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archero promo codes list

All you need to do is enter the code in your account and get some rewards, just like that in Archero – but what are the codes?

If you don’t want to follow several people and the official Archero accounts on social networks, I have creates this page here that I always update with the codes as well as showing when they expire. Nothing is more frustrating than entering several promo codes just to find out that they already expired, right?

How To Use Archero Promo Codes

Redeeming promo codes in Archero is quite simple, you only need to go to settings and there you will find the “Insert Promo Code” button.

Click it and a box will appear where you can insert the promo code and get the rewards when you hit the “Claim” button.

enter promo code in archero


Just enter the code from below (with the status active) and you will get the rewards 🙂

All Archero Promo Codes (Updated Frequently)

Here you will find a list of the currently working promo codes. Please mind that the developers don’t throw them around that much so there are always times when there’s no active promo code. I’m not telling you some codes that expired or don’t work anymore. If a code below works, you will see it.

Here’s the full list.

Fresh Code (April 1st, 2021)

Status: Expired

No, this code is no April’s Fool, although the rewards are. You will get 1 random hero shard from it. I know, it’s better than nothing but still a little disappointing looking what way Archero has turned to in the past months…

The code is QuickRaid

new archero gift codeNew Code (February 22nd, 2021)

Status: Expired

Get 10 Gems, 5000 Coins and 1x Golden Key from this fresh code. Please mind that this code will show you that it expired, but it still delivers the rewards!

The code is 2021222

archero valentines codeValentines Code (February 13th, 2021)

Status: Expired

Get 100 Gems, 214 Coins (for February 14th, still a small amount) and 5x Purple Tickets from it. The code will very likely expire on Febraury 15th so redeem it now.

The code is lovearchero

new archero promo codeSurprise Code (October 30th, 2020)

Status: Expired

Get 100 Gems, a Gold Chest Key and some Coins from this surprise code in Archero that has just been released a few days after the last code

The code is HTOT

Make sure to write it with capital letters! 🙂

archero promo code october 2020New Promo Code (October 26th, 2020)

Status: Expired

A new promo code is out and it looks like this will become a monthly thing now. Rewards are not breathtaking but it’s free for little work with 5k Coins, 10 Gems and a Golden Chest Key.

The code is archerhi

archero promo code september 2020Update Promo Code (September 25th, 2020)

Status: Expired

This latest promo code is for the new update that was quite big with the hero evolution feature, new items and even a new hero. It will give you 5000 Coins, 20 Gems and 1 Golden Key.

The code is goodarcher

archero promo code archerogo

Archerogo Code (August 14th, 2020)

Status: Expired

This latest promo code will give you 20x Gems, 20x Sapphires and a nice load of scrolls to get some upgrades on your equipment done. Smells nice, looks nice, is nice.

Redeem before it expires 😉

The code is archerogo

archero promo code archerofunArcherofun Code (August 9th)

Status: Expired

Looks like the developers have found someone who likes creating promo codes, finally 🙂 Another code after the codes we just got in July and it will reward 20x Gems, 5000x Coins and 1x Gold Key.

Redeem before it expires 😉

The code is archerowin

archero promo code archerowin

Archerowin Code (July 24th)

Status: Expired

Not as sweet as the last promo code, but it’s free so no reason to complain, right? This code will give you 20x Gems, 2000x Coins and a random armor piece.

Redeem before it expires 😉

The code is archerowin

archero promo code archero1

Archero1 Code (July 18th)

Status: Expired

A new promo code is here and it will give you 100x Gems, 2000x Coins and a random pet card.

Redeem before it expires 😉

The code is archero1

Hidden Facebook Code (May 31st)

Status: Expired

This is a fun code. Within the latest video on the Archero Facebook Page there have been some hidden letters that turned out to be a promo code! This code will reward you with 61x Gems, 6100x Coins and 10x Energy. Really nice, right?

The code is YOUTH

Image Code

Status: Expired

A new promo code is available and it will give you 2000x Coins, 20x Energy and 1x Gold Key. Nothing that special but it’s for free so IÄm not complaining.

The code is image

Friends Code (December 31st)

Status: Expired

We just had a promo code for Christmas and now we get one for Happy New Year that should remind us to the most valuable thing to have… friends 🙂 This code will give you 1x Obsidian Key, 1x Gold Key and 20x Energy as well. Enjoy!

The code is FRIENDS

Santa Code (December 23rd)

Status: Expired

Just the right time for an early Christmas gift from Archero, right? This gift is a promo code that will give you 1x Obsidian Key, 1x Gold Key and 20x Energy. Hope you enjoy that gift!

Redeem before it expires 😉

The code is santahero

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