attention! Please see what you should fuse! I have here a guide on the pets that I recommend using, one on the best weapons right now and also here one for the other equipment.


You can also turn equipment you don’t need into scolls and coins. The thing is, there’s NO equipment you DON’T need.

If you want to fuse any equipment to Legendary, you can also use any other Perfect Epic item for the same slot, so dismantling is a huge no-no. Never EVER dismantle anything in Archero. This is the most important rule!

never dismantle in archero

Fusion Strategy

This main rule about dismantling now applies to the strategy fundamentally. Take any equipment you have and fuse it. If it’s a piece of equipment you’ll never use no worries – you can use it later when you want to fuse your legendary.

You can even use equipment for some time and you will get the costs for the upgrades back when you fuse it into any other item.

This makes fusing quite easy.

Important! Don’t miss out on any rewards as the developers started posting gift codes again! You can find all active codes here in our updated gift code list for Archero.

Fuse The Right Stuff

The only point where you can make a mistake is when you fuse a legendary and fuse in a piece of equipment that is actually pretty powerful – there’s no way to turn the fusion process back!

Always know what equipment you want to use. If you don#t know what the best weapon, ring or bracelet etc. is, check out our tier list here where you find details about the true strength for every piece of equipment. This will prevent you from fusing anything you should not fuse.

  1. Hello.
    You didn’t say anything about the powers. How it’s works. I mean when you fuse 2 legendary the 1st will be the item you will keep and the 2nd will be “melt” into the 1st. So you quite loose the 2nd. For example I have a Boomerang (Tornado) and a Axe (Scythe) I don’t know which I should use? Should I keep both and do 2 more weapons and merge into them. Or doesn’t metter and merge the Axe to Boomerang?

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