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Best Pets & Combinations In Archero – Tier List (with Bone Warrior)

Pets are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend, right? Well, in Archero many players simply use the spirit (what the pet is called like in the game) that is leveled up the most – the truth is, your spirit or pet has a huge effect on your gameplay and only because you are often focused on evading projectiles and hitting yourself so often don’t recognize that you pet does a lot of damage as well and also takes down enemies on its own.

In this guide I wanted to give you a clear recommendation what spirit you should choose and level up, and most importantly, use 🙂

About Spirits & Their Damage

There are three things that are important when it comes to spirits in Archero – their own base damage, what is basically how much damage they deal), their special ability and their viability when it comes to the way they attack your enemies.

I have taken all of them into account and there’s a clear ranking which one is working the best.

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Pet Tier List

Let’s jump right into it.

Updated! Now including the mythic rarity stats of the spirits from the v3.8 Update 2022 and the new Bone Warrior spirit from the v4.0 July 2022 Update

Please also keep in mind, the best pet will not make up for using a bad hero, so check out the best hero ranking in Archero here – plus you might also want to see the best weapon list and the best equipment recommendation here. Also, please check out the abilities & skill guide that I totally reworked to see which ones that affect your pet are worth getting!

laser bat
Laser Bat
Laser Bat used to be, by far, the best spirit you can use in Archero and it had that position for such a long time that many players even started to work on maxing two of them. Anyway, with the release of Bone Warrior there's another superior spirit available (that's why I always told to NOT try to fuse for two spirits of the same kind, among other reasons!). Anyway, Laser Bat deals solid damage and inherits some of your own attack. Most importantly, it will deal the damage with the laser beam through walls and obstacles and can hit enemies behind the enemy it's attacking. The laser is also fast enough to not miss that much, so it's pretty accurate. Hands down, the pet you want to level up and use..
bone warrior
Bone Warrior
Bone Warrior is the latest addition to the armada of spirits in Archero and released in July 2022. The reason he's already up on the list is easy. He's the first melee ground spirit so he will hunt down enemies really effectively by also dealing massive damage. I know that only a few players are in the position to already run him, but he will be used more frequently in the upcoming month..
flaming ghost
Flaming Ghost
Since the buff that let's the Flaming Ghost shoot through the wall it's for sure a powerful spirit to use that deals splash damage as well. I mean, it's not as strong as the Laser Bat but close to it and especially with many enemies in a room a really nice alternative to use. Also a good pet to run until you worked on the new Bone Warrior..
The Elf isn't showing off much. The damage is average and many people don't like it because the attacks can't pierce enemies. It's right, when looking at normal rooms in the chapters, there are other pets that are more useful but the elf works great against bosses. If you have seen me guide about the different bosses in Archero, you see that there are several ones where you rely pretty much on your spirit to deal most of the damage because you're really busy escaping the projectiles - and those are the situations where the Elf is a very useful pet if you constantly get stuck on a boss. Anyway, early on a solid pick until you get the copies needed for the stronger spirits. Also don't forget that the Elf also heals you for 5% of the damage the Elf deals!.
noisy owl
Noisy Owl
The Noisy Owl looks really cool and the knockback can be useful to interrupt ranged enemies but it's not that useful after all and also can be annoying if you use a slower weapon as well as it will make you miss shots. It's not as bad as the pets below but it's really not as viable as the ones above and the only reason to use it is if you don't have the ones above leveled up far enough..
scythe mage
Scythe Mage
The biggest advantage of the Scythe Mage is that the scythe has the same functionality as you know it from the scythe weapon - it will return and has the ability to deal solid splash damage. This is really useful against rooms with a lot of enemies where the splash damage really adds up and will make your pet a very effective damage dealer. The problem with this spirit is that walls and obstacles will block the scythe and return it so this pet also misses quite a good amount of attacks as well..
living bomb
Living Bomb
Let's be honest here (and I used the Living Bomb for a long time myself before I found out that other pets do work a lot better). The advantage of the bombs are splash damage and that this pet can hit enemies that are behind walls, especially those that you can't reach without getting hit yourself. Also the splash is alright and the damage output (on paper) okay. The real problem about the Living Bomb is on one side that it misses so much that the damage output in reality is a lot lower, actually the lowest of all pets. The other problem is that the knockback can also push melee enemies into you if they are close - and that happens more than you should tolerate. It doesn#t help when the Living Bomb can absorb 3 shots for you in every room, it will also cause you to get hit more often as well and that's the reason I had to rank it last and worst of all spirits..

Best Spirit Combinations

You can take two spirits into battle in Archero, so the big question here is as well which combinations work best.

You can combine them as you want, but I wouldn’t recommend you to say “Laser Bat is best so I take 2 Laser Bats!”. Of course, this would be the most awesome combination but fusin one Laser Bat to legendary is already really hard, imagine you have to do that twice. This takes months.

The better way would be using two different spirits according to the tier list above. There are no real synergies so you can combine them in the way you have them, but I would go with Laser Bat +  Flaming Ghost or Bone Warrior 🙂

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